Gigi Yim’s First-ever Concert Sells Out

Holding her first ever concert for fans, tickets for Stars Academy <聲夢傳奇> alumnus Gigi Yim (炎明熹) sold out within hours!

The 18-year-old singing sensation , crowned the winner of the reality singing contest, had impressed HK audiences with her powerful vocals despite being only 15 when she took part.

With sales opening on the evening of August 25, the ticketing channel for “Gigi Yim Gi-FORCE” at Star Hall experienced huge web traffic, and the first batch of tickets were snapped up within a short 1.5 hours.

Sleepless Over Concert Jitters

Expressing her joy over the overwhelming support from fans, Gigi said, “I was so anxious the night before that I couldn’t sleep, I really did not expect the good response, not long after sales opened, I started receiving non-stop messages from fans on social media who shared their frustrations over not being able to get [tickets],”

With soaring demand for the singer’s first-ever concert, ticket scalpers have taken advantage of the situation by claiming that they have front-seat tickets and requesting those interested to private message for pricing details. Worried that fans might be paying lots more for inflated ticket prices in a display of their support, Gigi swiftly flagged the issue to her  company, and the organizers responded by opening up a final show on October 8.

The singer said, “I’ve seen reports on veteran singers holding concerts who worry about fans not being able to get tickets and about them giving in to scalpers, now I finally know what it feels like,” Thanking the company for quickly adding on another show date, Gigi explained that there could not be further additions due to the venue. She also shouted out to fans not to get scalped tickets. Although the added shows inevitably bring additional pressure, Gigi said that she will double her efforts and perform to her best as an expression of gratitude to fans.

Source: Yahoo News HK

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