Carlos Chan to Spend Christmas with Jeannie Chan

It’s going to be a “romantic” Christmas for Carlos Chan (陳家樂), who told the press last weekend that he’s going to spend his Christmas with his rumored girlfriend Jeannie Chan (陳瀅).

But don’t get too excited yet—it’s for work. “Probably Jeannie Chan,” answered Carlos shyly when he was asked about his holiday work plans. What about his other rumored girlfriend Kathy Yuen (湯怡)? “They’re both great work partners. One is doing a film, the other is doing a drama. We’ll all be working that day! I do get pretty lonely every Christmas, and a bit empty. The year always flies by so quickly, and I would always think how I’m not working hard enough. I always get this feeling whether or not I’m single.”

Romantic life aside, what are Carlos plans for Christmas 2018?

“Working,” he said. “I’ll be filming ICAC Investigators 2019. That wasn’t the original plan, but because of me, the crew had to extend work all the way to Christmas. I was doing several projects at the same time, and couldn’t get ICAC to fit in the schedule. It’s my fault.”

Pointing out that Kathy said she would be spending Christmas with him, why did Carlos say Jeannie instead? Carlos said, “All my friends are going to leave me sooner or later. I get rumored with any friend who I eat meals with. It’s so scary! (Go out with a man then!) I’m afraid of that too! (Afraid of gay rumors?) Yes!”


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