Fala Chen’s Great Ambitions

Due to Fala Chen’s role as Michael Tse Tin Wah’s girlfriend in the movie, “Turning Point” (Laughing Gor之變節), she was nominated in 2010’s Hong Kong Film Awards as Best Newcomer. This year, the Awards ceremony will be held on April 18th.

Earlier, Chow Yun Fat praised Fala’s performance in “Turning Point.” “I am extremely grateful for Chow Yun Fat’s praise. We are not friends and I do not know him personally. So I am very surprised he noticed my performance and mentioned my name. I have to thank Chow Yun Fat one thousand times! I need to have a greater measure of responsibility, as the world’s eyes are upon me now. I can not disappoint others. I must improve!”

Acting for the Long-Haul

Fala noted that the award results will not change her intentions to stay in the entertainment industry long-term. “I realize that you need to take things one step at a time in this industry. I will put my whole heart in each of my series/ films. I will learn from fellow veteran actors and add my own changes, to create a ‘Fala Chen’ style of acting.”

Fala has high ambitions in the entertainment industry. “My dreams are very big; they are without any boundaries. Many people want to surpass what others have already achieved. I want to be like Kara Hui Ying Hung and receive recognition, while establishing a career [that spanned decades]. I do not mind playing supporting roles. From the beginning of my career, I have rarely played leading roles. If I can receive the public’s acknowledgment, then I do not mind playing a supporting role one hundred times.”

Love Life a Frequent Gossip Topic

Due to Fala’s nomination in 2010’s Hong Kong Film Awards, her love life became the media’s focus once again. Fala is currently dating, Sit Sai Hang. The Sit family owns Neway Karaoke, one of the most popular karaoke chains in Hong Kong. Fala did not have much to say about her relationship. “In the past, I never thought about hiding my dating life. I have no regrets in showing public affection with my boyfriend on the streets. However, since I am an actress, I do not have this freedom. If the paparazzi were to photograph us together and publish subsequent tabloid reports, this will affect our relationship. Thus, I am forced to handle our affairs in an understated manner.”

Fortunately, Fala has an understanding boyfriend. “It’s important that we have an understanding. In many areas of the world, when you have a good life and find someone you love, others would congratulate you. But in Hong Kong, once you earn some money, [people will imply that you are a ‘gold-digger.’] The paparazzi will [focus on the money aspect] and say you are dating a tycoon’s son, as if it was a ‘brand label.’ This will affect the relationship because no one wants to be labeled this way.”

Since Fala was interested in acting as a life-long career, what about her relationship with Sit Sai Hang? Fala smiled, “Love can not replace your career. Dating and marriage are important too. Whether for a man or woman, dating and marriage are part of life.”

After watching Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng’s press conference, in which the pair explain their secret marriage and subsequent divorce, Fala was saddened. “I started crying after watching the news. Why does the paparrazzi have to mud-sling and claim that a third party triggered the divorce? The paparazzi has gone too far. We need to respect other people’s feelings. Charlene and Ronald were very brave to hold a press conference and come forward. They must have a reason for not revealing further details about their divorce.”

Whether Fala’s heart holds many secrets or not, we should not be in a hurry to find out. But we can see clues regarding her vision of marriage. Fala said, “I want to have children and will make plans for it.” As for the number of children, that will depend upon the physical condition of her body. “But I need to work, even after marriage. I will become crazy if I do not work.”

Excerpt from Sohu.com

Jayne: Whether you like Fala Chen or not, it is undeniable that she has star appeal. I think she would do very well in movies, as she has as star quality which is rare among TVB actresses these days. Good luck to Fala! I’m sure she’ll be around for a very long time.

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  1. I have recently started to really like Fala. I know people think she’s overrated in TVB – that is true. She has climbed the ranks faster than others – though there has certainly also been people who climbed even faster and didn’t deserve it either. What I like in Fala is her potential. She is not a great actress yet, but I see the potential in her. I agree that she has star quality and could do quite well in the movie industry. But since I think the TVB talent pool is too small as it is, I would prefer it if she would stay in TV longer.

    And I love how her mentality (probably because she was born in a Western country) about working after marriage is the same as mine. Too many actresses choose to retire when they marry which is a shame. I don’t think Fala is a golddigger despite the fact that she’s dating someone wealthy. Fala doesn’t have the mentality that she just wants to marry well and will retire after marriage. Furthermore, I have noticed her wear cheap clothes like H&M for promotional functions. And while I’m sure actresses don’t wear top-to-toe designer for every function no matter what, I think she can definitely afford better than H&M. The fact that she wears cheap clothes, tells me that vanity and wealth is not something she prioritises very highly. I find that refreshing in an actress.

  2. i dont think she has star quality, in fact she looks plain and ordinary to me. i find fala very overly defensive over small matters. she overcalculates in this career and is agressive, always in ppl’s face all the time to get what she wants, thats how she was able to snatch up all the TVB roles that could of spread out to others looking for a break also. she was already filming a drama but wanted the movie role at the same time, how can she entirely focus on both? too overly ambitious but not enough effort. her acting is still mediocre. she was in four dramas in yr, thats basically two lead dramas there moreso than any one drama by a lead actress, say Charmaine.

    fala seems to pick and hate the paparazzi alot in every interview for some minor shtt. my advice to her is they are just part of entertainment, deal with it.

  3. I have to say that after seeing her win her second Best Supporting Actress award at this year’s Awards Ceremony, I find that she does have a strong star appeal. I had never noticed her before No Regrets. I recognized her from another show, The Stew of Life but she’s becoming a strongly skilled actress and I support her 🙂

  4. I love Fala in that dancing drama with Steven Ma and in Journey called life. She was great! Hey at least she’s not like Linda Chung that has a terrible voice and still tries to sing. I really like Linda too. Her singing is just terrible. I know sonija and Ada is not a gold digger. They’re both with non famous guys. However, Cathy tsui and Mandy cho is a different story. I guessed it is true that it’s easier for rich guys to find pretty girls.

  5. Fala has performed and delievered, so has Fat praised her acting, … has those of you seen the Fat Movie Confucious, what a lousy movie in my opinion, was Con. ever in armors? how could there be many horses in that period especial with the poor, a horse that pull the cart, lol, a horse in those time cost a fortune, and also that his son could do three trips under icey waters picking up scrolls, a man would not last more than 5 mins in such icy conditions. very disappointing movie in my opinion, watch and you know what i mean about some of the blunders, my opinion.

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