Is Kenneth Ma Dating Rebecca Zhu?

This year has been splendid for Kenneth Ma (馬國明). With four dramas, several popular dramas, one Astro Best Actor win, and a TVB My Favorite Character win, Kenneth is 2012’s new breakout star. Kenneth’s popularity surged and his fan base increased exponentially within a matter of days, and he also succeeded Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) to  be TVB’s number-one diamond bachelor after announcing his breakup with Nancy Wu (胡定欣) earlier this year.

Although Kenneth may have lost the Best Actor honor to Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) at the TVB Anniversary Awards, it seems that Kenneth may have gained something else, or someone else, that night. Tabloid magazine, East Week, reported that Kenneth’s days of being single are now gone, because the actor is now dating his Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> costar,Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗).

Last Friday, the cast of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles held a dinner banquet to watch the drama’s finale episode together. Kenneth was Rebecca’s driver the entire night, taking her to and back from the banquet.

Kenneth had once said publicly that he found Rebecca extremely cute, and instead of calling her by her name like the rest of her friends, Kenneth insisted on calling Rebecca “Morning Zhu,” meaning “Morning Pig.” Rebecca also gave Kenneth her first onscreen kiss.

Insiders revealed that Kenneth and Rebecca were extremely close on the set of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles. Portraying husband and wife in the said drama, Kenneth and Rebecca shared many scenes together, and as a result, Kenneth never left Rebecca’s side. The tabloid magazine claimed that because of their close working relationship, the onscreen couple quickly developed feelings for each other.

Kenneth and Rebecca Deny Rumors

Confronted by the press regarding their dating rumors, Kenneth and Rebecca were quick to deny the romance. He explained that he was only Rebecca’s chauffeur. “That night, we finished watching the finale of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles and went out for supper. Inside the car was also Adrian Chau (周志文), which the tabloid publication cropped out. Rebecca is a great girl, but right now, I wish to focus on work first.”

Rebecca also complimented Kenneth for being a good man, but emphasized that they were only colleagues for now.

Source:, Oriental Daily

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  1. Kenneth Ma, concentrate in your work now. Don’t waste time on this Morning Chu. She may just land on your popularity to move up. There are a lot of better girls around for you.

    1. Agree. I don’t think she’s cute. I find her very plain looking. Take away the make-up she’s just a regular looking chick!

      1. Wouldn’t most(if not all) actresses look like any normal chick without all of the PS and make up???

  2. Ken, you may concentrate on both work & relationship..but please do it as a wise man, good mentality & exercise your EQ..Only the best for you!

    1. “She has a good taste” ….. to choose Kenneth Ma”, but she herself is not of good taste.

      1. Hahaha, it’s sad but it’s true lol. I don’t like her that much, nor I found she’s attractive >_>

      2. LyNN
        How can you “label” me as evil? Personally I don’t think Rebecca Zhu is a person with elegance, poise, grace, and class. Prettiness is something very subjective. You may find her attractive, but I don’t. There are many more beautiful women in Hong Kong.

      3. she may looks very beautiful if she hasnt such a broad face,but she still looks ok now.

  3. Rebecca is still a newcomer, so it is best for her to stay low-profile with her relationship and focus on work first. As for Kenneth, his career has gotten much better this year, so I understand that he would like to put more time into that as well.
    As for the comments “there are better choices for Kenneth”, “choosing Rebecca isn’t a good taste”, who are we to judge her? We aren’t the one who has interacted with her and know her personally. She may not be as well-known as Kenneth but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve him…for all we know she may be a very good girl.

    1. “Good girl or not” …….. we will find out very soon. Moreover, everyone’s standard is different. Yours will not be the same as mine. Thanks!

      1. I find Rebecca has all the niceties that you claim she does not have. I feel she is a person with elegance, poise, grace, and class,.. yes, beauty too,

        All these traits are what you have so far in this forum come across to us as NOT having at all!!!

  4. Watch out Kenneth. She leans on you for sure. You are reaching 40. Keep it up as Wayne. Dont waste your time

  5. I am very curious on Rebecca, she is very new to this industry but having hook-up with popular guys and lots of gossips.

  6. I support Kenneth for concerntrate on his work first since he is rising popular and hopefully he can be tvb king next year. Getting a girlfriend now will ruin his career and create more scandal

  7. All I can say is – no smoke without fire unless there are some over-zealous publicists involved.

    1. But IF this rumour occurs over and over again then there is a higher chance that it is true. However, if it only occurs once or twice and then just disappears, then there is a higher chance of it being false…

      1. I doubt it personally. Rebecca Zhu needs to have more “news/rumours” to get herself popular. I don’t think she has gained much positive popularity through “SSSS”. A lot of people hated her because of her poor acting as Siu Yau.

  8. i dont think she is that pretty or too plain u like pretty average and i think its fitting since Kenneth Ma isnt such a great catch right? in looks wise i mean but yes he does seem to be a bit more popular at this moment after winning an award.

    1. I’m still hoping that Kenneth will get together with tavia… looking at the recent pics of them together at the awards shows… they look better suited with each other… well I only can hope..

      1. yeah, Tavia appears to like handsome and young guys so KM is probably NOT her cup of tea. KM is all talks about being a playboy but i feel he’s kind of awkward w/females just my opinion of course. haha

      2. I don’t think Kenneth Ma is Tavia’s type of man either.

      3. as much as i am a big fan of KenTa, i also agree that in real life, they’re better off as buddies than lovers.

      4. what’s up with all these crazy shippers who can’t differentiate between reel life and real life?
        like omg kenneth and tavia should get together, or bosco and niki/kate/linda seems to be in LOVEEEEE. LOL

  9. Is that Rebecca in the photo? She looks like a young version of Sheren Tang!!

  10. Artistes need a life too. Nothing makes me believe Rebecca isn’t a good person so if it’s true good for them. We are past the age of people losing popularity for dating.

  11. Since Kenneth is rising up, I hope Rebecca is not is not using him for her benefit. Like Aimee gain frame after dating Moses !!

  12. HA, They make a good on-screen couple, and if in real life they are a couple, it ain’t too bad. But I have a feeling she’s just gonna use him to get more popularity after her wreck in SSSS. Kenneth Ma is soon to be TV King, it’s only a matter of time. They make a good couple to the eyes.

  13. Jayne, I’ve noticed that the news for Tavia which was published yesterday together with this (Tavia Yeung Teased for Him Law’s Tears at “Friendly Fire” Promotion) has been missing & not found under Latest Headlines/News anymore.

    Can you help to check if everything is okay?

  14. Both Kenneth and Rebecca seems to be artists that attract a lot of rumors. Personally, I think their age gap is too big but who am I to say… it’s their life…

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