Kathy Yuen Opens New Bakery

Exploring her entrepreneurial passion, Kathy Yuen (湯怡) recently started her own bakery business. In February, the mother-of-one opened an online commerce site as well as a retail store in Tsuen Wan. The actress and her husband, actor Shing Mak (麥秋成), were both seen wearing bakery uniforms and greeting customers at the storefront.

With her business still currently in its infancy, Kathy admitted that she has not made a profit yet. However, she remains hopeful and has plans to expand pastry options and specialty items, such as limited mooncakes for Mid-Autumn festival.

Admitting that she lacks experience in business, Kathy confessed that she faced many problems from the start. Solving issue after issue as she moved along, Kathy continues to learn from her experiences. “Starting a business is my new challenge. There are a lot of things where I have to consult with my husband. There have been times where we would have disagreements.”

With 10 years of experience in doing business, Shing shared that he and Kathy would often have meetings to discuss problems. He expressed, “When we argue and can identify the issue, it’s a good thing. If we don’t say anything and keep things to ourselves, then that would be a problem! I definitely will give my wife advice but I let the boss lady make the final decision!”

Shing is supportive of Kathy’s endeavors and shared that he has already invested six figures. With expansion plans in the works, Shing shared that the investment amount would likely reach seven figures in the near future. Shing expressed confidence in his wife and said, “My money is her money.” In addition, he is also putting in time and effort to help out at the retail shop.

Source: Yahoo

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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