Finale Spoilers for “Lives of Omission” Exposed?

The viewership ratings for TVB drama Lives of Omission <潜行狙击> continued to rake in high ratings. Last week’s overall ratings were 31 points, with the highest rating peaking at 33 points (approximately 2.11 million viewers tuned in).

Lives of Omission will broadcast its final episode on September 9th, which will be followed up with another movie version (due to start filming soon), in order to strike the iron while it’s hot and to let the trend persist further. It was estimated that on the night of the finale, the cast and crew of Lives of Omission appear at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre (KITEC also known as Emax) to watch the last episode together with viewers.

Since last year’s No Regrets <义海豪情>, TVB has not organized such a large-scale drama finale promotional dinner for half a year now. It can be seen that this series was given high emphasis by TVB. Thus producer Chong Wai-Kin (莊偉健) didn’t rule out the possibility of filming a sequel for Lives of Omission after completing the movie version of it.

Amended Original Ending to Accommodate Audience’s Reaction

The finale spoilers for Lives of Omission were exposed earlier, which originally included the death of Fala Chen’s (陈法拉) Jodie and Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) Paris risking death to betray Bosco Wong’s (黄宗泽) Cripple Co. With regards to this, Chong Wai-Kin expressed that the last episode has yet to be edited. The exposed spoilers earlier may not be the true ending. Thus, he might make amendments to the last episode to suit the audience’s reaction.

Chong Wai-Kin also remarked that in the finale story, Fala’s death was an undecided case and there was a story behind it. Whether Fala’s Jodie character had actually died was still unknown and the truth will only be revealed in the movie version of Lives of Omission.

As for Bosco and Kate’s final ending in the drama, all will be decided this week during the editing. Chong Wai-Kin revealed that Damien Lau’s (刘松仁) role was initially a villainous character. However, everyone felt that it was too heavy and made some amendments, thus he had the confidence that the audience will be anticipative of it.

Asked whether Lives of Omission will be shooting a sequel, he professed that everything has to wait until the movie version started filming. As long as there’s good praise and high ratings, there will be a chance of shooting a sequel.

Source: Ming Pao

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

Ah K: Felt like throwing stones when the producer replied that the truth of Fala’s death will only be revealed in the movie version of “Lives of Omission”! What?! -_-“

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    1. Tell me about it… So so so sick of this Laughing character. What more could they possibly write about him? Go back into police force. Get kicked out and back as undercover cop again again >.<

      1. Back into police force, kicked out again and continue meeting uncountable numbers of undercover cops and gangsters along the way. Also continue fell in love and experience Fala’s ‘death’. Repeat the whole process over and over again.

  1. Well I wouldn’t mind a sequel as I love Laughing Gor very much. I thought the first one was good and this sequel is just as good. But pleeeease, I just hope and pray that Kate Tsui will not be in it again.

    1. I heard the movie sequel is confirmed to have Laughing and highly possible Fala because the producer wants to explain her so called ending. Someone said in the cbox before that Bosco will not take part and there’s no news from Kate. So your wish might become true 😛

  2. Yeah if Kate’s not in it my wish would come true but sad if Bosco won’t be in it as I think he’s great as “Cripple Co” – very convincing. In the present series “Ommission” I am not sure whether I like Cheung Kok Keung as the villainous boss even with his bald head. There’s just something about him that I find a bit on the “nice” side if you know what I mean. He’s one of my favourite “grade B” actors but I just can’t like him in this role. Think they should have picked someone harder.

    1. Yeah he’s great as Bai Co but if he is intented to die in LOO then hopefully he isnt ‘magically’ revived so that he can be in the movie. We’ve had too much of these things imo

  3. I love how producers are editing on the fly based on audience reaction, or so they say they are. What happened to vision, art and integrity of story? Now its become your standard pick-a-path Goosebumps book. Sometimes audiences may not like the ending at first watch because they’ve come to be attached to characters, but later on reflection of the whole series they may actually come to prefer such an ending. Given how crap TVB’s endings generally are, I suppose they have little to lose.

    But to edit the series to change the direction? That’s another story. In the future for entertainment, they should just film two versions of events and let viewers pick which version to watch and continue the series on that version 🙂 At least this would create many jobs?!

    1. SDS,
      “I love how producers are editing on the fly based on audience reaction, or so they say they are. What happened to vision, art and integrity of story? Now its become your standard pick-a-path Goosebumps book.”

      TVB producers are more motivated by delivering crowd pleasers to top the ratings game rather than vision, art, and integrity. That’s why we have the Wong Ka Wai’s versus Wong Jing’s in the film industry too. Nevertheless, current TVB series are “uniquely” packaged to grab our interest, entertain us in the process, but not necessarily deliver a fulfilling closure.

      As long as the majority of the “thrill ride” process is enjoyable, do we necessarily have to examine how the ride lands?

      The recent ambigious endings also give more room for sequels should there be a market for it.

  4. [SPOILER reply to Ah K]”Felt like throwing stones when the producer replied that the truth of Fala’s death will only be revealed in the movie version of “Lives of Omission”! What?!”

    This is an excuse to let Fala continue acting in the movie even after ‘death’ 😀

    I don’t think too much of Fala in this series. She can be there but she can also not be there. The procuder might want to make Laughing stay loving the same woman 😛

    1. **Spoiler thread**


      “I don’t think too much of Fala in this series. She can be there but she can also not be there. The producer might want to make Laughing stay loving the same woman.”

      Haha probably! And also to milk the series dry lmao! But that’s so boring if Laughing-Gor were to stick to one woman in his entire life! Heehee! In real life, who would only have one girlfriend or boyfriend in his or her entire life? Very few lahs! Thank you for your reply anyway, love reading it 😀

    1. Yes, I agree with you. She is way too much!! There should be a boycott of her!

    2. Why the hate. She’s the prettiest among TVB new five tigress.

  5. Well, if Laughing can keep making sequels even when in the original he died, I am sure Fala’s character can escape death even if she was knifed a million times.

    1. Rofl. Fala’s job in Laughing chronicles:

      -date Laughing and look pretty
      -revived as look alike
      -date Laughing and look pretty
      -revived by inside story on her death


      1. Yes so true. I can’t praise Fala for her acting in LOO since she’s only so-so despite her vast amount of screentime, but I must praise her genes. I must admit that she’s pretty.

      2. Fala has better acting in previous series. I dunno what’s wrong with her in LOO but yeah, it’s so-so. Maybe the role is over her skill.

        But she is pretty, that’s true.

      3. Yes it might be too early for Fala to take this big role. Be honest, the role is good. It should’ve went to a more experienced and mature actress.

      4. I just think that Fala can’t take the strong woman roles. She is too fragile?

    2. @Funn Lim:

      Lol, that would indeed make Fala sound more incredible than the cat with nine lives. 😛

  6. I like “Laughing’s” character but seriously they are playing him out. What else is there to write about? I think they should stop the script so they can have the viewers leave a good lasting impression on his character. The more they try to promote the character, the more it’s going downhill. Viewers will be sick and tired of it.

    Why don’t they write another series with “Cripple Co” but eliminate Kate Tsui, please. For some reason, she doesn’t really know how to act out her role in this series.

  7. I very rarely hear of anyone hating Fala but there again, it takes all sorts so in a way I’m not surprised. There are not many artists that I like these days but I must admit she is one of the few that I do like. At least she doesn’t put on a show and seem false like some of them.

    I guess there may be a possibility that the script writers write a new series and just concentrating on Cripple Co. Maybe turn his character around and he becomes the good guy in the end and yeah, I would definitely agree with Kay, would be great to eliminate Kate Tsui.

    1. The weird thing is I’ve heard from some Kate’s fans earlier that she might be in the movie.

      Which confused me that what is Kate doing in there without ‘Cripple Co’ who most probably not going to be in the movie so far? Unless she grows to be the movie’s villain which is a role I can see her in lol

      1. Could Kate be some triad’s boss’s mistress? I think that may suit her better than being a barrister to be honest..

    2. Yeah, truly – there are fans and ppl who dislike artists for everyone but that’s what gives us variety. I agree too, that Kate should be out or at least NOT a barrister..

  8. My guess to the sequel of Laughing:

    – Laughing will become a gangster again after find out the dark side of the cops and he’ll become a very heroic gangster.

    – Fala will live again.

    – Laughing then find out that the whole gangster leaders are undercop.

    Ok, I still can’t hold my laugh when reminding of the last Laughing movie. All the leaders of the gangsters are undercops, then the police wanna destroy them for wat?

    1. In the sequel after that, Laughing is back to be a cop and after several deals with new gangsters, Laughing finds out that most of the cops by his side are undercover sent by gangsters. So most gangsters are undercover cops and most cops are undercover gangsters. Laughing’s brain are confused by now.

      1. LOL, just make him a vampire and he can play movies and series in all eternity haha

      2. Yes and the producer has revealed that at first they want to make Damien some sort of undercover too. Now I know why they said the feeling is too heavy because that would mean too many undercovers in both sides! Crazy!

    2. Disclaimer: I really like Michael Tse and the character Laughing when I watched E.U. Then, thank to a fan fiction, I like Laughing Gor more.

      But the way TVB milking him make me feel so tired. To live forever.

      Ok, next time if he lives in the forest and his skin is sparkling, I’ll call him Edward.

    3. LOL you guys are hillarious with the new stories for Laughing new movies and series ROFL

      1. I bet in the finale TVB will make a dramatic scene to make audience cry buckets for her ‘death’, but in the final second of the ending leave a hint that she’s alive to make way for the movie sequel.

      2. hahaha…really wonder how they are going to ‘revive’ her this time..or maybe she didn’t die but she left and went overseas because she was so sick of the whole laughing being an undercover thing or something lame like that..

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