Fala Chen Reconciles With Daniel Sit?

Even though the past couple of months have been rocky for Fala Chen (陳法拉), it seems as though her love life is picking up again. Despite rumors over the fact that Daniel Sit’s (薛世恒) father was unhappy about Fala’s use of Daniel’s money, Fala was seen disembarking from the Sit family’s van when she attended a function for Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, leading the public to believe that her relationship with Daniel is back on.

Seven Years of Memories

Ever since Fala made her decision to head off to New York to pursue her studies, news spread that her rumored marriage with Daniel was already on the rocks. Daniel’s father did not agree with his son to spend more money on Fala’s proposed entertainment company. Thus, after the heated arguments, the pair ended their 7-year relationship and Fala left for the United States with a broken heart.

However, it is not that easy to forget 7 years of memories. Even though Fala announced that the couple had parted ways, they still kept in touch during Fala’s summer studies. After returning to Hong Kong, Fala continued to stay in the old apartment that she and Daniel had shared.  When asked if Daniel is still living there, Fala ignored the question.

Due to the reconciliation, Fala was in extremely high spirits when she exited the family car for the promotional event. The Sit family driver even rushed to open the door for Fala, driving her back to her apartment.

The next day at another promotional event, Fala was asked if she was back together with Daniel. Fala simply brushed off the question and smiled, replying that she needed to get into the car and leave now.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Oh my….! You can be comical & humorous. Tongue in cheek. Hahaha.

    2. You know what’s really annoying?……….it’s people like Fala who cannot even answer such simple questions above her “love life” and dodging everything just to annoy the public……Hope Daniel still dumps her and moves on to another decent girl.

  1. It would be wonderful if Fala did reconcile with Daniel. A little time away in New York cleared her frustrations in her career and love life.

    Hopefully the news is true!

    1. As they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” =D

      Wishing them the best.

    2. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

      Don’t necessarily think it’s bad for a couple to take a break if they are going through a rough period… Reconciliation could bring you even closer. Though too many bumps might indicate incompatibility. Time will tell if they will need to take more breaks in the future.

      1. That is true but if I agree with Advo that if you break up and make up too much, then that is not a good sign either. Time will tell what the future holds. I remember back then when Tony and Margie dated and made up and broke up 3 times until they finally ended it for good… I guess they were just not destined to end up together. Many have yuan but no fen.

  2. I know many people who easily judge a girl as a gold digger once they hear her boyfriend or husband is rich. For me, I think Fala and her boyfriend/husband actually love one another. Well if this piece of news is true, I am happy for her.

    1. I think they love each other too, but you cannot deny that money is definitely a part of it too.

      1. Of course money is always part of it. Money is always part of everything. Whether you’re poor or rich, money is the root of all evil and some believe it is ‘happiness’.

        But the point is if love is stronger than money, then that is all that matters. Money is just a bonus. That is how it should be seen.

      2. Contradiction is part of life.

        Ever had that feeling where you want something, but you also don’t want it at the same time?

        If you don’t ever have that feeling, sir/mam you missing out a lot in life 😉

      3. Sorry, but it’s not love if a person leaves just because she doesn’t get her way. Never has been and never will be. It’s very wise of the Sit family to let someone other than Daniel handle the $$$, to make sure that Fala doesn’t see him as just a big fish (or goldmine).

      4. I usually don’t tell people they’re wrong, but you’re straight up wrong. Money will always be a reason of conflict between people, whether couple, mother/daughter, sister/brother, friends, whoever. You’re telling me not once in your young life have you seen people argue over money? Funny. And you’re telling me you’re a saint that your whole life and you never had even the slightest disagreement over the “green” with a parent, a sibling, a best friend or etc. If you haven’t, I’d like to meet you in person. Cause you’re basically telling me ‘if I argued with my mom over money and if either of us walked away from one another, my kinship with her is over’ that is exactly what you’re telling me.

        Lastly, any lasting couple will tell you that it doesn’t have to be money they’re arguing over. It doesn’t have to be money that makes one person walk away, it could be a bajillion things put together. But what really matters isn’t the walking away, it’s how they approach the conflict, try to reach an agreement and come back together.

      5. …”but it’s not love if a person leaves just because she doesn’t get her way.”

        You need to go out there and find someone to love first. When you experience both the happiness and despair of love, you’ll see why sometimes you do walk away when you don’t get what you want.

      6. Im not too familiar with Fala Chen and her news but what I do know is, couples do argue or sometimes even leave one another for very trivial matters. It doesnt necessarily mean they dont love one another. Someone mentioned it before, distance does make the heart fonder.

      7. Yea, sadly our world is more materialistic than ever before so money plays an even more important role these days. Love should be stronger than money, but sadly, it seems to be money is stronger than love these days. However, I think if a women is more independent and will not just rely on the guy to be the provider than money should not be as big of an issue. But if you expect the guy to be the provider then of course you will go for money more than anything… I guess love and money is intertwined these days and find that sad…

      8. @Michael,
        “Contradict yourself a bit more please.”

        Agreed, she is contradicting herself. LOL 🙂

        After two HUGE properties and only God knows how many other benefits, Fala is still not content? Hmmm…

        Leaving only sounds like extortion to me. And, we all know that extortion never ends.

      9. @Anti
        Are you sel_fi_wu? Sorry but you show way too many resemblence to this specific girl. For example, when both of you are confronted with a different opinion, or proven wrong, you sway to another subject that has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation. Another example is you are only found on Fala’s articles, constantly bashing her for no apparent reason. Maybe it is a coincidence but even when you two bash its similar.

      10. @Alice,
        Who is “sel_fi_wu”?

        “Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

        And, please don’t put words (that people did not say) in their mouths.

      11. HTS:
        Thank you very much for understanding my contradicting claim. I guess conversing with you after so many times, you sort of kinda understood what I was trying to say even though my words were ‘contradicting’. Yes, intertwined is the word behind my contradicting words. Money and love is intertwined but the X factor is which is more important to the person. And in my opinion, Fala loves her man more than money.

        Leave cray cray and cray cray 2.0 alone. The world is devoid of an antidote for their heartbroken state.

      12. Anyone else wonder what Fala might have done in this life (or a previous one) to A-NTD?

      13. Very simple. In her past life Fala was the beautiful and conniving mistress of her husband. Duh! Like why else would another female rage like that?

      14. @Crystal,
        You are welcome and I totally understand what you mean. There are 2 sides to everything and many things are intertwined these days so of course things will sound contradictory. It’s like you love your parents and all, but would you want to live with them after you get married for example?? There is good and bad to that just like with anything. You know the grass is always greener on the other side. There are some that marry a well off guy and are a stay at home mom and yet they whine and want sympathy since they can’t go to work. But there are ones that marry more for love since they are more economically independent so can’t spend as much time with their kids but are able to work. You are right that contradiction is a big part of life…

      15. Reincarnation and past lives… I hear about that constantly from my mom and her sister since they are religious fanatics. You really wonder how true any of it is?? I think it is a bit unfair that we have to pay for or get to enjoy our current life, especially when we do not remember or know about anything we did in the past life/lives. I used to really believe in this stuff but now I question it all.

      16. Also want to add, we do not know Fala personally so how would we know for sure that is/was with Daniel for money only? Honestly, even her own parents would not that since only she herself would know that.

      17. It’s not that I believe in that, it’s just a phrase used to indicate that someone seems to have strong negative feelings for someone that they probably haven’t met or even truly know. They are willing to believe anything negative about the person, and are willing to propagate the hearsay as truth.

        Or course, maybe A-NTD is a SIT family member… or maybe a past pageant participant who lost to Fala and can’t let it go? Who knows… at the very least it’s a bit entertaining to read the comments. 😛

      18. I would say whoever said that you don’t need money at all esp with a relationship (marriage or not) don’t need money, that would mean those persons are either too naive, or never had gone through life independently before.

        I agree with Crystal. lets face it, this world cant live without money, that is BS if you can. So, it all lies on whether you see money value how much important in everything then that is where it all goes wrong.

        as soon as you live by your own, start working and especially when you are married and with child, of course you need money to live on. otherwise, you gonna feed your child with what? rice? even rice you still need to buy, dude! and you know the rice has gone up a lot too?

        that is big nonsense if you don’t need money. Like Crystal said, money is always being the part of life, whether you like it or not. and to have comfortable life is a privilege, of course is depending on how wisely you live your life.

        So if Fala has got herself a rich bf, so what? and to go through 7 years in a relationship, it is surely not all about money anymore. to live and put up with someone for that long is not that easy. I wont like to have a boyfriend/husband who is penniless, or rich but lazy. especially when u are starting to get committed. you will argue with the expenses.

    2. She walked out cos can’t get enough money. Then she realized it’s worse when she doesn’t even get some money. So they are back! 🙂

      You are right Crystal – money is always a part of life.

  3. If a trip to new york does work,

    I TRUELY recommend either Bosco or Myolie to go on a trip.

    Because I really have a strong feeling bosco isn’t over Myolie yet..

    yeah excuse me boscolie haters out there..

      1. I think it will depend on fate… There are many couples that break up and then reconcile after a number of years. However, it would also depend on how they broke up and many other factors. You never know what the future will hold so therefore, I would not be too shocked if one day Bosco and Myolie reconcile… Time will tell all…

  4. Glad things are better for Fala … she can have everything again. 🙂

  5. @Anti
    Yeah and what exactly are you going to do about it? LOL If you do not know who she is, how are you so sure she didnt say any words? Uh huh. Looks like Crystal found a contradicting partner.

    1. “how are you so sure she didn’t say any words?”

      I’m afraid you misunderstood my comment, which refers only to my comments.

  6. I am happy for Fala if that is their decision. After all, it is a 7-year relationship and is a long time for a 31- -year-old-girl (Fala Chen).

    1. Yes. I wish her well too. Putting in 7 years into a relationship may mean deeper feelings are involved. It’s not so easy to let go and start over with someone else.

  7. Happy for Fala if it is true. Honestly if she is a money digger, all she needs is to be a full time baby maker and not working. Wishing the couple happiness.

    1. Like Tsui Tse Kee. She got 3(?) children at her young age and does not have to work at all.

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