Joan Chen’s Daughter Graduates from Harvard

The actress shares her motherly pride.

Due to COVID-19, many families with graduating students this year are celebrating their achievements through virtual graduations, including Chinese American actress Joan Chen (陳冲)Based in the United States, the Tigertail actress has two daughters with her second husband, 21-year-old Angela and 18-year-old Audrey. Earlier, Joan shared on social media about the joy of her eldest daughter graduating from Harvard College Class of 2020 with the highest honors.

Graduation Ceremony Held Online

Although Angela was unable to have a traditional ceremony and gather with fellow students and the college community for her graduation, this did not make the milestone any less remarkable. Full of pride, Joan recognized her daughter’s achievements.

“Today my daughter graduated from Harvard College summa cum laude and received the highest award for her English graduation thesis, the George B. Sohier Prize. Due to the pandemic, the graduation ceremony was delayed indefinitely. When I heard the graduation music online, memories of her attending kindergarten, primary and secondary graduation ceremonies flashed before my eyes. She is 21, but only she herself, those who love her and God would know the struggles she has faced. Yet because of this, the ecstasy, pride and gratitude of the moment are exceptionally sweet,” Joan wrote.

Reflecting on how the years flew by and how quickly her daughters grew up, Joan added, “Angela and Audrey have taught me how to be a mother right from the start. When I finally realized the true essence of being a mom, they are already grown adults. Wisdom always seems to come too late. Alright, it’s not a day for me to do self-reflections. Today, let me cry out loud and allow joy, hope and thankfulness to fill my body and mind.”

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