Changes in Kim Woo Bin After Cancer Recovery

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Changes in Kim Woo Bin After Cancer Recovery

South Korean model and actor, Kim Woo Bin, soared to popularity after his breakthrough performances in School 2013 and The Heirs. However, Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017 at only 28 years old. Fortunately, the cancer was detected in its early stages and after months of drug and radiation treatment, Woo Bin took another two years off to rest and recover and is currently deemed cancer-free.

His first project since returning to work is the science-fiction film, Alien. Refocusing back on work, Woo Bin said. “Whether in the past or now, I feel that sincerity is the most important in acting. Recently, I hope to speak more with the director and crew members to close the communication gap and have better onscreen results. We can brainstorm together and discuss each scene in greater detail.”

Appearing vibrant and healthy, the 31-year-old is more mindful to keep a better work-life balance and would make time to meet with family and friends, as well as to exercise and maintain his health. As a cancer survivor, Woo Bin expressed that he now enjoys the outdoors and likes taking walks at the park, as it calms his mind and feels that it lifts his spirits.

“I’ve been slowly embracing more comfortable things. In the past, I liked to dress up but it felt like being closeted after doing it for too long. Now, I have a sense of wanting to find my true self, so I prefer more casual clothes,” the actor said.

As for the remaining days left in 2020, he does not have any big plans and just wants to spend each day happily.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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