Estate Lawyer Finds Ella Koon and Family Misappropriated Grandmother’s Estate Funds

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Estate Lawyer Finds Ella Koon and Family Misappropriated Grandmother’s Estate Funds

Bottom row: Ella’s grandmother, mother, and father.

After the passing of Ella Koon‘s (官恩娜) grandmother in 2014, the Koon family was embroiled in a legal battle over the grandmother’s estate. As Ella’s grandmother left all of her assets to her godson in her will, Ella’s mother and her three aunts contested the validity of the will and prompted the high court to appoint an estate lawyer to investigate.

Unusual Financial Activity

Before the passing of Ella’s grandmother, she reportedly processed $25 million HKD in her account and six properties. With deteriorating mental health in 2011, Ella’s grandmother was also diagnosed with cataracts and she moved to live with Ella’s family and her godson in one unit.

During this time, three of Ella’s grandmother properties were sold and the proceeds and other cash totaling $38 million HKD were transferred to the bank account of Ella’s brother. In addition, Ella’s brother took ownership of one property, and Ella and her brother used the property as collateral for a $4 million HKD loan. After all the transactions were finalized, Ella’s grandmother was left with $14.2 million HKD in her bank account. In 2012, the grandmother’s bank account was registered under Ella’s father’s name.

Estate Lawyer’s Findings

In reviewing the transactions, the estate lawyer deemed they were unusual and requested Ella’s family to return the funds to the estate. Ella’s brother was also requested to return the property he held and to offer compensation.  Ella, who is on vacation with her husband and children, declined to comment on the matter.

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