Kathy Yuen  Finds Breakthrough in “Al Cappuccino”

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Kathy Yuen  Finds Breakthrough in “Al Cappuccino”

Kathy Yuen (湯怡), who plays a gentle and meek character in Al Cappuccino <反黑路人甲>, caught viewers’ attention since the drama aired and liken her appearance to Ali Lee (李佳芯). Debuting at TVB, Kathy focused on the film industry in the next decade of her career before finally returning to the station to film Al Cappuccino. She is happy that her role is so well-received among viewers.

Starting her career in the entertainment industry as a part-time model, Kathy joined TVB in 2006 and appeared in variety show, Beautiful Cooking <美女廚房> and had a minor role in 2007’s Life Art <寫意人生>. Signing with Emperor Motion Pictures, Kathy has a diverse film resume and has appeared in Cold War 2 <寒戰II> and Integrity <廉政風雲 煙幕>.

While many people see Kathy’s return to TVB as a 360-degree turn and an indication that she may be starting her career from scratch again, she does not agree with the sentiment. “Age is just a number–maybe my plans didn’t go as smoothly as I thought, but my efforts were not in vain over the last decade. I was able to earn a lot of experience.”

Seeing clear differences in her past and current performances, Kathy continued, “If I had a lead role more than a decade ago, I would have felt that I wasn’t good enough. I was too young when I debuted. I could only recite the script and laugh at the camera. Looking back at my past performances, I could only smile. As I watch my performance [in Al Cappuccino], I know I am not the same. I feel that now is a good time and opportunity.”

As television drama scripts are much longer than the film scripts that Kathy was used to, filming for Al Cappuccino required an initial adjustment. Kathy faced a lot of pressure in studying the script for 30 episodes in one month. “I was worried that I wouldn’t do well and didn’t grasp the opportunity. During the week before filming, I cried from all the pressure.”

Living with Zero Income

If Kathy did not become an actress, she would have been a flight attendant like her sister. Though she loves acting, the path to stardom was not easy and Kathy thought about quitting when she faced the reality of having a career with unstable income.

Recalling her difficult times, Kathy had lived through half a year without work or income, but still insisted on contributing to family expenses. “This is a matter of responsibility. It’s not right to not stop contributing to my family for living expenses just because I didn’t have any income.”

While she managed to survive on her savings and frugal lifestyle, Kathy had to answer to her parents’ concerns, “When I didn’t have any income, my mom asked, ‘You’re at home. Don’t you have any work?’ She nagged at me for many days until I told her, ‘If I had work, I wouldn’t be at home. I also want to work, but there are many things I can’t control.’ She didn’t ask me again after that. I understand her concerns, but both sides need to communicate.”

The financial strains made Kathy consider quitting the entertainment industry, but she decided to stay the course because of her true interest in acting. “I really like this job because I like to act. If the circumstances allow, I would make acting as my lifetime career,” Kathy said earnestly.

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21 comments to Kathy Yuen  Finds Breakthrough in “Al Cappuccino”

  1. tt23 says:

    Eh I digress…

    She’s pretty and seems nice but no personality or “special” quality and I don’t like her character in the show.

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  2. conan2209 says:

    Paid a little attention to her cos they liken her to Ali…..ermmmm, wonder why.

    I like Ali for her knack in acting, Kathy just another pretty face….

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  3. m0m0 says:

    i actually think she looks a small bit like gigi lai in the drama only. i’ve watched her in hktv dramas one particularly the vampire one i recall. she played a popular rich pretty girl where she was the dream girl for every boy in school. i thought it was a quite far stretch cause i didn’t think she was that pretty. i think she looks ok in this drama but not the big beauty they portrayed her in the hktv drama.

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    • bubbles23 replied:

      @m0m0 I rmbr that series. Her hair/styling was awful in that drama. She looks prettier now

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      • m0m0 replied:

        lol, you know how people say girls look best in their youth? sometimes i think the reverse is true. she does looks better now i think 10 years later???

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      • bubbles23 replied:

        @m0m0 yeah I was looking up past pageant winners and honestly most of them looked wayyy better recently vs when they won eg. Kayi Cheung, Ko Ling, Grace Wong…

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      • luye replied:

        @bubbles23 Yes, another pageant winner that looks better now is Toby Chan. When she won, she got a lot of hate and was called ugly.

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      • bubbles23 replied:

        @luye definitely. Toby is hot and not bad at acting. Dunno why tvb won’t promote her

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      • m0m0 replied:

        toby’s got a very hot body. not bad looking either

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  4. potatochip says:

    She was very pretty in the first bed scene but the subsequent styling has made her more girl-next-door, which I suppose is the intention. She is cute, but her acting is still a bit stiff. I like the character, though the sparks with Vincent is lacking. She has more chemistry with Owen. Actually, Owen even manage to generate chemistry out of Crystal, and she’s been a black hole.

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  5. ricky721 says:

    Per profile does resemble Gigi Lai depending on the angles.
    However, didn’t think people who compare her to Ali thou as they are two different types. Based on the script and the character given to Kathy I think she did fine and did the delivered the character, I thought she was okay in the drama for what it was.

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  6. seriously says:

    TVB, this actor/actress needs to have a breakthrough role/improve their acting … next role we’ll have them wear glasses/be autistic/give them a perm, it’s a BREAKTHROUGH ROLE! Most improved whatever lmao.

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    • m0m0 replied:

      i concur, i think the role is just ordinary but she makes an impression b/c she fits into the role with her looks and portrayal. i bet you put crystal fung in the role, it wouldn’t stand out as much.

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  7. siro112233 says:

    From all seven.

    Winkie Lai acting is better. Looking forwards to see her chemistry with Owen.

    Ko Ling is getting better. Still sometimes hear her false cantonese. Acting is getting better.

    Kathy Yuen? Please don’t similar her with A legendary Fadan “GiGi” a huge gap between them.
    She is from the seven the cutest one. But the chemistry between her and Vincent, is far away.

    Crystal Fung; she is the newest Miss 13. On or if the screen I think she is a person who can’t be alone. Still lacking of good acting.

    Angel Chiang: maybe because I’m watching come home love (2012). So I can see her acting has improved a lot. Playing a cool mob sister with a feeling for the enemy. Exciting

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    • siro112233 replied:

      Kelly Fu; TVB need to gave her some awesome roles. Still think that she could do better. But still her roles are so invisible.

      Serena Lim: only see her sad face expressions. Even when she smile, It’s still the same facial expressions. Noob she is.

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      • luye replied:

        @siro112233 Kelly Fu is so pretty and underrated. I hope TVB will give her more roles.

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      • wm2017 replied:

        @luye Yup, Kelly Fu has always been pretty but her roles are just borderline “kalefe” roles. hahaa lol…It’s just so sad and she has no accent like all those so called Ms HK’s from Canada but TVB gives her next to her support roles that no one even even remembers. Depressing!!

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      • bubbles23 replied:

        @wm2017 lol I rmbr she played Diana in Swipe Tap Love. She was hilarious as a wannabe gold digger. I think she has an accent, it’s just not the cbc kind of accent. She’s had quite a bit of negative news tho. Can’t believe she’s 35 :0

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      • pompidur replied:

        @bubbles23 Kelly Fu is 35?! Wow. I thought she’s in her mid 20s. I remember first time seeing her in a series, Burning Hands I think, and thought she’s so beautiful and hot. Wish she’s given bigger roles in series.

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      • bubbles23 replied:

        @pompidur yeah Can’t believe it either. That means she was alrdy 27 when triumph in the skies 2 was filmed. Apparently she’s partially German too?? Maybe that’s why she got those deep set eyes and tall nose.

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  8. jingxi2943 says:

    Jacqueline wong better la

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