Kim Woo Bin’s Dystopian Series “Black Knight” Will Air in May

After being diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017, Korean actor Kim Woo Bin took a two-year hiatus to focus on his treatment and health. Resuming work, he had starred in the sci-fi film Alienoid and can be seen next in Black Knight. The original Netflix series will be released on May 12, 2023,

Based on the popular webtoon, Delivery Knight, the dystopian series takes place in the future, where extreme air pollution has forced humanity to rely on oxygen masks to survive. People rely on delivery couriers, known as Delivery Knights, to transport packages that are essential for survival.

Kim Woo Bin expressed excitement over his role as a legendary courier with extraordinary fighting skills, known as 5-8. Hoping the audience will enjoy the series, Kim Woo Bin also emphasized all the hard work that the cast and crew put into the project.

In the series, Esom plays a military intelligence officer, while Kang Yoo Seok portrays a refugee boy who idolizes the legendary 5-8.

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