Fala Chen to Switch Style and Focus on Films

Since leaving TVB in May, Fala Chen (陳法拉) was offered many opportunities, including an English-speaking role in an upcoming film. Currently, Fala hopes to switch her style and focus on the film industry. There is a strong possibility that Fala will establish her own company to represent herself, allowing her to have greater control over future projects she will participate in and work with people she trusts.

During the summer, Fala flew to New York and enrolled in an acting course, hoping to learn things from a westernized perspective. Reportedly, she was trying to prepare herself for upcoming film opportunities. When her drama Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ> held promotional events in Hong Kong, Fala only promoted the series in the second half of its broadcasting. Instead, she filled her schedule attending events for the horror movie, Tales From the Dark 2 <奇幻夜>.

Although studying in New York was an eye-opening experience, Fala will not resume her acting classes for the time being, “I’m very busy; the jobs are very attractive.” She also added that although there are less restrictions in film, she will not perform in any full frontal nude scenes. “No I can’t. I don’t have confidence in myself.”

In recent months, Fala was reportedly offered many scripts to look over. Her confidence within the film industry thus increased. An insider close to Fala reported, “Besides TVB trying to get Fala to stay, broadcasting companies from Singapore and Malaysia have also asked Fala to film their dramas. She didn’t agree to any of them though. Ever since completing Tales From the Dark 2, it seems like Fala is addicted to films. Someone told her she has to wash away her television image in order to enter the film industry.” Fala even contacted professional stylist, Kevin Ma (馬天佑), to help her pull off fashionable new looks.

One of the scripts Fala received were completely in English. Having immigrated to the United States at the age of 14, communication in English is not a problem. Through a telephone call, Fala revealed, “Yes, I was offered an English [film] script, which I am still looking over at the moment. I want to better understand the story first and then make a decision. Give me some time.” Allegedly, Fala even contacted professional stylist, Kevin Ma (馬天佑), to help her pull off fashionable new looks.

Last month, Fala announced her seven-year relationship with rumored husband and Neway heir, Daniel Sit (薛世恆), came to an end. There are rumors that Fala received $50 million HKD, with $200,000 HKD to spend each month after their separation. Although she renewed the lease for the apartment that she had once shared with Daniel, Fala reportedly pays for the monthly rent herself. Asked about her current love life, Fala said, “It’s the same; I’ll leave it up to fate.”

Sources: Face Magazine #327 via ihktv.comOriental Daily

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. As much as I like Fala… I have to question her decision to leave acting classes. She made it well known that she felt she was lacking herself.. so why quit? Why not stay in school and improve THEN return to acting.

    She says the movie deals are attractive… sure, I can understand that, but if she hasn’t improved her acting isn’t she just going to provide audiences with the same performances that have garnered her such negative attention? Wouldn’t it damage her “brand” and impact her future roles?

    I think it would be wiser to finish school, improve herself, and then take on the film industry. A little patience and perseverance can be a good thing.

    1. agree .. except, I don’t like Fala. LOL.

      She’s too ambitious for me and not personable enough as an artist.

      1. I am shocked that you cannot even sympathize with Fala if she just ended her relationship since you seem to be on the same boat. Here you are, mocking her and acting like she is a bad bad person. You are a really freaky and scary person sel fi wu….

    2. so the rumour of her starting her own company to represent herself is true? now wonder what about the rumour that she split from daniel because he refuse to invest in her dream?

      1. Hey! I heard the rumour that you were dumped because you are ugly, full of hatred and being such a bitter person, as always! Giving all the responds I read from you regarding Fala, that must be true too!!!! Hahahaha……..You are so easily swayed by rumours. What a typical, fickle-minded person you are.

      2. Well said lily!! I really do not understand why she hates Fala so much and is so in love with Myolie… Strange.

      3. I so agree with you Lily.. seriously like everytime i look pass Fala’s article i always see her comment negative stuff about her.

    3. It’s quite a dilemma. Opportunities come and go, so she might not get the same offered when she completes her acting class. But then again, how many classes does she need to take to improve her acting? Perhaps she’ll gain more from putting herself out there = experience.

      Fala seems to be set on her goals. Wonder if she’ll make it big or not…

      1. Your comment here makes me feel at least there are some readers here who are sane. Well, we can only wonder but let us all just wish her all the best. ^_^

      2. Let’s be real though .. she’s too ambitious of a person and really wants the recognition asap. I just don’t see her with the patience needed for someone like her to succeed.

        Well – I still hope the best for her. I also feel for her too. When a woman loses out on her love life, she tends to go full force with her career. This may be a wound healing opportunity than a career advancement opportunity.

      3. ^ It seems like the relationship hindered her success. Maybe it’s for the better after all.

        Gotta commend Fala for leaving such a comfy nest aka TVB when the future is unsure for her.

    4. Taking acting classes does not guarantee that she will improve in her acting and all. In a lot of cases, improvement requires actual experience which she does already have down her belt. However, IF she honestly does not have that innate talent to act well then even taking classes may not help.

      One thing that I always wonder about the younger artists who are actually in school instead of just taking a few short term classes, is how they manage to balance school and work?? Being an artist is not the typical job and is really heavy duty. There are often times you have to pick one over the other if you cannot handle both. I have noticed that many chose career, but the ones that chose career are usually the popular and famous ones. I remember Coco Lee having to make that decision as well and she said something like she is only popular once. Aaron Yan also chose career over school since he is successful as well. But there are others like Eric Suen who managed to finish school and keep up with his career when he was popular. However, that does not happen that often. In Fala’s case, you really wonder if she really wanted to take those classes to improve herself OR did she just want to escape from HK?? Honestly, none of us know what is/was thinking. But whatever her decisions are, she would have to live with the consequences. I can tell what a hard choice it was.

      1. Wonderful insights you have! Why can’t we have more people with such positive and aspiring mentality here?

      2. I agree, acting is a hands-on thing, and not a theory thing. She needs more experience, and i feel that she should have sufficient experience considering that TITS2 is not her first lead role.
        She was promising in other dramas, but fell short in TITS2. Had expectations of her role, when she said acting with Francis was an “intensive acting class”

        Regardless, i can understand her choice to choose to film instead of going back to class, cuz getting so many offers do not happen everytime.

      3. I don’t agree really… there is always something to learn, and I don’t feel with rushed last minute scripts that the actors rarely see until hours before a shoot that Fala was learning anything.

        There are many posts on this alone that point out how acting has changed at TVB, and many hang that on the fact that previously many of the “better” actresses all attended TVB’s acting school before entering the industry… whereas today many of them are just forced to shoot right away.

        The net is FILLED with comments against all the new actresses as being stiff, untrained, no emotion etc… these are all things better honed away from the camera in class, where they can be coached.

        Learning on the job results in very harsh criticism from netizens who demand perfection right away. Just browse the web to see what people have said about Fala in TiTS2… is that encouraging to Fala? Or spirit breaking?

        The fact she made it public that she herself felt she wasn’t very good and needed lessons was a mistake if she wasn’t very serious about them. Because it doesn’t present her is a good light to suddenly drop the classes to chase the money.

        I’m actually a fan of Fala, I don’t mind her acting although I do admit I prefer her is more lighthearted roles. I also do not speak Cantonese to nuances in intonation etc are lost to me. That said, my wife, who does speak Cantonese doesn’t mind Fala either. I want to see her be successful, I’m just concerned that she might be a bit lost right now with all the turmoil in her life so she isn’t making the best decisions.

      4. @ TVBFanatic

        Agree completely, though I will say we don’t even know which type of acting classes she was taking. Was it just a summer course? In that case, she might have finished it and is trying to decide whether to continue taking new classes or resume her career. I would not judge her so harshly if she did finish her courses as if she abandons them midway because of new career opportunities, it will just look too disingenuous. There are many ways to further your acting than acting classes, though personally I thought she made the right choice to pursue that since she had never had the benefit of TVB acting class training. Additionally, I felt it could be good for her to “reset” her skills by relearning some rudimentary skills. If she had just changed to a different field like movies, that would be good training for her too of course, but as you said it’s learning on the job. Though, there is also the possibility that she found the acting classes only slightly useful and therefore, not really worth giving up money-making and learning opportunities. In any case, I’m not going to take this article at face value and just wait and see if/when she commits to new projects.

      5. @advo: After reviewing her weibo and all the news recently, I believe she did complete her summer course because it only took 1,1/5 or 2 months. Like she said, she want to study acting class which she did but it’s just a short course in a short time. Now, she’s on her own, so if she wants to continue her studies, she has to make more money. Besides studying, she still has to pay for lots of things. Isn’t it? Anyway, Fala gives me an impression that she’s not a person that easily to give up something in halfway. One is do it or don’t do it. If she does, she has to finish it.

  2. I am so confused with her relationship status but if she is still with the guy. Bless them 🙂

    As for her acting school thing, I don’t know if there is a difference in teaching acting in terms of culture wise. Because I remember back in the day when I was an undergrad, I took acting for one term as an elective and it was pretty dumb if you asked me. Like I respected my professor since he knew all the quirks and such but the course was just too poorly written. It had way too much emphasis on reading.. knowing the acting world (literally read two textbooks) and very minimal performances.

    And does anyone know which university Fala enrolled in? I seriously think she was at NYU.

    1. if fala is opening her own company she needs money and quite possible need from help from someone with money such as daniel to help her and thus may need to reconcile

      1. Speak English like a sane person. Not English from someone who is fixing a heartbreak.

      2. @sfw – Fala’s got a strong ego too, don’t see her stooping to a level of a gold digger.

        Daniel Sit had other traits beyond the wealth. Let’s not strip him from that!

  3. So she admitted her acting skill needs improvement, dropped out of her acting class, and now she wants a career in film? If her acting is bad, she should stay with broadcasting companies for a while before breaking into film.

  4. MG! U r fickle minded Fala Chen watever then, hope u wont ended up in some cheap rated movies huh!

  5. after all the major announcement that she will take a break to study acting and improve herself suddenly she changed her fickle mind when triumph2 popularity gives her movie roles? guess money and fame speaks louder fala!

    1. Who can resist money and fame? You? Wake up, this is THE reality. As long as she doesnt hurt anyone to earn her own income, why does that really bother you?

    2. Well said Lily!! When you have money and fame in front of you and want to be more independent, then of course that will tempt you. Honestly, the only people that it may not tempt are people who are relying on others to support them like family or their husband/boyfriend. I admit that I do not really like Fala or am a fan of hers, but I really admire her for trying to fulfill her dreams and becoming more independent instead of looking forward to marrying a rich guy just to spend his money. It is always better to make your own money and have your own income…

  6. “After the split with Daniel..” is she sure?

    Cuz If I remember well, only last few days there was this article saying she took a ride on her so called Father-in-Law’s car to a Promotional.

    1. guess this don’t help the fake persona that fala gives in and out of acting

      1. I wont say her character is fake, I was just confused with the report of the articles… which is true and fake?

      2. Wow. It amazes me to see how much hatred you really have towards such a beautiful person (even more than Myolie after her Adonis endorsement) who did nothing on you. Fake persona that Fala gives in and out of acting? You must know her so well to really hate her! Or must I say, you are jealous of her cos no matter what you do, you can NEVER be at par with her cos based on all the news that revolves around her, I never hear her saying anything that sounds fake to me by backstabbing or mocking anyone. But you who claimed to know her REAL persona? Get some class, desperado.

      3. @sel_fi_wu, OMG.. u really need to get a life mind! You comment literally like lots of negative comments about Fala in every single damn article!

    2. Veejay,
      Tabloids speculated that Fala and Daniel reconciled because she is still living in the old apartment that she had co-habited with him and seen in the family car. This sparked reconciliation rumors, but until the press spots Daniel staying overnight at the apartment, it’s not clear that they are indeed back together.

      Afterward, reports circulated regarding the separation fee that Fala received from the “divorce”.

  7. It is her choice to stop school and return to the entertainment industry, so I won’t dwell on that part.

    However, I really think she is wishy-washy (even though I’m 50/50 with her). She said a lot of promises to herself, and fans. But, then she goes back and changed it. From saying she will stop show-biz and focus on improving herself, studying acting more, break-up with ex-flame (or might be current or soon to be) to not signing contract with TVB anymore, and to travel more and relax due to stress so much while she was under TVB management.

    I do know what she thinks about money, but paying for tuition for an international/out of state student is a lot of money as well. The way how she portray herself, it makes it seem like she doesn’t keep her end of the bargain really. Before you can become a good actress, you need to know what you wants first before you jump on a the bandwagon. You do not want to waste your time as well as others who believing you.

    She said she was happy, free person then too.

    1. Fala Chen is an American citizen. She will not have to pay for tuition as an international student. I think it would cost her a bit more if she is a student from another State. I am sure that she can afford it. After all, those acting courses are just short courses.

      I think the main reason for her to stop her acting courses would be the film offers. She is very popular now after the airing of TITS 2 (no matter her acting is good or not), producers want to take advantage of Fala’s current popularity and cast her. If she does not accept them, she may not have the same kind of offers again in future. It is very hard for her to take both (school and filming). I guess she can always take those courses in future if she really wants to.

      1. Oh, I know she is an American citizen. I don’t know if she qualify under international or out-of-state student since she been away. But, I just did my research, she is from GA, so she will be consider out-of-state, which is still a lot of money.

        Huh, acting courses are not short courses? I’m taken them too, or maybe it is different from state to state way of teaching, but mine is definitely not short.

        Yea, I get it’s hard for her to lose this opportunity. That is fine with me (look above) I said change from school to film back again is whatever. That she can do how she likes.

        It is the way how she portray herself with her information. For example (it’s just an example): one second, it’s all about I cannot cried the right way, fly away to study, not gonna renew tvb, not gonna do film until improve etc…

        It just make it seem like she doesn’t think before she act, is what I’m trying to said.

        On a side note, she was fine in Heart of Greed, Steps, moonlight resonance, and catch me now etc… I seriously don’t have any hatred toward Fala.

    2. Not sure what you want from her? First of all, I hate it when fans feel entitled like how your comment comes off as. Being a fan of someone doesn’t make you entitled to anything beyond normal courtesy and respect. You are not her family, friends or even acquaintances. She does not owe you any promises period.

      Second, she said she felt her acting was not good enough so she was going to take acting classes. Which she has done. Has she abandoned them halfway? Maybe, maybe not. If she did, she might have a good reason but even if she doesn’t she doesn’t owe you an excuse. Her romantic relationship is her own. If she wants to break up, she will break up. If she wants to make up, she’ll make up. What does that have to do with you? She said she didn’t want to resign with TVB – and she hasn’t. How is that a broken promise?! She said she wanted to travel/relax – she took a big holiday after filming “Will Power” for TVB. Is she supposed to go on a permanent holiday?

      “The way she portray herself, it makes it seem like she doesn’t keep her end of the bargain really.”

      What bargain?! When did you make a bargain with her? And what are you offering in this “bargain”?

      “Before you can become a good actress, you need to know what you wants first before you jump on a the bandwagon. “

      What the hell does this even mean?!!

      1. Agree, why are ppl on here do judgmental ??

        She didn’t make any promises to me, lighten up guys (and gals)..

      2. Why are you attacking me? I never said I was her fan, I didn’t even said that she bargain with me.

        I only said why is she keeps changing her mind, it’s called wishy washy. How am I portray of judgmental, I already said I don’t care if she choose to change from school to film.

        I just don’t get why she have to said one thing and do another. If she doesn’t know if she wants it, don’t said it. She is an actree/entertainer/celebrity, what she said does affect the public regardless if she want to or not. That is the price of being a celebrity. You put yourself out there.

        What do you mean what I mean?? It mean exactly that. If you don’t get it, then okay.

      3. TVB/Promises:


        Go back and read it.

        It might not be promises to you, but it sound like a promise to me. Wanting to improve ones’ acting for fan to acknowledge her. Having more freedom/relax etc… She said it.

        There is no maybe if she abandon it, she did abandon it. She already said that she will quit school and go back to film, hopefully, “English” one.

        When did I ask for her to give me an excuse? This is a forum where I get my right to post what my opinion stated. I did not said one thing (go back and read) that she deserve to give me an excuse, permanent holiday etc.. or resign with TVB.

        To sum up, I said, she is wishy washy. Said one thing, does another.

  8. She wants to do films and she can’t even master TV series in the first place. Rolls eyes.

    1. You want to post a constructive comment, yet your poor command of English language gives way. I’m literally shaking my head with disgust.

      1. Everyone should be entitled an opinion, regardless of how well they can communicate the message. In the end, it only hampers how convincing her opinion is to others.

      2. @pandamao – True that. However, I must admit that I will be particularly crucial on shallow comments. =)

      3. Can’t agree any better. Lily…. Who are you to even judge their English! Your English is no where near good either. I’m utterly disgusted by you too 🙂

      4. Could barely believe that someone with shallow intellectual is saying me but oh well …

      5. You know what mint? I have only mentioned about people with shallow comments but you, on the other hand, branded me with shallow intellectual. If you have read and comprehended some of my comments on others above, you who claimed to be bright and fair shouldnt have picked on what I have said. Pot calling a kettle black.

    2. The film companies gave her an offer, of course she would take them if she wants. If they think she’s good enough for the role, why not?

      1. I agree. If anyone are not able to appreciate her acting, then don’t watch her films. As simple as that. No one is putting a gun on anyone’s head just to watch her.

    3. What an ignorant comment. TV and movies are two different mediums and you do not need to master the former in order to pursue the latter. Rolls eyes @ you.

    4. I believe that films are even easier than tv because you do shorter takes instead of the long drawn dialogue that you have to memorize. And in tv you have to play to three cameras versus usually only 1 in film. So fala should have an easier time doing films.

      I do think she is photogenic and has screen charisma though I have to admit her character in tits 2 annoys me.

  9. Somehow, I think this news is fake because this kind of magazine always make Fala looks so bad. I had read another believable article and what she said totally different in here.

    1. Don’t know why though. Fala does not seem to be a favourite artiste for tabloids in Hong Kong.

      1) Fala has a straight-forward personality. She may be a bit blunt in conversations.

      2) She does not care much of what other people think of her.

      3) Due to her relationship with Daniel Sit, a guy from a rich family, people see her with “tinted glasses”.

      4) She does not seem to have many friends in TVB, who would talk highly of her.

      5) She may not be a too sociable person in real life.

    1. I don’t like Fala II (or Rebecca Zhu). Her Cantonese is still awful. The accent is less noticeable, but she speaks her dialogues so stiff. It seems that she is biting her lips very hard whenever she speaks any words.

      She is not as pretty and sweet as Fala Chen.

      1. Fala II has some time to fix up. If she fails for her debut leading role. TVB will go to Fala III.

  10. Maybe she thought the acting classes didnt really help as much as she thoght so she decided not to invest anymore time. After all, time is golden in showbiz.

    1. I think the acting class was a vacation break outside of HK. It was a diversion just to get some inside deal for other projects outside of TVB.

      1. Agreed, maybe it was a passive aggressive move since …

        1) she was having relationship issues with Daniel
        2) TVB was paying Eliza more
        3) she wants to do what the veterans are doing (but she’s no veteran and only selling “snake oil”)
        4) she had nothing lined up (or too much free time)

        Look beyond the fake dimples (that camouflage her man-jaws) and all I see is a square-shaped face. All the plastic surgery makes her speak funny (with a slur).

        And now, she’s riding on veteran (Chilam/Francis) coattails.

    2. Certainly a possibility even if I do think she should have made realistic expectations about it before deciding to take those classes then.

  11. It seems like she wanted to act in films therefore made an excuse that’s shes goons study so she can leave tvb and still be in good terms with them.
    She always expressed her interest in it so it wouldn’t come as a surprise

  12. Playing a very care-free-happy character like Holiday is not easy, especially when you are not like that. I think that’s Falan’s problem , she seem the serious kind. Most of her other characters she did OK. But somehow I don’t see her in movies.

    1. I honestly think Fala did alright, like how Fala is expected to perform, mediocre. She didn’t give me great acting, but she didn’t give me anything less in terms of expectations.

      On the other hand, you have the very very poor written character of Holiday. Lol.

      I actually think Jayden in the recent episodes is acting out of character. Jayden doesn’t give me off the vibe of someone who will try and break a couple apart with his innate player ways. That didn’t quite make sense to me. That just adds to terrible script writing of TVB lately.

      1. Agree. Fala did all right in TITS 2, but her acting is average as a typical new fadan. Personally I don’t think any other fadan will be good for Holiday’s character as it is terribly written by the scriptwriters. Fala at least can show most of the characteristics of Holiday. I agree that she is weak in her cry scenes and she needs to work in them.

      2. “I actually think Jayden in the recent episodes is acting out of character. Jayden doesn’t give me off the vibe of someone who will try and break a couple apart with his innate player ways. That didn’t quite make sense to me. That just adds to terrible script writing of TVB lately.”

        Because whatever Sam has or wants he wants too. It is his intense competition with Sam which I think is why Holly in the end settles for Sam because deep down Jayden doesn’t love her.

      3. I think Jayden loves Holiday, but at the same time he wants to beat Sam in winning Holiday back.

        He did say in his interview after he was rescued that he made it because his girlfriend was waiting for him

  13. i’ve never really liked fala and her personality, something about her has always irked me. not too impressed with her acting either, but i thought she wanted to study in NY and improve her acting, but now seeing her “switch style” and do films….it makes me wonder what she’s up to. seems like she wants to have more fame more than improving her acting. there’s been a lot of news about her recently, i don’t know what i’m reading about her anymore hahah

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