Fala Chen Meets Fans In Malaysia And Opens Her Golden Mouth

Fala Chen (陳法拉) was revealed as having the chance to secure a spot in the fight for the TV Queen award through her latest drama, Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>, especially since her popularity has even spread to Malaysia! Yesterday, Fala, Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and Sharon Chan (陳敏之) went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to promote their TVB series, Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到>, attracting hordes of fans who fetched them from the airport and chased them everywhere they went.

While attending a commercial event, Fala and Raymond even opened their golden mouth to sing a song thus making the fans present go wild with excitement and sang along. This made Fala and Raymond feel like they were holding a concert of their own.
In these two days, the trio walked through several malls, tv stations and radio stations for interviews such that they had no time to go for some sight-seeing or shopping. Fala professed that she didn’t mind as long as they were able to meet their local fans here, all the hard work was worth it.

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. I think Fala can sing really well. Anyone know if she will venture out to the music industry like other fadans such as Myolie and Linda?

    1. She did that. Her album will be out this year or next year.

    2. Fala has already signed with a music company last year. But, so far, I have not heard any news of her coming up with any EP or album. I wonder why. Her label mate Joyce Cheng already released one.

    3. She’s already signed and there were already rumours of her will be releasing an album

    4. I personally don’t think her singing is that great but I think that fans will buy her album because they like her acting. That is how it is with a lot of actors/actresses turned singers.

      1. Not really. Ron and Kevin failed to sell albums although they have a lot of acting fans.

      2. @Fox, You mean kevin cheng? did he produce an album after he became an actor in tvb?

        Otherwise i think both Ron and Kevin made albums when they both werent THAT popular. Plus their mediocre voices just = fail…

      3. @ Jadio

        Ron and Kevin both made albums when they were popular. Ron made his album when he was at the height of his popularity after TITS. Kevin also made and album when during his popular period in TVB.

        I disagree that Ron has mediocre voice. What he lacks is singing skills. He has a good singing voice. But, he sounds kinda flat in his singing.

      4. @Jadio: Kevin did an album in 2006, after winning the TVB king. Then to say he isn’t popular is incorrect.

        Same to Ron, he did his EP on 2005 and it’s his peak time.

        Ron has good voice but have no technique at all. He isn’t trained and he seems to be lazy to train his voice :(. Even his strength like dance, he dun train much and it caused to the downhill.

    5. Btw, has anyone heard Tavia sing? I think she’s pretty ok too for a non-professional.

      1. Heard. Karaoke level. She shouldn’t choose a song of Joey to sing because it’s out of her league.

      2. I heard her sing a Sammi song the most. Not bad. It’s probably the only ‘safe’ song for her.

      3. A Sammi song? Mind give link? I’m curious at the song name :D.

        Her voice is too low and she dun have much singing technique to control her voice. However, she always can go Karaoke and enjoy herself there.

      4. yeh sure, here it is: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/4Mnt-CO-w8k/

        ckwok 郭穎絲 also praised her on weibo for her singing (words of encouragement I guess): http://weibo.com/ckwok

        I wouldn’t say she’s a GREAT singer, but its acceptable and easy on the ears (considering its a live performance and she’s not a pro). Good song choice, not much difficulty. I’ve seen worse in other ppl, they try but struggle and pitch all over the place.

      5. I think I remember her singing “Jung sun mei lai” (forever beautiful). I don’t think it was very impressive.

      6. @lara: Ckwok’s job is to praise TVB artists, lol. She is TVB Mag vice director.

        It’s so cringe-worthy for the chorus of the song. This one makes me blv that she is in Karaoke level more.

        She should sing Kevin’s songs :P. Dun need to sing high notes. Or can try Kate’s song in WAW but not Joey and Sammi’s.

      7. The first time I heard Tavia sing was in the series Yummy Yummy. In one scene, the accompanying song was a subtheme song sung by Tavia (original singer is Kevin). At that time, I thought her singing was good. She sang with feelings and she has a nice deep voice which I found rare among the current pop singer.

        But sadly, she couldn’t reproduce that quality in other themesongs she sang. Not as impressive as the first time I listen to her.

        But, I still think she has potential if trained properly.

        @ Fox

        The Sammi song Tavia sings is 終身美麗.

      8. @Kidd: I thought the same thing when I first heard her in Two face Triangle. The girl seems to have potential. But then, I feel more and more =.= to her singing. After heard her sang live the Joey song, I’m totally =.=. The good studio technique in Two face Triangle?

        And the link lara provided is even more cringe-worthy (for the chorus part). The feeling is like when I listened to Gillian ‘s live singing.

  2. I want to listen to Raymond Wong sing live. He sounds pretty good on recording. So, I’m interested to see how he fairs singing live.

  3. I did’t even know they were here. Why Raymond always look so pale?

    1. I think he has some sort of skin problem (dermatitis). It looks very dry and scaly.

  4. I really dislike how these amateur singers are releasing their albums now. I didn’t know Joyce has released hers since I remember listening to her sing the ending song back in Off Pedder. It was cringe-worthy!

    Seems like Myolie, Tavia, Fala, and Linda are in the running for TV Queen this year. In the last four years, TVB has given it to veterans who aren’t under TVB management. I kinda wish they’ll give it to a TVB biological daughter this year. My vote is for Myolie.

    Btw, I still don’t think Fala’s role as Madam Jo is even worthy of nomination. She is very average in here. Not bad, but it’s no breakthrough for her.

    1. Agree with you about Fala’s acting in LOO. She does not have the commanding stance, demeanour, voice or range of gestures to play a high ranking policewoman. I also think that she has a long, long way to go before she has true acting skills to assume first-line acting status. Definitely not impressed by her singing either.

      Myolie, Tavia and Linda aren’t ready for TV Queen either – none have significantly proven themselves worthy of queen status, since none of their acting so far have been memorable. Good? Yes. Heap praises about? No.

      1. @impmuse,

        Who do you think is worthy of the award? Unless a better female lead will emerge in the next few months, but there hasn’t been a veteran female lead this year that stands out.

      2. @ Chriselle,

        Thanks for asking!

        That’s the problem – I can’t think of anyone (veteran or fadan) worthy of the award, because when I think of TV Queen, I think of superior acting, rather than who is most likely to get it due to series ratings, popularity, management backing.

        I guess what I really want to say is that TVB should not give out the TVB Queen award just for the sake of awarding it. But this is so very unlikely to happen since I’m sure they’d be criticised for non-awarding. The opportunity will be taken, like it quite often is, to award it to whomever TVB will promote/promote more in the following 12 months.

      3. The life has to go and why dun give newbies a chance to prove themselves? The veterans, they had the time when they are newbies, being criticized.

        Then the newbies now all need to wait for years, until they are old enough to be praised?

        Seriously, I don’t think age is a factor to describer talents.

        P/S: I think there are tons of “veterans” with so-so acting only. They are just… old.

      4. The way I see it TVB is going to have a big problem with the anniversary awards this year 🙂 I love the suspense!

      5. Those promoted 5 ladies aren’t ready but there are no other choice and the award need a winner. My prediction stick with Myolie. She got the best results this year and she has an anticipating role in TQOA

      6. ROFL but imagine if Linda win. Not only she’s a supporting actress in that Miss Koo role but she also only got hyped for ONE crying scene ROFL

    2. @ Chriselle

      Joyce’s album was quite successful and her singing got good feedback. I went to her album promotion when she came over to my place. Her live singing was good.

      You can check out some of her MVs in youtube and listen for yourself whether she improved or not.

      Besides Off Pedder, she’s also the singer of the themesong of ‘Speech of Silence’.

      1. @Kidd and Fox,

        Lol, then I guess I have to check it out when I have time. 🙂

      2. @Kidd,

        Thanks for the links!

        I like Joyce more in the second song, the Speech of Silence theme song, that is. However, I don’t know if I like the song and lyrics itself or her singing. If someone else sang the song, would it have been different? I don’t know.

        I listened to her live version of Off Pedder and still don’t like it, haha.

        I’ll have to hear her sing more to determine, but judging from SOS, her singing isn’t bad.

      3. I found her live singing of Off Pedder pretty good.

        Like your doubt on SOS, could it be that you don’t like OP song itself, thus, it affected your judgement?

        I mean, her singing technique and all is good.

      4. True, I don’t like the song for OP so that’s prolly why I didn’t like her singing, haha.

    3. I think Joyce’s album is quite good. Better than her TVB fellow for sure.

      1. I like her albums too!! Joyce is a good singer. Another good one from a TVB artist is Alfred Hui (The Voice contestant) – his album is not bad either.

      2. Except that Alfred’s voice is quite plain.

        Aston’s voice is better :P. But Alfred is more handsome. Then Alfred wins.

        Oh, I think Alfred is so eye-candy.

      3. Auston, my bad :P. Auston Lam, another guy of The Voice band

      4. ohhh he sings fast songs yeh? I don’t like him! His too chok haha

      5. Auston has a better voice than Alfred. Just that. But Alfred has better look.

    4. If Niki’s period drama is to be aired before the anniversary, will she be included in the TBB Best(more like Favorite) Actress fiesta? Any opinions?

      1. Will, but too bad, Niki’s series won’t have time to air.

      2. Lee Tim Sing said it should be airing in October unless there’s any changes/problems.

      3. October slot is all taken by FH3 (confirmed), Queen of All (half confirmed) and FLS series. So Lee sir, your series will have to wait.

      4. @Fox

        Joel Chan said Niki series will air during October and The Queen will air during November. Maybe Niki series before FH3?

        All of the series still can nominate for anniversary award in Dec.

      5. The producer said FH3 will be aired at 930pm 10 Oct. She said after rewatching FH and FH2, she found that FH3 improved a lot especially in scientific facts and human values.

      6. no doubt it will but will it be good? fh1 was preachy crap, fh2 was just crap.

      7. The producer said FH3 improved from previous two, so now her words are all we have. Other things can be said after watch

      8. @Vivien, You trust Mui Siu Ching word on FH3?

        @Funn, Disagree on FH1. FH1 was good. FH2 was craptastic ! ! ! , that I agree with you on FH2.

  5. Is that Sungei Wang Plaza??? bet there were ton of people there when they were here -_-”

    It’s always crowded like hell during the weekends.

  6. isnt the best actor or actress award only applies for a particular serie he or she acting in not his/her whole acting career? right?

    1. Half right half wrong.

      A particular series is counted but the whole career will be mentioned as “s/he worked for years” or “s/he is in many good series”.

  7. I like Fala but always find it amazing how come her Cantonese is still not perfect since she has been in HK for so long now and also done many series. If I was her I would definitely go and attend some evening classes to perfect my Cantonese. Therefore I can’t imagine her singing to be that great unless its in English of course.

    1. Not really because I have seen people that don’t know how to speak a language at all but can sing in it very well.. I think that even if Fala did speak Cantonese fluently, if she can’t sing well then she just can’t…

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