Gregory Rivers Found Dead By Suicide

One of the best known Western faces in Hong Kong, former TVB actor Gregory Charles Rivers (河國榮) died in an apparent suicide at his residence in Tai Au Man, Clear Water Bay. Gregory was certified dead at the scene by medics, with a basin of burnt charcoal found near him. No will was retrieved by law enforcement officers.

The 58-year-old was found unconscious and unresponsive in his bed by his sister-in-law, who visited after Gregory failed to respond to text messages for two days since his last reply on January 31. His manager, Ms. Leung, arrived with a female friend at the scene upon receiving the news. According to Ms. Leung, Gregory’s family was in Australia and he did not have any remaining kin in Hong Kong. Gregory’s friends have reached out to his two sisters in Australia as his posthumous matters are being attended to.

A Pioneer for Westerners at TVB

Born in Queensland, Gregory was studying medicine at the University of New South Wales in Australia in 1980s. A passion for Cantonese pop culture saw him give up his studies, and eventually move to Hong Kong in 1987 to start a career in entertainment. He appeared in over 200 local television series as a police inspector, missionary and supervisor–becoming the “go-to guy” for Western characters at TVB for two decades. Gregory’s last dramatic project was ViuTV’s 2022 production, Into The Wild <野人老師>.

Gregory’s last Instagram update in August 2023.

In recent years, the actor was plagued by a string of illnesses including depression, acid reflux and skin cancer of the right ear, for which he underwent successful surgery in 2017. He reportedly racked up heavy debt after undergoing heart surgeries, following a diagnosis of arrhythmia. Gregory’s wife, Bonnie, had passed away from illness late last year.

Named Gregory Charles River, a university mate had suggested Ho as his surname, which is a translation of “Rivers.” He took on Kwok Wing as his first name after his idol Leslie Cheung (張國榮). Gregory once mentioned on a music program that “Ho Kwok Wing” was printed on his identification card as his legal Chinese name.

Gregory’s Classic Performance in “Blood of Good and Evil”:

Source: HK.On.CC

Ex-TVB Actor, Gregory Charles Rivers, Said Wife Was His Student

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  1. Very sad, hope TVB does some kind of tribute to him…Rest in Peace. Still one of the best Caucasian to speak canto as well…

  2. It’s rather sad to hear the news of all these veterans got sick and what’s not, and they barely can support themselves. It made me quite angry at TVB for their treatments of these veterans >__<

  3. OMG, I used to read his blog back in the day. I was super interested in the guy who moved to a completely different country, learned all its customs and language, immersed himself into its society, and played well-loved supporting television roles. Last I read, he was doing well under Chow Yun Fat’s guidance and was getting more gigs. I didn’t know his wife passed away, and he’s so depressed. It’s unfair. I wished he tried a gofundme page to help with medical expenses, that would at least help his family out. He’s well-loved, but at least now he can be at peace.

    RIP, Gregory

  4. So sad to hear watched him when little its even saddens me even more RIP u dont have to go trhough anymore pain

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