Ella Koon Shares Cute Pictures of Baby Daughter Aurelia!

Last month, Hong Kong singer-actress Ella Koon (官恩娜) and her husband Juan-Domingo Maurellet welcomed their daughter Aurelia (BeBe A) in Hong Kong. The couple, married since 2015, also have a two-year-old son Gabriel-Antonio (BeBe G).

Currently on maternity leave and in her first month of postpartum recovery, Ella has been spending time at home with her family and children. She has been quite active on social media, sharing her life with friends and fans.

On February 4, Ella shared a series of BeBe A’s photos on social media, including cute photoshoots of the infant girl dressed as a bear and sleeping on a small bed. As BeBe A was only a few weeks old when the photos were taken, her eyes were closed in a peaceful sleep.

Ella wrote in BeBe A’s voice, “Hello everyone! I’m 19 days old today!”

Check out BeBe A’s adorable photoshoot below!

Source: Eastweek

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am being curious how can a new born baby can bend their leg and put their hand around their face already? Unless those pictures are being made by computer or something and yes it is a cute picture but just think it’s a little weird. Congratulations to Ella!!

      1. @coralie
        Some mums these days including celebrities will force their children to pose for selfies for long durations just to capture some good photos. All of this is so that they can post to social media or show off to friends.we can’t even call the above photos poses because the baby did not pose herself. Ella purposely manufactured the poses by bending the babies arms and legs. Real love for children is shown in the heart and not manufactured to show off to others. She is quite prolific. This isn’t the first time Ella has used her children to do this. I find it unacceptable…

      2. @jimmyszeto How is this unacceptable? Non-celebrity mothers also take photos like this. They just don’t share it with an audience as large as a celeb’s.

        I think these pics are adorable and will probably do the same if I were to conceive in the future. The baby’s sleeping. It’s not hard shifting them to certain positions. Clearly shes comfortable since she’s SLEEPING.

      3. @lyu310
        I said ‘some mum’s including celebrities’ and not just celebrities. I’m not questioning that the baby isn’t adorable. It’s not hard shifting them but what is the purpose of shifting them? Why not just take natural photos of them? The reason being wanting to be in the limelight. It’s not just babies. Children are also forced by mothers to snap until the perfect selfie. It’s not just a couple of quick snaps.

      4. @jimmyszeto as long as the babies are not in physical or emotional danger it’s not up to you or me to lecture how many or to what extend other people do with their own offsprings. And no these pictures, assuming done professionally, are not dangerous for the newborn.

    1. @cutie777 assuming these are done by a professional newborn photography studio, most of these pictures involve photoshop and photo manipulation and are completely safe. Don’t try this at home though.

      1. @peanutbutterjelly You are totally right. All cute baby photos are done completely by Photoshop. The baby is surely supported by his/her parents and then editing is done after the photos are taken.

        This type of baby photos is very popular in North America. Of course, they are done by professional baby photographers.

      2. @peanutbutterjelly but still aren’t they afraid it will hurt the baby body or bones because newborn baby might be weak? If I ever have kid I don’t think I will made pictures like that because safety are more important.

  2. Omg the photos are adorable!!!!!!! Love it!!! People need to relax. Babies are usually in that bended position when they are in their mommy belly so they are not hurt. They actually feel more secure like that!

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