Kim Woo Bin Owes Lee Byung Hun for Early Cancer Detection

South Korean actor and model, Kim Woo Bin, went on a temporary hiatus in 2017 after being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. He immediately sought treatment after diagnosis, and completed his drug and radiation treatments that year. Recovering fully, he made his return to the entertainment industry in 2019.

Since his return, Woo Bin has starred in several notable works, including television series, Our Blues, in which he stars alongside his real-life girlfriend, Shin Min Ah. He can also be seen in upcoming Netflix series, Black Knight.  

Now cancer-free for five years, Woo Bin counts his blessings and previously wrote a note to share about his treatment, “Thanks to everyone’s cheers and prayers. Three anti-cancer treatments and 35 radiation treatments have been successfully completed.”

In a recent live broadcast, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho revealed that it was thanks to Lee Byung Hun that Woo Bin caught his cancer early. According to the broadcaster, he began having nosebleeds in early 2017, but was quick to dismiss the matter, attributing it to tiredness and did not seek out medical advice due to his busy work schedule. It was not until he suffered a nosebleed again while attending a banquet party and was advised by Lee Byung Hun to schedule a checkup did he visit the hospital.

Soon after, Woo Bin was diagnosed with early-stage nasopharyngeal cancer. Fortunately, the cancer was caught early and the then 28-year-old received treatment that ultimately saved his life.

Source: ET Today

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