Han Geng and Celina Jade Registered for Marriage in Hong Kong

News broke that Chinese actor and former Super Junior member Han Geng (韓庚) registered for marriage in Hong Kong and the lucky lady is Wolf Warrior 2 <戰狼II> lead actress Celina Jade (盧靖姍). Having only revealed their relationship last year, fans were shocked by the sudden news.

The lovebirds reportedly took interest in each other at the 2017 Golden Rooster Awards, where they were both guest presenters. Sparks flew when Han Geng chivalrously helped Celina down the stairs.

They admitted their romantic relationship on Han Geng’s 34th birthday last year. At the time, he wrote on Weibo, “Hello, 34 years old. Hello, my girl, Celina Jade.”

Celina replied back, “Hello, my boy, Han Geng.”

After the couple publicized their romance, they have been publicly displaying their affection. Recently, Celina uploaded a photo in which she was wearing a diamond ring on her left ring finger. This sparked rumors of Han Geng proposing to the actress successfully.

For those who don’t know, Han Geng left Super Junior in 2009 when he filed a lawsuit to terminate his contract with SM entertainment because of poor treatment. Afterward, he returned to China to develop his career and achieved very good results.

Celina Jade is quite successful as well. A Chinese-American of mixed-race, Celina was born in Hong Kong and participated in many films including The Man with the Iron Fists <鐵拳無敵> and All’s Well, Ends Well 2009 <家有囍事2009>. However, her most notable work is Wolf Warrior 2, which skyrocketed her popularity.

Source: WorldJournal

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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