Nancy Wu Doesn’t Like Seafood? Joel Chan: “It’s Too Cheap For Her”

Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Joel Chan (陳山聰) were filming an episode of TVB’s upcoming cook show Kitchen On Fire <煮場爭霸>. When asked to select a type of ingredient or food to challenge the main hosts Paul Wong (黃亞保) and Ricky Cheung (張錦祥), Nancy chose something unexpected—ham hock.

“Why that?” asked Joel with a laugh. “She had the option to choose abalone or shark fin, but she chose ham hock! I’m sure Nancy eats fish maw ramen every single morning. She opens her fridge and probably thinks everything in there is trash,” he joked.

Joel and Nancy are close friends and often hang out together outside of work. However, despite this, Joel has never tasted Nancy’s cooking before. “Whenever we go to her place for a gathering, she always orders mala hotpot,” he shared. “It’s probably just for convenience. (Maybe she’s saving her cooking for her other half!) I sure hope so!” Joel exclaimed.

Nancy explained that she didn’t want to take over the center stage. “Paisley Wu (胡蓓蔚) and Joel’s wife are all great cooks. Benjamin Yuen () is also great at making dessert and coffee. To be honest, Pal Sinn (單立文) is the best out of all of us. He only makes two things, but we never get bored of them.” 

Admitting that she’s a foodie, she has to work extra hard with exercising to maintain her figure. “This is what I live to do,” she said.


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