Grace Chan Gives Birth; Kevin Cheng Spotted Leaving Hospital

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) gave birth to a baby boy today at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital via Cesarean section. Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) is thrilled to become a father and already announced the wonderful news to his friends.

The couple got married in Bali, Indonesia last August amid rumors that Grace was already pregnant. But the 27-year-old actress dodged the rumors and didn’t announce her pregnancy until last November. Carrying compactly during her pregnancy, Grace remained active and continue to appear at ad endorsement events. She even traveled to Vietnam recently to fully relax before the arrival of the baby.

Earlier today, Kevin was photographed by reporters leaving the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital. When the press reached out to him, he didn’t deny the birth of his son, but was discrete in his answer. “Thanks for everyone’s concern. When there’s news, we’ll announce it.”

Perhaps Kevin wanted Grace to fully rest at the hospital and didn’t want the paparazzi to intrude until they are fully ready. However, he apparently has already notified his friends of the baby’s arrival.

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) knew the baby would arrive soon and already dropped off his gift early. “I already congratulated them! I always have to work when I visited [Kevin] during the Lunar New Year, I already gave my red envelope to the baby and gave my blessings early. I’ll buy another gift later for the baby. Wish him good health!”

TVB actor, Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂), said he also heard from Kevin about the baby’s birth and already congratulated them. Asked if he will visit the baby at the hospital tomorrow, Stephen said, “No, not tomorrow. I have to work. When Grace is out of the hospital, I’ll visit them!”

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  1. Wow, it’s only been 3 months since she announced her pregnancy. So the truth is out, it was indeed a shotgun wedding. Once again the papparazi got the rumors right. Grace being stick skinny managed to hide her tummy till she was 6 months along.

      1. @coralie with so many showbiz shotgun weddings happening on a regular basis, one has to wonder if these people don’t know much about birth control. In this day and age and with a wide choice of contraceptives with high reliability rate, there shouldn’t be so many accidents.

  2. And many thought she was 6 months preggo lol No surprises here since she was plumped during the wedding. Congrats to them anyway!

    1. @tiffany Yeup, she definitely gave it away when she wore that revealing wedding dress that pushes her boobs up so much! LOL she never had boobs before. I’ve always found her annoyingly fake.

      1. @sugadough her wedding gown was UGLY! it was more appropriate to be worn at night.
        she never had boobs…why draw attention by wearing such a low cut gown?

  3. What annoying about Grace is that she overly bragged her relationship, but once reporters asked about her pregnancy she made it to like some secrecy. People would not care less about it unless she made them think it’s big deal to her to have a baby before marriage! And I secretly think Kevin’s friends secretly hate her or something. They always “accidentally” slip out Kevin and Grace’s news before they can officially announce to the public. Ex:wedding date, baby’s gender, and baby’s arrival. She can tell Kevin to hid it for her, but she can’t stop Kelvin’s group of friends mouth.

    1. @jessehsuan that motor mouth kept gushing about her relationship. I wonder how Kevin put up with her.
      yes, I realised Kevin’s friends also slip out news about her before it was made known. now that she has a baby boy, she will continue her yakking.

  4. I have noticed she does look pregnant when she’s wearing her Chinese wedding dress. Hopefully we get to see their baby boy soon and announce his name too.

  5. Congrats to them! Hope baby and mom are recovering well. It’s cute how everyone is so happy for them.

    If I recall correctly, Grace had touted staying a virgin till marriage. This was likely not the case. I am not saying she is a hypocrite for not following through, actually, I commend her for evolving.

    I hope that they don’t teach their children this purity ideal. It is a false moral value. Being a good person should not be tied to your virginity. It is dangerous to base your self worth and identity on this. It is repressive towards women because it is only a standard held against them and not men.

    Grace and Kevin were quiet about the pregnancy and I respect their right to privacy. For the sake of normalizing human sexual behavior, I just wish more celebrities would say, “We were pregnant before marriage, so what?”. What occurs or does not occur in the bedroom between 2 consenting people should not be news.

    Anyways, getting off my soapbox now.

    1. @potatochip all her crap…the fact is it’s a shotgun wedding.
      if the bride or groom had admitted a baby is on the way, I guess people would be more receptive.

  6. No more articles about supposedly ‘romantic’ marriage proposals please on couples with a baby on its way. What’s so surprising when the lady is pregnant and the male proposes?…

  7. Fact is, they told the public they got engaged around Christmas time 2017, but this announcement was made in July 2018, then wedding was in August. This seems like they want people to think she got pregnant after they got engaged (same thing for Mr. and Mrs. Ruco Chan), but we will never know the truth. Most people of course think that they are trying to cover up the fact that it was shotgun!

    1. @1piscesish Fact is that another celebrity has been proven to be a big liar. Grace posted in her IG in July that other than the rumor of her getting married, the others (ie. the baby on the way) are absolutely untrue. Fact is that she was already 3 months pregnant when she got married in Bali. She timed her pregnancy announcement 3 months later to make it seem like she got pregnant only after her wedding. Then she dodged all questions about her due date and poor Kevin had to play along with her, saying that he would leave all such questions for her to answer in case he said the wrong things. Unfortunately for her the paps discovered that she had given birth so her big secret is now out in the open.

      1. @passingby2
        Yeh. It was almost certain that Grace was pregnant because it was said she had series to film but pulled out indefinitely at short notice for a long indefinite break. That can only mean a baby…

  8. Americans are also showing the absurdity of HKers, except in this case, for other reasons. Example: North, Stormi, Saint, Blue, Pilot Inspektor, Cricket Pearl, Birdie Leigh, Bear, Kulture, Moroccan, Chicago, Dusty Rose, etc.

    Full list here:

    One of my coworkers named his daughter Khaleesi, after GoT. True story.

    Anyways, people will name their kids whatever they want. For normal people, that’s usually not a good thing. But for celebrities, the more absurd the name, the better.

  9. Read this article. In November, Grace Chan actually had the audacity to rub Phoebes belly for baby luck thinking it would trick the public into thinking she’s not pregnant. All that was just an act cause she was already far along in her pregnancy. It’s a bit disappointing for someone who uses God’s name for everything but it’s all an act. Seriously, she shouldnt lie and make such big statements about everything that people will remember. Just be on the down low and don’t make any statements. At least no one will fault her for lying. Now in everyone’s eyes, she’s conniving. Also, Kevin aged ALOT. What happened to him. It looks like he uses Botox. He looks like Jennifer Aniston’s ex, Justin Theroux. Ewww

    1. @chui She certainly beat all the other shotgun liars before her hands down. At least the others didn’t scheme to pretend that they weren’t pregnant. Downright deceitful.

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