Kim Woo Bin in Talks to Star in Dystopian Drama “Delivery Knights”

Successfully recovering from cancer last year, Kim Woo Bin has shown to ease back into work at his own leisurely pace with public events and photoshoots. Having completed filming for his upcoming film Alien + People, Woo Bin is currently in discussions to play the lead role in Netflix’s new dystopian series Delivery Knights.

His agency AM entertainment later confirmed that the actor was offered the role and in the middle of talks. It has been five years since Woo Bin last starred in Uncontrollably Fond, so fans are inevitably brimming with excitement for him to finally appear in a drama again.

Adapted from the webtoon of the same name, Delivery Knights tells a story set in a dystopian world where pollution has turned so severe and dangerous that the only way to survive is to rely on express deliveries. In an era where deliveries plays a crucial role in the survival of humans, this story meaningfully illustrates the impact of pollution and the need to take preventive methods before it becomes too late.

If Woo Bin does join the cast, he will be playing the legendary delivery knight 5-8. Born from an ordinary family, he is expected to live a normal life until his life changes after an employee from the Resident Administrative Office mistakenly implants the wrong QR code on his left wrist.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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Changes in Kim Woo Bin After Cancer Recovery


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