Kim Woo Bin To Make Full-fledged Comeback

Putting his acting career on hold in 2017 due to health issues, actor Kim Woo Bin announced his full recovery in 2020 and is finally making his anticipated return to screens this year!

Variety & Drama

While he had hardly gone on variety shows, the 32-year-old makes his first-ever reality program appearance in Unexpected Business 2, which has already aired. Joining his good friends Lee Kwang Soo and Lim Ju Hwan to help Jo In Sung and Cha Tae Hyun at a local village market, they are introduced to the public as members of a “new boyband BBS” whose goal is to “overtake BTS.” Instead of the impressive return to screens he probably has in mind, the actor is tasked to “remove anchovy innards” by the busy market staff owners, with the task leaving him in a dazed expression!

On the drama front, his new tvN drama production Our Blues will air in April, after a lengthy six-year wait since Uncontrollably Fond.

He takes on the role of Park Jeong Joon, a captain with a warm nature and a couple with Lee Young Ok (played by Han Ji Min), a first-year haenyeo, while Shin Min Ah will be starring opposite Lee Byung Hun. Besides the mega cast lineup, the stellar production team is another highlight; its director Kim Kyu-tae was behind It’s Okay, That’s Love and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, while scriptwriter Noh Hee Kyung had helmed The Most Beautiful Goodbye and That Winter, the Wind Blows.

Exciting Film Project Set to Air in 2022

After his recovery a few years back, Kim Woo Bin has delved straight into filming director Choi Dong Hoon‘s new work Alien, which finally wrapped after 13 months of filming for its two sequels. A science-fiction time-travel film, it tells the story of priests who are looking to steal legendary swords during the end Goryeo period, and aliens who appear in modern 2021 – and what ensues following the time travel twist.

“Alien” part 1 will be hitting big screens this year.

Kim Woo Bin is pictured dressed in modern wear and trendy shades while Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Tae Ri appear in period costumes, piquing the audience’s interest in its fascinating plot.

The actor is currently working on Netflix sci-fi drama Black Knight – his second collaboration with director Ui Seok Jo since blockbuster hit film MASTER. Set in dystopian 2071, the only remaining 1 percent of the human race who have survived are strictly stratified, with delivery knights playing a crucial role in the new world order. The actor will be playing legendary delivery knight 5-8, rising star Kang you Seok plays refugee boy who dreams of becoming a delivery driver while E-Som plays Seolah, the Defense Intelligence Command’s military officer who cares specially for Sawol, with Song Seung Heon portraying the antagonist character.

Kim Woo Bin in Variety Show

Source: Korea Star Daily

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