Kim Woo Bin Resumes Work After Cancer Recovery

When Hallyu star Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017, he took a two-year break to focus on his health. Detecting the rare cancer in its early stages, Kim Woo Bin received drug and radiation treatment and has since recovered. Being a cancer survivor has changed the actor’s outlook in life, and he no longer takes things for granted.

Though he resumed work since last November, his first major project upon his cancer recovery is the upcoming science-fiction film, Alien, which centers around aliens living in modern day South Korea. Speaking about his filming progress, Kim Woo Bin feels comfortable returning to work after a long hiatus and is grateful to be working again.

Having gone through a difficult time, Kim Woo Bin is now happy to live in the moment. Turning 31 in July,  the actor states that he is looking forward to what the future will bring as he enters the “second part” of his life. Comparing his present self to his twenties, Kim Woo Bin is living his life with a more relaxed mindset.

Entering his thirties also made him more self-reflective. When asked what his charms are as an actor, Kim Woo Bin replied, “Maybe it’s my unique looks? There are many beautiful and handsome actors, but my looks are a little unique.  In the past, I received a lot of attention from directors, and thankfully my past works didn’t make them lose their money.”

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