Jennifer Shum on Marrying Benjamin Yuen: “His Career Comes First”

According to the latest gossip mill, A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> star Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) has proposed to his girlfriend Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢) during their trip to Vancouver recently. The couple have been dating for nearly three years.

But according to Ben and Jennifer, those reports aren’t true at all.

At an event they attended last Wednesday, Jennifer said they have never thought about marriage—at least not yet.

“We’re both very busy,” said Jennifer. “But we’ll leave it down to fate. It doesn’t matter when we get married, but [Ben’s] career comes first. I want [marriage] to be a natural process—it’ll happen when the time is right.”

Many of Ben and Jennifer’s friends in the industry have stepped out to deny the marriage rumors. Tracy Chu (朱千雪) was one of them.

In regards to Tracy’s decision to postpone her TVB career to study law, Jennifer said she will support Tracy no matter what decision she makes.

As for their thoughts on attending the event as a couple, Ben said simply, “It’s an interesting feeling.”

Thanks to the popularity of A Fist Within Four Walls, Ben’s popularity has also increased. Has Ben been saving money for marriage? “Let’s take this one step at a time,” he said.

Asking if Jennifer is in charge of managing Ben’s money, Jennifer said, “I was never good with numbers. I don’t know how to manage money.” They stressed that they are economically independent, but Ben said he will give his paycheck from this event to his girlfriend.

Source: Eastweek

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  1. Benjamin Yuen is very lucky to have an understanding girlfriend, Jennifer Shum. She does not push for marriage, but only cares for Benjamin’s career.

  2. I mean, I *get* it. He’s definitely being promoted by TVB right now and she isn’t, but I really wish she said that HER career came first.

    1. @sasamii with you on this one. Putting him before herself. Not sure that is good.

      They seem like a cute couple though so hopefully things will work out.

    2. @sasamii
      That’s why people say a majority of women just wanted a nice house, husband and pop those kids out. I know, she can very well say I am a NEWBIE too so right now let’s fight it together b4 hitting the alter. Sigh….. But then majority of women are probably like this I mean nothing wrong with it but some women you see in the work force, even thou they are smart and intelligent some say they will rather be a stay at home mom. Really? not even 30 and you want to stay at home already? haha lol..So I guess a majority of women are probably like that.

      1. @went Yes, saying that both their careers are more important right now would have been a very diplomatic way of phrasing it!

        @happybi Yeah, I think they make a cute couple too, so maybe it all works out.

    3. @sasamii Benjamin yuen’s popularity is on a high note now, but his relationship with Jennifer is a known fact. getting married doesn’t change anything. it’s great to have a boyfriend doing well, but she shouldn’t short-change herself.

      1. @janet72 Yeah, her comment just kind of rubbed me the wrong way, and makes her seem less interesting as a person (and therefore, less marketable!). But perhaps HK’ers don’t think that way.

  3. They’re such a sweet couple. I hope they do end up getting married. Wish that the media would stop putting pressure on them.

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