TVB Will No Longer Disclose All Viewership Ratings

Having always released a weekly report to showcase TVB drama and variety show ratings, the station made a shocking announcement that they will stop disclosing all viewership results going forward.

With an increasing number of people watching shows online, on mobile and tablet apps, and TVB’s myTV SUPER platform, TVB felt that the television broadcasting results no longer reflect the true viewership numbers. Although viewership ratings were used as an indicator for a show’s popularity, TVB believes the measurement tool may no longer be accurate in measuring viewership, which are dispersed across many different platforms now.

To better align with viewership trends as traditional television broadcasting is no longer the most popular platform for dramas, TVB will release updated results for their in-house variety shows instead. For example, TVB published the results for the annual Hong Kong Gold Songs Award Presentation, which received a 19.1-points and attracted over 1.24 million viewers.

With TVB changing the way ratings are released, it is speculated that ratings for the least watched productions will no longer be publicly disclosed. In fact, the station may choose to only emphasize ratings for shows that the station is satisfied with in order to please advertisers.

Source: HK01

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  1. I do usually go by the past years ratings to decide which stands will be worth watching do this poss me in a pickle lol

  2. I have strange taste and what I enjoy might not be what the main audience enjoys so I usually don’t pay attention to the ratings. Sometimes high ratings mean people are watching but they could be dissing it online.

    1. Viewership ratings are no longer equivalent to people’s interests because some reasons are actually not related to the drama itself, so even the lowest-rating dramas can be enjoyable.

  3. they released a few drama not one is watchable i went back into to watching the old seasonal drama from the early 90’s to mid 20’s

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