Years Ago, Joan Chen Also Gave Up Twins for Adoption

In just one night, Zheng Sheng (郑爽) went from being one of the nation’s most popular actresses, to one of the most hated, after former boyfriend Zhang Heng (张恒) revealed that she had planned on giving up her surrogate children for adoption. 

But Zheng Shuang isn’t the only actress to have done this.

Years ago, 59-year-old Chinese American actress Joan Chen (陈冲) also gave up her twins for adoption. She didn’t meet the same backlash as Zheng Shuang, but the incident was significant enough for many netizens to remember.

Joan Chen and her second husband, Chinese American cardiologist Peter Hui, have two daughters. But before the birth of their daughters, Joan went through a severe miscarriage which led to her doctor saying that it would be hard for her to get pregnant again. In 1997, the couple adopted twin girls, and international adoption documents were approved. However, soon after the approval, Joan discovered that she was pregnant. Nonetheless, she insisted to adopt the twin girls, and brought them over to San Francisco, where she lives. In an interview conducted at the time, Joan said she would treat all three of her girls like they were her own.

But that was the only interview where Joan mentioned her twin girls. The twins were soon erased from existence after Joan had her second daughter.

In 2010, netizens reached out to Joan Chen’s manager about the whereabouts of her twins. Through her manager, Joan admitted that she gave up the twins for adoption, as she could not manage three babies at the same time. Joan said she gave the twins to a couple with “good financial background” in New York City. The twins are doing great under their care.


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  1. Even thru kids are not commodity for trading but it is better she finds a good family for the twin instead of forcing herself to bring up kids she is not attached too. Their happiness are important.

  2. People should not adopt if they are unable to learn about adoption trauma and how to protect and raise adopted kids as their own. It’s pretty terrible that she rehomed her twins. Hopefully, she did it young enough that they aren’t suffering the consequences of her abandonment.

    Children aren’t animals or trophies to show off your “altruism”.

  3. i think her case is less severe of a moral issue b/c it didn’t sound like she adopted w/o thinking it through. by reading this article i am assuming that she got 3 babies which could be quite detrimental for someone unexperienced. it’s difficult even for an experienced mom and she had 3 as a brand new mom.

  4. The two situations were very different. Joan wasn’t responsible for bringing two lives into the world like Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng or wanting to abort 7 month old fetuses. I’m not saying what Joan did was right, but considering the circumstances it was understandable and the twins did end up in a nice living environment.

      1. @hohliu lol….

        @aplha123, I’m surprised you’ve never heard of her. She’s been around for 20+ years in America and Asia. Im sure you’ve heard of Ruyi’s Royal Love… she portrayed the role of Ruyis aunt in the beginning

      2. @purplerain I didn’t watch tutu Royal’s love. Intried to watch the first ep 1 and I didn’t continue.. i used to watch a lot hkg series and now more to k drama..

    1. @aplha123
      i happen to know who she is b/c she’s an asian american actress. she made several fiilms decades ago joy luck club i think, the last chinese emperor. never watched the film but i think she had quite a significant role or a lead. i don’t know if she’s was famous in asian though.

      1. @m0m0 She wasn’t in Joy Luck Club. She’s well known in mainland China, especially among the baby boomer generation. Westerners probably know her best from The Last Emperor and Twin Peaks.

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