[Celebrity Weddings] Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan Finally Tie the Knot in Bali

It’s finally official — Kevin has finally found happiness!

After three years of dating, 49-year-old Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and 27-year-old Grace Chan (陳凱琳) officially tied the knot in a romantic Bali wedding today. HK tabloids may like to feed off of their 22-year age difference, but the years didn’t set them apart at all. When the couple saw each other at the altar, they couldn’t help but burst into tears. “I will take care of you forever,” Kevin told Grace. “I love you so much!”

Like many Cantonese weddings, Kevin and Grace had a traditional tea ceremony in the morning and followed Western-style customs afterward. Grace flaunted a 4.18-carat diamond ring and wore a fitting wedding gown, showing no signs of pregnancy. Kevin joked in his wedding vow, “My mother has always been rushing me to get married. I told her that I probably wouldn’t get married until after I have a baby. Sorry mom, I’ve scared you for so long!”

He then turned to Grace and said, “I’ve never experienced the kind of happiness and joy that you have given me. You are the reason why I want to start a family. After our one year anniversary, I proposed to you, but the time wasn’t right until today. Thank you for marrying me. No matter what the future takes, I want to walk that road with you. I will take care of you forever. I love you so much!”

Grace thanked Kevin four times in her wedding vow. Visibly nervous and in tears, Grace said, “I can still remember the first day we met. Your first words to me were, ‘You need to thank me, because I was the one who encouraged the producer to cast you.’” Kevin interrupted with a laugh, “I actually encouraged many producers.”

Grace continued, “My first impression of this guy was that he’s pretty strange. He spoke so much in our first meeting! Who knew that after dating, the words thank you would contain so much meaning. I want to thank you, because I am someone who has always lacked confidence, and when I felt the most disappointed in myself, it was you who kept on encouraging me. You encouraged me to stay strong, to let go, to understand that the hardships would all eventually pass, that I must pursue to be happy, and you were right every time. I want to thank you, for teaching me how to be human. When I’m with you, we become us. When we start a family, it will become them. I look forward in this family with you. I want to thank you, because with you I understand happiness, and I already felt that warmth and love on our first date. Although some would say that it would all go away within a few years, I only get this kind of feeling with you. I want to thank you, for bringing me forever happiness. I love you.”

Kevin and Grace’s mothers cried after hearing their vows. The newlyweds themselves also couldn’t contain their tears. Grace’s father struggled to hold back his tears.

In a phone interview after the wedding, Kevin admitted that he was very emotional during the ceremony. After laying eyes on Grace walking down the aisle, he couldn’t help but cry. Kevin was the most emotional when they exchanged vows. “Thank you for everyone’s blessings,” he said. “Thank you so much!”

Grace was in a bundle of nerves when she woke up Sunday morning to put on her wedding cheongsam. “I was worried. I’m so clueless when it comes to these traditional customs, and when I heard [Kevin] at the door, I got even more nervous! Randomly, I told Kevin to sing a few phrases from his song ‘A Thousand Wishes’ <一千個願意>. I told him to sing this song because I felt I could really relate to the lyrics!”

Grace purposefully told Kevin to leave for the church earlier so she could surprise him with her wedding dress. “When the music started, I felt myself breathing really hard. I held onto my dad and walked down the aisle. I was trying so hard not to cry, but then I saw Kevin crying, and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I didn’t expect him to cry before me!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @anon totally agree. the wedding is sweet and romantic…a marriage is for good. hope this couple stays in love and she disappears from acting to focus on bearing babies.

  1. Wish them the best now that they are married. I do believe love is a choice and they chose to be with each other because of love.

    1. @joant07012 I don’t think they milk their relationship. Based on Grace’s speech, you can see their attitude toward the papz, be open and happy and most importantly be themselves. They spoke their minds, they care for not what other think but what each other feels.

      Did they sell out their wedding like HXM and Angelababy? That is the definition of milking their relationship!

  2. It feels genuine. Say what you will about this couple, from the moment they started dating to now, there was never anyone in between. It was them. The vows look emotional and they do look madly in love. And that’s what marriage is about. Neither never held back about comments about one another and I find that refreshing. I know many dislike them for their openess or rather let their dislike over their professional work but I would think personally, this is a lovely couple who doesn’t hide. Good for them. Grace looks lovely.

  3. They just got married and why can’t people be kind and say something nice instead. If we don’t like someone’s acting then we don’t have to watch it. A little kindness will go a long way – just saying.

    Best wishes to the couple – wishing them a happy life together!

  4. This article stated Kevin proposed during their one year anniversary but I thought it was last year. Anyway congrats to the lovely couple. Happy marriage!

  5. Congratulations to them. However, I still believe she is pregnant because her dress is only fitted at the top but her dress has a lot of fabric/volume at the middle-bottom waist. Her cheongsam was also very big. And i don’t remember her boobs were that big so must be pregnant. Her vows also mentioned a lot of “family”.

    1. @jessehsuan I’m not sure about the pregancy but I agree her boobs do look fuller and that dress can definitely hide a growing tummy. But with Grace, she probably won’t show since she’s too skinny to begin with.

    2. @jessehsuan her gown is far too sexy…sorry very old fashioned. the cheongsam is passed down from her mother. although it is free size, she seems to fit in it. whether she is pregnant or not, time will tell.

      1. @janet72 earlier reports said that she is 6 weeks pregnant so even if they pop out a baby by next year, grace will deny it was a shotgun marriage but a honeymoon baby. It’s none of my business, but just annoy that she’s so pretentious-perfect traditional image/marriage if the pregnancy rumor is true.

      2. @jessehsuan
        I agree and she is ultra skinny and her boobs look bigger than usual. I think she is pregnant and this a shotgun marriage. But whatever as it is her business and I wish them happiness since Kevin has been wanting to get married for a long time.

      3. @janet72
        Her gown is ok but yes is a bit sexy. I loved both of Joyce Chao’s dresses. One was fancy and one was more simple but both looked nice and conservative.

        I was shocked that the cheongsam was passed down from her mom as it still looked modern and new. Time will tell all and I have a good feeling she is pregnant.

  6. Congrats to the couple. They seem very in love and I hope they will forever find happiness within each other. I think it’s always beautiful when the groom shed tears upon seeing his bride. Love their vows and the picture of them with teary eyes.

  7. Congrats to the happy couple! They look genuinely happy and in love, and the vows were beautiful. They make a great couple! Grace looks stunning, Kevin looks pretty good too.

  8. A couple of things jumped out at me from the article. One, that KC requested to cast her personally and two, he deliberately made that comment about scaring his mom (not getting married till he has a baby.) It’s pretty suspicious if you ask me. I suppose you can say it’s romantic how he purposely tried to connect with her, but to me, knowing the age gap, it’s kinda gross.

    Anyways, it’s their decision. I’m sure they’ll be great

    1. @coralie

      I know most would frown at the big age gap but it is their choice. I just wonder if that big age gap will pose problems for them later? Is she pregnant? Time will tell all….

  9. when nicky wu got married to liu shi shi in bali, there were far more celebrity friends and even Damien Lau.

    1. @janet72 Nicky Wu is known within the E circle for his charismatic and likable personality, so it makes sense. I recall watching their wedding highlights on YouTube, and thinking how beautiful and lavish it was! Many of the male attendees/friends were also caught brimming with tears, so you could really tell how well loved he is. Damian was the one who officiated their ceremony!

      Going off the pics, Grace and Kevin’s wedding seems a lot more minimalist in comparison (not to say it isn’t beautiful).

      1. @sugarcane
        Nicky seems like a wonderful person and has many friends so of course if he had a big wedding,he would invite everyone of his close friends. Most of his close friends from BBJX were all invited but Kevin was not invited so you truly wonder.

        I totally agree that Nicky’s wedding was more fancy and big while Kevin and Grace’s wedding is more simple.

  10. What beautiful vows! I loved Grace remembering Kevin’s first words to her. Very cute. Congratulations to them!

  11. Congratulations!! I’m not a fans of her dress but I do love the way she color her hair and have her hair wearing it up and I do like love Kevin tuxedo it suits him very well. Lol. I think she must have done something to her boobs it doesn’t look natural. Hopefully they will have a kid soon.

  12. Congratulations. Not a fan but I’m happy for them. I hope this marriage will last. BTW, @Jayne by any chance can you do news about the arrest of Fan Bing Bing for tax evasion?

  13. Congratulations to the couple!
    Grace’s boobs do look way bigger compare to when she was in miss HK. Maybe the push up?

  14. Many congratulations to the couple! Both seem like wanting to crying (happy tears) when they were listening to the priest.

  15. She’s usually all sticks and bones to me and she did looked like she had a bit of meat on her so I wouldn’t be shocked if she is indeed pregnant. Her mom’s gown still looks great wow…isn’t that dress almost 30 years old? It didn’t looked old fashioned at all, looked really really nice on her and it’s loose kind. She did seem like a pretty bride even thou the gown did looked like a sexier wedding dress but pretty on her nonetheless. Lucky guy for successfully snatching a woman 1/2 his age. She looked like Katie Holmes in love w/her idol and marrying her prince charming and it shows. I am not a fan of either of them but seems genuine.

    1. @wm2017

      I think she is pregnant too but congrats to the couple since it would be double happiness. Her mom’s gown did not look old fashioned as you said and I was shocked that it still looked great.

      Not sure who is the lucky one as if I remember correctly, Grace was a fan of Kevin and had a big crush on him back in the days. Therefore, I think she is the more lucky one as she managed to live the dream of many fan girls which is marrying her idol! It is very rare but is possible. I remember Kevin also saying that the one who he marries may not necessarily the one he loves most. For some reason, I always feel the one Kevin loves the most is Linda Wang but sadly could not end up with her. It is fate and I guess he and Grace have that fate. Congrats to them!

  16. Perhaps pregnant or maybe a good push up bra. I think pregnant. Many hands covering tummy sorta photos. Point is they are madly in love. That’s good to see.

  17. Not a fan, but nevertheless, congrats to them.

    In terms of looks – definitely an odd looking couple; she still looks like a little kid playing dress up. Not yet a woman – kind of look, despite her sudden new chest. How did she go from 30A (Miss HK measurements) to so much popping out now? Funny that she would choose such a revealing wedding gown considering she always presented herself as the “conservative good girl”. I’m sure guests/people were immediately drawn to her new chest. She always seem overly confident when she speaks and just too much smiling all the time. Never thought Kevin was good looking either. I would consider them as one of the most unmatched looking couple in TVB.

    1. @blunt she has always portrayed herself as a goody goody, what’s with that low cut gown which looks more like a lingerie piece? fine, wedding couples are IN LOVE but so many pics of them kissing. wonder if they will be holding a wedding dinner in HK…where are her BFFs?

  18. Kevin looked weird wearing sunglasses in that outdoor pic of them cutting the cake. Perhaps hiding his wrinkles. Speaking of Grace’s boobs I think she had a boob job. In early stage of pregnancy they don’t grow 3 or 4 sizes. Loved the wedding venue, so romantic.

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