“Al Cappuccino” Gears Up for Finale Week

TVB comedy drama Al Cappuccino <反黑路人甲> is picking up speed to prepare for its finale week. Starring Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Owen Cheung (張振朗), the drama follows an actor and a cop who go undercover to search for the truth behind the death of a triad’s dragon leader.

In the latest episode, the eldest Chiang daughter Chin Ha (Winki Lai 賴慰玲) regains consciousness after suffering a vehicle accident. She requests to see William (Vincent) and Ko Bun (Owen). She sees the injury on Ko Bun and asks for what happen, but the duo smartly avoid her questions. When William leaves, Chin Ha tells Ko Bun that the accident had made her reconsider her priorities in life, and she is considering leaving the Chiang Alliance for good. She wants Ko Bun to leave with her, but Ko Bun has his reservations.

Angel (Samantha Ko 高海寧) accepts a new film offer. Elders at the Chiang’s Alliance all have a part in the film. Unfortunately, their performances are less than stellar, and the film crew air their grievances to William. Meanwhile, Sui Jeh (Angel Chiang 蔣家旻) is suspicious of Iron Head (Otto Chan 陳志健), believing him to be the culprit behind Chin Ha’s failed assassination. Luk Chau (Brian Chu 朱敏瀚) and Ko Bun try to beat out a competition, even roping in Iron Head’s father and Alliance elder, Master Sun (David Chiang 姜大偉).

But Chin Ha is not the only assassination target—William is lured into a warehouse, unassuming. Luk Chau catches up to him in time, and catches a bullet for him.

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This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It’s a shame, I feel Vincent has *finally* come to his own but this is after 24 episodes when he’s dropped his comedic side and become slightly crazy/dark as a ‘real’ gang leader.

    The series could’ve been so much more but I’m hoping Vincent gives us something interesting to watch over the last 5 eps next week.

  2. My thoughts on this series:

    1) the writing is crap. on the surface, the idea had a lot of potential, put it together with some great talent and it could have been a hit but the writing is all over place. what progress has been made to find the killers? why is there like 4 different love stories, what value does that bring?

    2) the pace of the show is extremely slow, it took 24 episodes for me to say “FINALLY WE ARE GETTING SOMEWHERE” Only to go back to square one :/

    3) despite the terrible writing, the talent of these actors is there. we see some great performances from Owen, winki, Angel, and tsui wing. I could be biased but I think Vincent’s acting is still great in the show. His ability to switch between the two characters effortlessly is quality acting but it’s ashamed because he could have done so much more with the character of it had better writing and didn’t have to freaking deal with all these love stories.

    4) FYY – I think this series proves that she has no ability to be the female lead in the story. Not part of her acting is believable, it is one note only and it’s lazy. You can see that she doesn’t even try to give you any more emotion. Her storyline with Vincent is so key to the show but she gives him nothing to work with.

    5) Vincent/Owen – I mean I love these two together and I’m rooting for Owen’s performance (also I think he looks better with bleached hair than regular hair???). Only part of the show that kept me going and can’t wait to watch them again in LM.

    I think that’s it, open to hear what others think!

    1. @tt23 Yeah, I agree, the writing is awful. It started with a bad premise, that somehow we are suppose to care who killed Chiangs. Then the 4 love stories, took away from the storyline and each love story (except Kathy’s possibly) is superficial because there has not been enough time dedicated to them. I do not understand why Angel fell in love with Vincent that quickly. It sounds ridiculous when she says she loves him after 3 scenes together. She should be a tough, badarse, mob moll, but the writing makes her a love sick, woman scorned. She does have chemistry with him, but it’s not enough for me to overlook the rushed romance.

      I see why Samantha fell for Vincent, but that was also too fast. This type of claw her way to the top character would not risk her life for loving Vincent just because he was nice to her. Both actresses are playing their roles well, but the writing makes the characters (especially Sam’s) annoying at times.

      For Kathy, she has the most likeable character and realistic progression of love. But she is stiff and seems slow in many scenes. I think she may be the main love interest, but because the story is so bloated, they barely have scenes together.

      Crystal is plain awful. Maybe slightly better than Serena, but that’s a toss up. She does not look or move like a top policeman. Why did they style her like she has is a fashion editor headed to a runway show? Her role needs to have dynamic chemistry with Owen and Vincent, but she fails. They should have had Sisley in this role, and Ali as Kathy’s. Yes, it would be accused of being a LM copy, but would have been oh so much more interesting.

      The mood of the story is all over the place. It’s not quite a comedy or a drama. The writers do not know how to do dark comedy. The latest turn about him being a serious mob leader is a bit more interesting, but I can’t completely get into it because of the 180 from the other 20+ episodes.

      From the press releases, I was hoping for a more interesting story for Brian. But nope, he was truly just a bull dog. I am surprised the Uncle has such a bit role, perhaps, he will turn out to be the ultimate boss.

      I agree that Winki and Owen are excellent together. They outshine all of Vincent’s love stories. Speaking of which, isn’t it funny that this in Vincent’s 3rd love story with a “Cherie”? Unfair Lady, Legal Mavericks (Ali’s first English name was “Cherry”), and now Kathy’s character.

      1. @potatochip loool You’re so right about the Cherry thing. They really need some inspiration.
        I watched Ep 24-25 and it seems like I didn’t much miss. That’s how slow this drama is. Finally in ep 25 Vincent’s tv king tier acting is coming through. Also feels bad for him playing opposite FYY, her scene when Vincent confronts her was one word: cringe. Her reaction is so fake. TVB’s child actors can do better. They should not have had the Chiang brothers die until at least the 3rd episode, cut down all that back n forth with Szeto Sir/KT/ and madam Koos dad, and play up the back story of Luk Chau/ Angel and Tsui Wing’s characters. Honestly this drama could have been just 20 EPs with all the slow n useless scenes they have. FYYs styling is like a rip off from Fashion War but with a wool coat. Also Ugh they should have never made her a LI.
        Just imagine how much better it could have been with Sisley as a smart professional policewoman who defies her rich dad, but no instead we get a naive rich second gen.

      2. @bubbles23 I literally shouted “The Vincent I have been waiting for is finally here!” in episode 24 lol

        And agree so much with FYY’s wardrobe. She looks like she’s an intern or something just so out of place and then her acting ugh. She honestly ruins most scenes for me because Vincent is acting at another level and she can’t even meet him half way.

  3. Ok. The ending was awful, confirms that this series was a waste of time. Waste of good actors. Very disappointing.

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