Hong Kong Film Stars and TVB Artists’ Ad Fees Exposed!

For Hong Kong artists, working in mainland China represented a land of golden opportunity. Numerous mainland enterprises and brands required celebrities’ star power to endorse their products. Both international brands and mainland-based brands desired to find Hong Kong and Taiwan artists to meet endorsement needs in China.

Previously, only Hong Kong superstars had the chance to appear in [mainland] commercials. However, recent television artists from popular television series, also received endorsement deals. For example, Yang Mi (楊幂) became popular after the airing of television series House <宮>. Her endorsement fee rose ten-fold from the initial price of $300,000 Yuan.

Currently charging $300,000 Yuan, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) soared to popularity after the airing of Step by Step Startling <步步驚心> aired in China. A skin care brand immediately invited him to attend promotional activities in Beijing, paying him $150,000 Yuan for the event. How can artists not be tempted?

In addition, it was rumored that Kevin earned $160,000 Yuan per episode while filming in mainland China, which was sixteen times his TVB salary. TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) commented, “Kevin has currently reached this price! I can tell you that his price is not the highest. $160,000 Yuan per episode is not too high.  It’s okay. However, Kevin still has a long contract ahead with TVB!”

The following artist endorsement fees were obtained from an intermediary who was familiar with artists appearance and endorsement fees (Yuan) :

Artist                             Appearance Fee          Endorsement Fee

Jackie Chan                              $2,000,000                 $22,000,000

Jet Li                                         $1,200,000                  $10,000,000

Zhang Ziyi                                  $1,200,000                  $12,000,000

Jay Chou                                     $1,100,000                  $12,000,000

Tony Leung                                $1,000,000                    $8,000,000

Faye Wong                                  $1,000,000                    $8,000,000

Chow Yun Fat                              $1,000,000                     $8,000,000

Andy Lau                                     $1,000,000                     $8,000,000

Maggie Cheung                           $1,000,000                    $10,000,000

Jacky Cheung                              $1,000,000                      $8,000,000

TVXQ                                              $420,000

Fahrenheit                                      $450,000                      $3,000,000

Carina Lau                                      $550,000                      $4,000,000

Song Hye Kyo                                 $500,000                      $6,000,000

Tang Wei                                         $500,000                     $3,000,000

Cecilia Cheung                                $550,000                      $4,500,000

Shu Qi                                              $500,000                      $4,000,000

Vicky Zhou                                       $350,000                      $3,000,000

Ada Choi                                          $160,000                      $1,300,000

Charmaine Sheh                             $100,000                      $1,500,000

Michelle Yim                                    $80,000                         $600,000

Sonija Kwok                                     $80,000                         $800,000

Fala Chen                                         $50,000                        $400,000

Sharon Chan                                    $40,000

Wayne Lai                                        $40,000                         $200,000

Kevin Cheng                                    $150,000

Excerpt from Ming Pao

Jayne: An insane amount of money can be made from a couple of ad endorsements! Kudos to the above celebrity managers in being able to drive such sky-high prices!

In contrast, Wayne Lai’s fees appear to be a “bargain” despite being crowned TV King twice. There are more women in the sample list then men.

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  1. Zhang ZiYi is overrated, so is Cecilia’s fees so overrated.

    Can’t believe that Jet li has lesser endorsement fee than Zhang Ziyi… make me puzzled.

    1. @Veejay:

      Lol! Haha I think maybe it’s because Jet Li isn’t born with it so he can’t endorse Maybelline cosmetics like Ziyi Zhang right lol! 😛

      1. lol Ah K,

        Well this Zhang sure got alot of opportunities after filming croching tiger hehehe..

    2. Agree with you about Zhang Ziyi. Thought Maggie Cheung would be higher than her, but perhaps it’s an age problem? Movies stars compared to TV stars still earn way more.

      1. Zhang Ziyi is a better actress than MAggie Cheung, and darling of hollywood. But I also don’t like her. I don’t like maggie cheung also who to me is a rather poor actress.

      2. Maggie Cheung is better than Zhang Ziyi in my opinion. She can carry emotion, dun like Zhang who is only look good and look better.

      3. @josie: Yes, this movie. When her chac makes a call to Tony’s chac and said: “If you have a spare ticket, will you bring you with me?”, I was moved from heart.

      4. Actually not quite true. I don’t like Zhang Ziyi but she can act. I saw the lousy the banquet, she did those repressed emotions very well. Maggie Cheung is a lousy actress. There I said it! Never liked her. SHe is glamarous but she is not a good actress. In The Mood For Love? Urghh

      5. My opinion: Zhang Ziyi can’t act.

        Basement: Diary of a geisha, The Banquet and Hidden Dragon.

        Her face is so beautiful, but that’s all.

        Maggie Cheung dun have such beautiful face, but she has more emotions.

    3. most of them are not worth the money, however big corporations don’t care about the money due to moral hazard.

      and perhaps some 2nd generation of wealthy wants to play with female celebs.

      1. LOL, behind close doors rich guys do “deals” with celebs are common i believe.

    4. I do not think Zhang is popular in U.S, yet she appeared on some movies made by Hollywood but did audience really care? She lead a few but these movies were low budget and not created to burn the office box. Many my white friends do not even know her name

      1. Maybe they know her as Ziyi Zhang? Sometimes popularity can be overblown but no doubt after CTHD she was the chinese darling of American cinema so to speak. Not even Gong Li came near. Recent years she seem to have been under the radar though.

      2. In 10 years, she only had 1 appearance in Hollywood Movie – “Horsemen” and 1 “voice-appearance” Kungfu Panda. I do not think Hollywood cares about her.

      3. Who? Zhang Ziyi?

        You forgot

        Memoirs of a Geisha
        Rush Hour 2

        and some new ones coming.

      4. Rush Hour was over 10 years ago. I made mistake, it was TMNT, another animation. Yes, I forgot the Memoirs of a Geisha

      5. What about Michelle Yeoh? Is she well known in Hollywood? She seems to be in more american film than Ziyi.

      6. Michelle Yeoh is of course well known in Hollywood. She was a Bond girl remember?

  2. Not surprised about Jackie Chan’s fees. In Hollywood, it would be higher. In fact I suspect his demand for money in Hollywood must be at least 25million per movie and he is worth that price.

    What about the lowest for famous stars I wonder?

  3. Wow! Never knew these actors could earn such a lot from ads, etc., in the Mainland. Now we see one of the many reasons for the actors gravitating towards that direction. So, TVB should just take good note of that. Personally, I’m glad for Kevin and maybe it will not be too long before he can afford to buy the flat he has yearned for so long for his Mum.

    1. Don’t worry it’s easier for Kevin because he got 620’s support and can keep filming mainland series and make money.

      1. Kevin is not SM who 620 will reject a series that he longs so much to act

  4. TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) commented, “Kevin has currently reached this price! I can tell you that his price is not the highest. $160,000 Yuan per episode is not too high. It’s okay. However, Kevin still has a long contract ahead with TVB!”

    Wonder who is the highest in TVB?

    TVXQ $420,000

    Thought they are higher because their fans keep telling me that TVXQ is the most popular artist in the world.

    1. ^_^ most popular artists in the world, this is my first time hearing their name. Even Andy Lau who does not have any Hollywood movie is more popular than they are.

      1. Maybe DBSK is a more popular name of them?

        No, I’m not their fan, lol.

      2. Yes they’re very very popular, and in Japan they’re very very popular and any artiste who can break into Japan is very very popular. I believe they have many names, DBSK in Korea or is that in Taiwan? TVXQ, Tohoshinko right? Very very popular.Not most, but very.

      3. I just don’t get why Maggie Cheung is getting so much. What has she been doing? She is selling name, not work.

      4. Just googled them, if they are member of a Korean boy-band, then they are not popular over the world. If popular over the world means Korean, China, and Japan then they might be.

        When you mentioned DBSK, I initially though about the North Korea National Channel DPRK as I just watched a documentary on North Korea.

      5. ” if they are member of a Korean boy-band, then they are not popular over the world. If popular over the world means Korean, China, and Japan then they might be.”

        American concept lar! The world here means Asia. They’re very popular in Asia though. I am sure they have a fanbase in Western countries as well. After all K-pop is gaining huge momentum, whatever is my opinion about their singing abilities.

      6. any artiste who can break into Japan is very very popular.

        No Funn. Now any random K-band will debut in Japan.

      7. I know but you don’t get me, but by now, any random K band can go to Japan to debut and say they break into Japan market. If you watch Japan music world now, you will be irked by these bands.

      8. When I say break it means they sold a large number of albums. I don’t mean debut and appear on TV. Even American artistes have to go by the Japanese rules when appearing on their music programs. I am sure Ray or any TVB artistes does not have that sort of popularity. K-pop may be lousy at most but you must give their PR managers credit; they’re working overtime.

      9. I don’t comment on how good the K entertainment work do with their PR. Actually they are doing very well and boost their artists to top, nope, over the top.

        Having many albums in Japanese, I told you, these new K-band are also doing that.

      10. Kpop bands sold a lot of albums in japan? Pfft. If those numbers came from reports of Korean news then they’re bogus and over-exaggerated. Only TVXQ and BoA had actually made some decent record sell but they’re no where near the amount of album japanese artists made. Korean news reports tend to make their artists sound they’re the big shots in Japan but the truth is far from it. They would write the album sell based on the amount of pre-orders which was like 150k+, and then they would be all over the news snatching no.1 spot when their sell was like 4k LMFAO. Compared that to 1 mill to what japanese girl band had made. I know cuz they were new and foreign so that was to be expected, but at least have the decency to write the truth rather then falter it and make one think they’re more popular than they really are. Just saying this cuz i’m tired of hearing Kpop is taking over the world. What a load of bull.

      11. Yes, look at the sale of AKB48 (oh Funn hates them) and it’s crazy :P. Ayumi’s sale is amazingly well.

        BTW, I’m reading a manga named Bakuman and it tells about the life of mangakas in Japan. Some can be very rich, some will stay as ABC forever. It’s a tough world. And for the ones who have good money, they must have something outstanding.

      12. Not only AKB48 and Ayumi, Johnny boys actually sold a lot more albums when they were at their peak. Now that’s why Japan is the 2nd largest music market in the world. If they posed the figures that kpop artists made, then things look rather depressing for them.

        Cantopop or mandopop will not appeal to the audiences in Japan because they both have distinct styles and very different even though they’re categorized as pop. Jpop and Kpop are more similar although Jpop i think is more popish while kpop has more of hip hop feel to it. And kpop artists can dance, so their appeal just heightens with that.

  5. “$160,000 Yuan per episode is not too high. It’s okay.” ^_^ then the supporting artists and the “small-part” people’s wage must be super-low (to the hell).

    1. It’s like when you compare salary of Bill Gates and a normal IT man.

      1. Anyone next to Bill Gates is miniscule. His one breath…is worth how many million?? A lot.

      2. Last year Microsoft was making so much money, they gave each employee 10% bonus.

  6. I can’t help but agree that Wayne Lai seems like such a bargain omg!
    And of course Jackie Chan is WAYYYYYY overrated. Hate me 😛

  7. Apparently TVB is desperate, offering pay raise to their workers.

    What took them so long? 🙂

    1. Lol. I saw these clips right after watching No Regrets. The one by louis yuen was hilarious.

  8. This shows 620’s unfairness. How come Kevin can easily film a mainland series repeatedly while when its SM turn, 620 rejected? ROFL

    1. Could it be 620 only want Kevin to be popular in mainland but don’t want SM to be ppular there too and challenge Kevin?

      1. Kevin and SM have much different market route. Why would SM challenge KC even if he became popular in Mainland China?

        To be frank, SM is lacking the handsomeness factor, that will make it doubly hard for him to get cast as main lead in China production. Or at least, in genre’s that bank on visually attractive cast, wardrobe etc which is the trend in China production right now.

        SM can go the artistic route though, or try out modern series.

        No comment on 620 part though.

      2. Yeah. Kevin and S.Ma are geared at different target audiences.

        Kevin hits a bull-eye with his recent mainland drama, and shot to fame. His handsome face and charming man image is suitable for mainland ancient-time idol dramas, and won him the deal to be Shiseido’s face(is it?).

        As sehseh said, S.Ma might strike another market than Kevin. Honestly, I also think S. Ma doesn’t have that handsome and charming factor that KC has and it might be harder to see him in the type of “beautiful” dramas that Kevin has been doing.

        Every actor takes unique paths and may attract different crowds.

      3. Shisheido has a men’s line?
        It’d be weird to see law ba w/o dark skin.

  9. I like Jackie Chan. I am glad that he is a highest paid.. Ceci is lucky to get this overrate.. being married to Nic and divorced Nic are a big contribute to her overrate..

    I live in the States. We (movie goers) know Jackie Chan and Jet Li as action actors. Ziyi Zhang has been recognized after Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon movie.

    I heard that Ziyi recommended to use Ceci in a new Les Liaisons dangereuses movie.

    1. Actually Jackie Chan can’t be famous all by himself in any US movies, he will always need a good costar like owen wilson or chris tucker. Like most of my coworkes who are Americans most of them have never watch jackie chan at the theaters, mostly FOBs or 1st or 2nd generation asians would go see his movies, your typical americans would not care for any of his movies since most of them don’t really understand what he is saying most of the time. Most of time people would go see his movies because of the other costar like Chris Tucker, remember Tucker is a comedian and he is quite famous in the US. Just like Rush hour, Chris Tucker, he earns 25% more than jackie chan, without Tucker, i doubt his movies here would be a hit.

      Remember Chow Yun Fat, he plays leading role and made several movies in the US and everyone of them were box office flops. Same goes with zhang ziyi, she can never be a leading actress all by herself in any US movies, i don’t think any directors or producers would want to take that risk. Just like Jet Li’s movies in the US, they are ok but nothing extraordinary. If you can’t speak the language, hardly anyone would want to pay to see FOBs in any leading roles. I personally have never spent any money on any of these actors or actresses’ movies.

      1. I can’t disagree with Chow Yun Fatt and Jet Li, but I have no idea where you get your facts for Jackie.

      2. Both Jet Li adn Chw Yun Fatt are still new in Hollywood not Jackie Chan.. Tell me Tam, you said Jackie Chan is not famouse then why President Obama invited Jackie to White HOuse during China visitation. Pershap you have a problem with China goverment, but you have no right to talk down to China people. There are bad and good people in the world.. I don’t like China goverment (even I have to deal with them once a while), but I have to be objective not subjective

        I just wondered how you are doing in your workplace with that kind of attitude.. no US companies will allow this kind of worker attitude..

      3. You’re saying Jackie can’t all be famous by himself, and yet you think Chris Tucker and Rush Hour franchise could be so successful without Jackie in it? He might not be the greatest actor but he’s among the best action stars to grace the Earth. He’s not only making names and money for himself because of his co-stars, but because of the hard work he put into each of his movies. The action sequences, and good timing humor, and just Jackie is enough to attract the audiences. He’s very well known and well loved in America. It’s a fact, so don’t try to say he’s not.

  10. It’s ironic that in the past hongers look down to china and people from china but now everyone is hoping and praying they can work in china lolz

    1. The sad thing is China is a joke back in the US. People call rich chinese from China slave owners and the rest are just slaves. Unlike the koreans and japanese, rich people from china don’t get the respect here, we have so many jokes regarding people from china, but i rather not say it here, not too nice. I should know since even most government jobs here in the US will never want to hire people from china, only hire china born Asians. also, there is a saying only losers would go to china for anything. I have never been there and there no need to go even for a vacation. I rather go to Japan or korea.

      1. correction, i meant to say is that only non china born Asians would get the jobs here in the US especially in the technical fields.

      2. Which state do you live in? In Cali, there are plenty of my co-workers who were born in China. These people do talk a lot, but also do a lot more work than the typical state workers.

      3. Well, I suppose to say Americans are ignorant bigots may not be wrong? You do not justice to your fellow Americans, I am sure most of them are not in the same category as you.And if only losers go to China for anything, isn’t America a loser? Since you know 1 billion consumers seem to drive the americans toward China. Of course you won’t go to China for vacation. I am sure you will think Tiananmen Square is a shopping comples. Open your mind before posting insults. These are not truth; they’re your opinion and what a stupid opinion it is. Just so you know when the Chinese were building and maintaining civilisation with writing, economy, and such, your ancestors in the land called America were probably digging holes. Just saying.

      4. Hi Tam,

        Thanks for sharing. It’s always interesting to hear the local culture.

        Well it’s true, China has a bad reputation.

        Is the stigma against all Asians of the Chinese race too?

        I wonder whether UK and US’s prejudices are the same.

      5. @ Funn

        Not to mention that China now owns $1.16 trillion of U.S. debt. Means US have to kowtow to China.

        From the business/educated ppl I come across with from other countries like Australia, US, UK (and they are not all Asian, some Causcasian), they pretty much find it exciting and challenging to work in China.

      6. Tam, listen to my advise, dun go to Seoul. This place has nothing other than the expensive shopping. Only winter coats are worthy to buy in Seoul, but you always can find a bit lower quality with cheaper price coats in other places.

        Well, I think Americans sometimes think too high of being an American. If I rmb rite, there is a person who have high position in the united union has the Chinese original.

        Only losers would go to China, well, US has a lot of losers :P.

      7. True Sehseh. Many professionals are going to China to find work and they are doing well. Even without those debt, America has been in pain to kow tow to China. All those complains about human rights breach, I don’t see America denounce China openly and forcefully. It’s all about economics in the end.

      8. @Tam,
        Since America is so great..
        Why must u guys American borrow money from so called lousy China.
        U R currently using China money.
        don’t be so proud of ur nation and condemned others. u r really an ignorant and country pumpkin…..we shld respect each others countries.

      9. Japan and South Korea are also making strides to develop their businesses in China, considering the mega-sized market.

      10. @ Tam

        ” I should know since even most government jobs here in the US will never want to hire people from china, only hire china born Asians.”

        What is the difference between people from China and China born Asians? Both are from China.

      11. @Tam

        Though I’m not an American, not need to label all American as racist/bias just because Tam does. There’s plenty open minded Americans in this thread too.

        I guess the environment you live in and the exposure plays a factor. People who are less exposed to the outside world (be it education/career etc) or live in a more culturally secluded environment will tend to be less open minded (or ignorant as some may term it)

      12. @Kidd: Maybe the differece is: The China born Asians dun breath the China air?

      13. @ Funn

        “You do not justice to your fellow Americans, I am sure most of them are not in the same category as you.”

        Since Tam and people around him all think like that, maybe Tam is not doing his fellow American injustice. Maybe there are alot of American who think like he does.

      14. No doubt CHina has a bad rep. The horror stories I hear, I can’t disagree with those. but what Tam said is beyond that.

      15. Even thou I’m not from China but my ancestor was from China…If I condemned China, I guess my ancestor will come out from the grave and strangled me to death for being ungrateful spoil brat. hahaha..

      16. @Canto
        “Well it’s true, China has a bad reputation”
        China has a bad reputation, but only in products. There is nothing wrong with the ppl. According to Tam’s tone, he/she is a racist; discriminating against Chinese.

      17. @ lingling

        “According to Tam’s tone, he/she is a racist; discriminating against Chinese.’

        Seeing the nickname used by Tam in here, he/she might be a racist ABC. If my guess is true, that will be really sad.

      18. I once had quite an argument with my sister on the issue of China and ancestral home and all. She was openly criticising Malaysian government (fair comments I agree) and then expounded on the greatness of China. Much to the point I just asked her why don’t then she renounce her citizenship here and move to China? Of course the argument started, saying I was saying exactly what the other race is saying in MAlaysia; we should all go back to China. It is of course meant to be a very racist remark. However I said her sort of statement is the reason why we have such racist remark and justified it so. Malaysia is my country. If you wanna talk ancestral homes, some can say they owe allegiance to Africa. I have no intention of moving back to China. Whatever is the problem with my country, I will stay and help make it better. I have no affinity with China. I do not wish to be buried in China. I just want to visit and then go home to my country which is Malaysia. Like a child of parents who dislike other parents openly criticising my parent, I dislike and resented what my sister said. My simple question to her was if in times of war, will you rise up in arms for your country Malaysia? and she said of course. But she argued why she said what she said because we must recognise we Chinese here are protected by China. Our rights is threatened and China can protect us. What a load of B.S I said. I said do you honestly think they care about the rights of Malaysian Chinese when they aren’t even bothered with the rights of their own people? Why must we look to outsiders to protect our rights? Protect our own rights by exercising our voting rights or if you’re so disappointed with the government, refrain from voting and accept what may be and work for a better of what will be.

        Of course she said she was disappointed I felt that way about China. My point is simple; China is not my home. I was born, bred, raised, probably will die and be buried in Malaysia which is my birth country. As far as China goes, it is ancestral in nature and nothing more. I feel no need nor urge to move to China and be part of it. I look at it like an outsider. So I was so confused as to why people like my sis would think of China as their protector.

        Stephy, no one, no country, is above condemnation. If you’re right, you must speak out. China has 5000 years of civilisation, I am proud in my blood shares that 5000 years of greatness. But in recent years you gotta admit, even China Chinese people aren’t happy with China Chinese people. All those fake goods, so openly sold and worse, openly praised as some technological wonder is an injustice to Chinese innovation. The stories of cheating, kidnapping, lying, etc, all these are real and China doesn’t need lies for smear campaigns. They don’t even respect their own, how they can expect the world to respect them? If money and economic power is removed, people will not hesitate to laugh at China. I feel China can do better. All these economic things, they’ll crash and burn. How successful is China really economically? How long term would that be? Whatever my sentiments, I am proud being Chinese and my thin line of connection to China who is in my view never my motherland. But I can’t help but cringe at the things I read. My family went to China and came back and said everything they heard about how awful the situation with the people are true. They were very traumatised by certain things that happened with monks chasing them, etc. China is hit by bad rep and deserves it. They should clean up their act and it wouldn’t be difficult. China were innovators once, an epitome of what makes civilisation, but that was thousands of years ago. They have been riding on that since infinitum. Time for them to wake up and do better.

      19. @ Funn,
        After i read your point of view, i totally agrees with you…like wise i don’t like malaysia’s leadership that’s the reason every year i don’t vote for any parties. The reason i highlighted here is because Tam said bad about Chinese…so sorry to says that i’m a chinese too. Every human being living in any countries will have good and bad peoples, is the matter of when we are bumps into them. if we r lucky we bumps into a good one, if we r in a bad luck, then the rotten one haunted us.
        discriminating is bad…..

      20. Tam,
        Your use of FOBs is derogatory. I am an immigrant from China and proud to be one. Many immigrant Chinese, including my own parents, are the hardest working people I know, working long hours to provide better living conditions and a better economic future for their children.

        Going back a few years or perhaps generations, didn’t your family lineage come from China or Asia, as your nickname suggests? Are you insulting the ways of your own ancestors? Although your family may have spent some time in the USA, does that allow you to speak lowly of new Chinese immigrants who decided to settle down in the USA and strive for a better economic future?

        The birthplace of a person does not automatically peg that individual’s qualities. Your comments also suggest that you think an “American-cultured” background is superior to China-born immigrants. In what ways? Better English with no accent? Better understanding of American pop culture?

        Statements such as “most government jobs in US will never want to hire people from China” and “i meant to say is that only non china born Asians would get the jobs here in the US especially in the technical fields” are without any basis. Plenty of China born Chinese dominate the technical jobs in the New York City market.

        “Only losers go to China” is also highly insulting. Many American-company expatriates not only go to China, they also take the opportunity to learn a new language and culture.

        If you really believe what you said, JayneStars.com is not a place for haters and racists.

      21. @Tam,

        are all your friend in US red-neck ? I am working in technical field.. Microsoft is using a lot off-shore engineers who are coming India, China. Majority them have master degree in computer science. Some of them had Ph. D. They are smart and hard workers..

      22. Actually expatriates (I will not use the word foreign workers! Why westerner come here is expatriate, we go there we are foreign worker??) from China or India or Asian born for that matter tends to be very hard working. I suppose that’s what parents drum into us.

      23. @ Funn

        I totally agree with your sentiments. China doesn’t care two hoots about Malaysia Chinese. They already have their hands full dealing with their own people. Where do they have time to ‘protect’ us?

        I’m curious why your sister think China is protecting us. In what way?

      24. Like big brother watching over us whenever we are bullied. No idea why she thought that way but at one time remember the whole Chinese go back to China slurs? I suppose that’s the cause.

      25. Oh, because we depend on China economics wise, so if China do well, they won’t dare to bully us as they might offend China. As if…

    2. In my school, there were lot of classes with 1/3 of Chinese students. My school tuition was 35,000 USD per year. Plus with the debt news, we all knew Chinese were rich. Americans only look down on the Chinese’s ability of driving. I do not know why.

      1. Well considering chinese are rich they can afford chauffers. So I wouldn’t say look down, I will say jealousy.

      2. A few weeks ago, we got a small Electrical Engineering Party, my two friends who lived in apartment complained why his Chinese neighbor who was still in college, driving a 120k car.

  11. Zhang Ziyi lacks class, here is a link of her being nude at the beach with her ex boyfriend. It shows she would do anything to be married to a billionaire, unfortunately for her, he dumped her for a real beauty and someone who is much younger. He is really smart, why would anyone with his status want to marry an FOB from China. I think he was just pretending to get engaged with her so he could get her in bed and milk her until he got tired of her, which he did and went to someone else. I remember people I spoke to just can’t stop laughing at Zhang Ziyi, typical actress from China.
    I think people like zhang Ziyi needs to get a reality check in life, you have ONLY one thing to offer, yes she already provided the service and he enjoyed and that’s why he dumped her afterward for something better.

    Unlike the CEO of Facebook, his girlfriend Priscilla Chan, graduated from Berkeley and now a medical student at Harvard. She was born in Hong Kong and raised in the US. Now that’s class, the guy went to school with his girlfriend at Berkeley together.


    1. Well, the Facebook guy is not a philanderer. He’s quite a loyal friend unlike Zhang Ziyi’s ex-fiance who has been with so many women.

    2. I remember seeing her nude photos all over the internet, her american ex boyfriend was really perverted on her, getting on top of her with naked butt and squeezing it afterward. He was really perverted. I am surprised she would allow something like that in public beach. That’s much worst compared to edison chen, at least it was behind closed doors.

    3. I’m not a big fan of Zhang Ziyi. But, don’t a lot of Americans also go nude on the beach?

      1. But not Asians. We are given different standards it seems. It was a private beach by the way. I don’t like her either but some criticisms are not justified.

      2. @Kidd
        and isn’t she in France at the time? I thought the European beaches are well known for the nudity. Going topless is the norm there. ZZY went bare in France not anywhere in Asia where ppl are still conservative about nakedness. She is not trying to stir up a scandal for publicity.

      3. Not all beaches in France are nude beaches, btw they are not as open as we think only the few exceptions.

  12. @Tam
    you can speak for yourself and perhaps for your group of friends, but DONOT speak for the rest of americans. i live in the states and other than the serious discussions on some of the products from china are not up to code/standard, we don’t make fun of the ppl. the things that you said about chinese are so ignorant, the joke is actually on you. and in what planet is chris tucker a bigger star than jackie chan??!!! also, chris tucker gets 25% more than jackie chan???!!! exactly, where did you get this information?? provide a link?? let me tell you, chris tucker is a standup commedian, whereas jackie chan is an established movie star, way back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

    1. I am NOT going to do your homework for you, typical lazy people, always want a free lunch. It’s out there, it’s people like you who can’t stomach the truth about some of the facts out there. Like i said before, why don’t jackie chan make a movie all by himself without any american costars, then we will find out at the end if it is a box office hit or not in the US. Most of Jet Li’s movies in the US are just average, no big hit, it’s out there if you want to know. NO way will I ever provide a link for people like you, why the heck would i want to teach people like you. LOL!

    2. Not true. Jackie may choose to take a pecentage from the movie. Rush Hour was jackie’s movie. HE is more famous than Chris Tucker. See Ruch Hour 2 and how Tucker seems more humble next to Jackie. He needs a costar because it is a buddy movie.Jet Li is less than Jackie but the fact he is still making movies mean he has audience. Tam, you need to do more research.

    3. Hi Lingling,

      Glad to hear that. Thanks for providing a balanced view.

      1. @Canto
        stereotyping and discrimination are everywhere. I don’t deny that we have that in the States as well. I normally don’t get too seriously involved in ppl’s opinion, because opinion is like ****hole, everyone’s got one. But to make one’s opinion as if it’s a known fact here in the States is direct insult to rest of the Americans. Because what Tam said about all Chinese is so ugly and disgraceful, we don’t want him/her to represent us by speaking on our behalves.

      2. China (Mainland) has lot of bad reputation, I agree. Especially in Asia, neighbor countries really hate Chinese government (development of warfare technologies, bul*sh*t declare land/island/sea of other countries as its own) and lot of faking, malfunction, dangerous products. However, there are always bad people and good people. I personally, do not think Chinese love their government’s operation.

      3. @K-Asian
        I completely agree with you. The citizens of China are not the problem. It’s the government that many other countries and ppl have issues with. The way China is being governed, it’s a mystery how it’s so successful in terms of economic growth. But then, the country itself has a such a huge gap of inequality that I think it will eventually going into a revolutionary war of the rich and poor.

  13. @Tam
    “typical lazy people,” this is what ppl said when they couldn’t provide the proof of their spouts of nonsense. Rush Hour is being marketed under Jackie’s name and movie became a success which brought to new level of fame and jump start Chris Tucker’s lack of a movie carreer. Jackie Chan is an international movie star. Chris Tucker is only well known in the States because he is a commedian. As for Jet Li, a great martial art he is, but he can’t act himself out of a paperbag, so I’m not going to argue the point w/you.

    1. Jackie Chan is well-known around the world, even in the States. However, Hollywood does not target him for any blockbuster but profitable actor.

      Jet Li is very good at fighting but making him single-handed leading actor is too much risk for the box office in US. Recently, U.S does not pay much attention to Asian-style fighting movie but rather than comedy-romantic, sifi, etc. However, Hollywood still asks Jet Li for co-star with action actors in Expendable 2. So Jet Li has his value.

      Zhang – I am not convinced if Hollywood even likes her. Lot of people do not know her.

      1. It’s really has nothing to do with the Asian stars. The only genre that are guaranteed to do well at the theaters are comics base, sequels, or based on best-selling books. Very few actors/actresses can put carry a movie on their own merits. That’s why you see so many ensemble casts nowaday.

        Jackie chan was in a big budget movie, 80 days around the world, which reportly costed 180 Millions (USD), but it was a big flop. Not that it’s his fault, the movie sucks big time. So, to say that Hollywood wouldn’t invested in him is not accurately true.

        Jet Li did fine as the main lead in any martial arts/action movie. His movies weren’t big budget, but he can greenlight a movie and usually made some profit for the company. His average movies production cost is $30mil.

        Other than Geisha movie, which is based on a novel, and Hollywood is trying to ride the fame of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Zhang has not been in any other movies that she is the main draw. Ppl know her, but she’s not strong enough to carry a movie. In fact, other than Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie, no other actress can promise box office success, unless it’s an ensemble casts.

  14. I wasn’t surprised by the amount the artists get – no wonder a lot of people want to be in show business. If you make it, you can be a millionaire overnight. Glad that Maggie Cheung is amongst them as she is one of my favourites and I also liked her in “Mood for love” very much with Tony.

    1. but if you don’t make it, you might become a TVB kaylayfay with salary that’s only enough to live in HK

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