Fans Leak Behind-the-Scene Photos of South Korean Drama “Our Blues”

South Korean drama Our Blues is wrapping production and fans have already tried to get a sneak peek of the highly anticipated drama. Starring Lee Byung Hun, Cha Seung Won, Kim Woo Bin, Shin Min Ah, Han Ji Min and Lee Jung Eun,, Our Blues is set against the backdrop of Jeju Island and focuses on the ups and downs of its characters.

Although drama has revealed little details about the plot, it is anticipated that the drama will have beautiful sceneries and follows the lives and growth of the characters. As a twist, real-life couple Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah will not be paired up in the drama. Instead, Shin Min Ah will be having a romantic arc with Lee Byung Hun while Kim Woo Bin will be romantically paired with Han Jin Min.

Since the drama has been filming since July of this year, many fans have travelled to the set to take pictures of the cast. A dedicated fan shared a photo of Cha Seung Won wearing formal attire and appears to be running for an election. Many fans interpret the leaked photograph that Cha Seung Won will play a political character that could be similar to the actor’s character in 2009’s drama City Hall.

Planned for a total of 20 episodes, will be helmed by director Kim Kyu Tae and screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung after the two worked together in 2018’s drama Live. Kim Kyu Tae is known for leading many popular hits that includes Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, It’s Okay That’s Love while Noh Hee Kyung is known for his work in Dear My Friends and The Most Beautiful Goodbye.

The drama is expected to premiere in January 2022 and will have a total of 20 episodes.

Source: K Daily

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  1. I wonder if I will watch this drama… as I feel uncomfortable watching Lee Byung Hun on screen…. But I am very keen to support Cha Seung Won, Kim Woo Bin, Shin Min Ah and Han Ji Min….

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