List of 2013 Top Grossing Actors and Actresses in China

Last year saw an increase in box office competition in the mainland Chinese market. With the advent of box office champions, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons <西遊·降魔篇>, Tiny Times <小时代>, and Personal Tailor <私人订制> being released in 2013, it was also the year for new stars to break out as box-office darlings.

Shu Qi (舒淇), the highest grossing actress on the list, came in fifth with 1.2 billion RMB collected, but Journey to the West was Shu Qi’s only film for 2013.

Central Academy of Drama graduate Bai Baihe (白百何) was the second top grossing actress of the year. Bai Baihe also managed to break into the Taiwanese and Hong Kong markets, in which her film The Stolen Years <被偷走的那五年> topped Hong Kong and Taiwan’s box office upon release. Bai Baihe’s sudden rise in popularity marks the trend of mainland television actors crossing successfully into film.

Taiwanese actress and singer Amber Kuo (郭采潔) also defeated popular Chinese actress Yang Mi (杨幂) in aggregate box office grosses, landing herself third place in the list of highest-grossing actresses of the year. One of the leading stars of the popular Tiny Times film series, Amber Kuo enjoys immense popularity in mainland China.

Interestingly, many of last year’s top grossing film actors are young rising artists. However, despite the breakout of many new actors and actresses last year, the mainland Chinese film market remains to be a male-oriented domain. Chinese actor Huang Bo (黄渤) was the top grossing actor of 2013 with 2.05 billion RMB earned from four films. Once a popular television actor, 29-year-old Wen Zhang (文章) came in second with two films grossing a total of 1.53 million RMB. Zheng Kai (郑凯), who is still considered to be relatively new to the film industry, came in third with three high grossing films. Popular Taiwanese-Canadian actor Mark Chao (趙又廷) came in fourth with two films.

Top-Grossing Actors
based on aggregate box office receipts in 2013

1)      Huang Bo – 2.05 billion RMB
Films: Journey to the West: Conquering the DemonsThe Chef, the Actor, the Scoundrel,Western Sunshine

2)      Wen Zhang – 1.53 billion RMB
Films: Journey to the West: Conquering the DemonsBadges of Fury

3)      Zheng Kai – 1.41 billion RMB
Films: Personal Tailor, My Lucky Star, So Young

4)      Mark Chao – 1.31 billion RMB
Films: So Young, Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon

5)      Kai Ko – 819 million RMB
Films: Tiny Times, Tiny Times 2, Together

6)      Andy Lau – 815 million RMB
Films: Firestorm, Switch, Blind Detective

7)      Han Geng – 781 million RMB
Films: So Young, Happy Home

8)      Deng Chao – 713 million RMB
Films: American Dreams in China, The Four 2

9)      Wu Xiubo – 694 million RMB
Films: Finding Mr. Right, The Four 2

10)   William Feng – 688 million RMB
Films: Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon, Love Will Tear Us Apart

Top-Grossing Actresses
based on aggregate box office receipts in 2013

1)      Shu Qi – 1.24 billion RMB
Films: Journey to the West: Conquering Demons

2)      Bai Baihe – 898 million RMB
Films: Personal Tailor, A Wedding Invitation, The Stolen Years

3)      Amber Kuo – 856 million RMB
Films: Tiny Times, Tiny Times 2, Amazing, Love Speaks

4)      Yang Mi – 787 million RMB
Films: Tiny Times, Tiny Times 2

5)      Yang Zishan – 719 million RMB
Films: So Young

6)      Angelababy – 654 million RMB
Films: Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon, Together, Crimes of Passion

7)      Li Xiaolu – 556 million RMB
Films: Personal Tailor

8)      Tang Wei – 520 million RMB
Films: Finding Mr. Right

8)      Hai Qing – 520 million RMB
Films: Finding Mr. Right

9)   Chiling Lin – 499 million RMB
Films: Switch, Say Yes!

10)   Jing Tian – 456 million RMB
Films: Special Identity, Police Story 2013


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  1. 1) Shu Qi – 1.24 billion RMB
    Films: Journey to the West: Conquering Demons

    Clearly thanks to Stephen Chow. Stephen Chow if he had appeared in the movie would have topped the list then.

    1. I agree Shu Qi is #1. I’m all for real stuff(no plastic surgery). I don’t no about the rest.

  2. Funn Lim, this is why this list is full of CRAP.

    When you have a list with Lin Chi Ling in it, you know it’s crap.

    It’s just based on the directors, producers, and actors that you work with. If you work with someone who is a big name then you are more likely to have a successful movie. WOULD I PUT HUANG BO AS ONE OF THE 10 MOST BANKABLE STARS? HELL NO.

    Not only that, if you release five movies you better make that much money.

    He’s a good actor but HE’S UGLY! Do you think he can draw a large audience?! Highly doubt it.

      1. It’s not hate. IT’S JUST THE TRUTH.


    1. He’s plain looking, not ugly. In Hollywood, most of the esteemed actors are plain or average in looks and hardly get the amount of bashing for their physical appearances as they do here.

    2. Eh I admit I used to think huang bo is fug (yes im that shallow). But hell, this guy is really witty. His response to reporters and interviewers are great and tasteful unlike some other veterans. His comic timing in films are quite good too. Go youtube him. He has my respect.

      1. A good comparison between looks and personality:
        Drop dead gorgeous Godfrey Kao had nothing interesting to say during a press conference for a new film starring Lin Chiling, Huang and Kao. But Huang Bo was quick with his repartees and commanded attention.

        It’s like a choice between a cute and boring date or
        a plain but interesting one.

      2. I suppose that’s why one is handsome and need not say much whilst the less physically attractive one has to over compensate by having a personality! The handsome one may be boring date but who knows? He may compensate in other departments. Plain also is a state of mind. As long as he is not really ugly.

      3. @msxie: Godfrey Gao is known for being silent in press conference. He isn’t the talkative type, even with his frds around.

        Btw, it’s funny tat he is famous for a witty role.

    3. So much hate. Huang Bo can’t draw a large audience? Lolz. You should get your fact before starting the bashes.

      Have you ever heard of the flops like Reign of Assassins? Do it have big names? With Michelle Yeoh, Woo-sung Jung, Xueqi Wang, Barbie Hsu feature John Woo as director, it only gets 12 mils in the whole world. Big names don’t make big movie all the time.

      Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons isn’t only good for its cast.

    4. A great actor can draw in the audience despite his look, and Huang Bo is one.

    5. I am in an opinion that the producers and show business bosses spent top monies to spin masters to create hype among those actors and actresses that they intend to promote.

  3. Is this for real? lol
    Chinese artists make more than American?

    1. No, the numbers are just the amount earned from the movies, not their fees.

    2. it is how much they earn but its in RMB not US Dollar…..the currency is different

  4. I never knew who Wen Zhang was but took notice of him in Monkey King and Green Snake movie. Something about him, quite interesting although he’s plain looking. Got to know that he married a Chinese actress 8 years older than him, wow! Both are looking good, kudos!

    1. Awesome!!! That’s what I call a modern open-minded man. I’m his fan now.

  5. If you made a bunch crummy films, you can conceivably still make this list if in aggregate those lousy films total to something impressive.

  6. wow…even zhang zihi and huang xiao ming not in the top 10?

  7. If this list is so full of crap, then we should try to round up the top actors/actresses that should be here.

    This is not some schoolgirls voting for their favorite fantasy husbands, or some adolescent boys having wet dreams about their female idols. This is top reviewers tallying up the money that was made through these entertainers at the box office. This list is accurate. Why is it so hard for anyone to accept that??????????!!!. Phew, give me a break!!

  8. I was watching CCTV Lunar New Year show and saw Huang Bo’s performance. Took me a while to recognise him because he looked so young. He can sing, definitely can perform and quite a charming fellow. And he can act. He may not be drop dead handsome but he can be the next Chen Daoming except less handsome. I can see his appeal.

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