Pakho Chau Wins Big at the 2020 JSG Awards

The 2020 JSG Awards Presentation celebrated the year’s best in Cantopop music on January 17. A total of 51 awards were passed out last night. Pakho Chau (周柏豪) and Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) were the night’s biggest winners. Both won Most Popular Male Singer, a first in JSG’s 37-year history. Pakho also won Best Male Performer for his single “Aftermaths” <劫後餘生>, one of the night’s biggest awards. Kayee Tam (譚嘉儀) won Best Female Performer with her single “Can You Hear”.

Most Popular Female Singer went to HANA (菊梓喬), who also won Most Popular Online Female Singer. Her duet with Raymond Lam (林峯), “Feels Like Heaven” <低谷天堂> won Best Duet Silver. The Gold award went to Hong Kong Love Stories <香港愛情故事> OST “Against the Current” <逆流直上> by Joey Law (羅天宇), Katy Kung (龔嘉欣), Brian Tse (謝東閔), and Joey Thye (戴祖儀).

Karen Mok’s (莫文蔚) long-awaited comeback to the Hong Kong pop industry was proved successful, with her single “Breathing is Hazardous” <呼吸有害> winning the Gold Song Gold Award, also known as Song of the Year. 

Check out the list of winners below:

Gold Song Gold Award
“Breathing is Hazardous” <呼吸有害> by Karen Mok 

Most Popular Male Singer
Pakho Chau
Hubert Wu

Most Popular Female Singer

Best Male Performer
Pakho Chau — “Aftermaths” <劫後餘生>

Best Female Performer
Kayee Tam — “Can You Hear”

Most Popular New Singer-Songwriter
Ying Chi Yuet

Most Popular New Singer
Brian Tse
Benjamin Yuen

Best Stage Performers

Best Singer-Songwriter Gold Award
Hubert Wu
Deep Ng
Terence Lam

Outstanding Performer Award
Gold: Bella Lam
Silver: Kandy Wong
Bronze: Alvin Ng

Most Improved of the Year
Gold: Aka Chio
Silver: Ally Tse
Bronze: Zaina Sze

Most Popular Online Male Singer
Hubert Wu

Most Popular Online Female Singer

Outstanding Singer of the Year
Vincy Chan

Popularity Award
Vincent Wong


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  1. Benjamin Yuen received an award? He’s a terrible singer. He competed in a singing contest held by TVB before, and got kicked out early.

    1. Absolutely disgraceful TVB employee awards show which shouldnt have been live on by. Every man and his dog received an award then thanked the same people. Every singer are signed to ‘the voice entertainment’ company and almost all songs were TVB theme songs. Benjamin Yuen wins best newcomer along with Brian Tse. One has been a failed singer for over 20 years and one has been singing for 10 years. Absolute cheat fixing…

      1. @tt23
        Totally agree. The Pakho team was raving on and promoting this song late last year. I found it incredibly boring (Pakho fans please don’t flame me!). Also, that shaggy sweater on awards night is so not cool. Time for him to get a new stylist!

    1. @mulder99 only part maybe worth looking at was Karen’s appearance. I’m surprised she showed up, but that’s probably only cause the song was a tvb drama song.

  2. I have to laugh at Pakho wearing that monstrous sweater and the poor ladies having to wear much less. The sweater is kinda cute.

    Benjamin Yuen is definitely not a singer and he should find other areas to showcase talent. He should just do workout videos.

  3. Oh boy! It is funny that Benjamin Yuen got a singing award. I guess it’s not just TVB drama that’s trash but also the singing industry.

  4. I say this every year, but it seems to get worse and worse. TVB should really be ashamed at how low they’ve dragged their own awards standards down. Now it’s just another tool to try to market their own singers. Do people even pay attention to this award anymore?

  5. How come there’s no reports of the other more credible music awards like 903 and RTHK? That’s where the real cantopop music scene is at.
    JSG is nothing but an employee appreciation day for tvb. I don’t understand why there’s an article on this but nothing on the other awards show.

  6. why not just cancel the ceremony? haven’t watched in in more than a decade. pretty much when joey won year after year meant it was already pretty low but tvb is good at getting themselves to new lows every year after.

  7. This is no longer a celebration of canton music when 3/4 of actual HK singers doesn’t even show up or can’t show up… this show should change name to be like an internal award or have it terminate at once it’s been a disgrace and insult to many other artists and singers for many many years now lol

  8. Have to agree, used to love hearing and watching the JSG awards, but the new canto songs as of late are tvb themes. Granted some of the theme songs are nice, but it’s too bad that there’s not much more new stuff coming out as of late.

    1. @exodus yeah it’s weird that’s the only way they release music… sort of off topic but if you’ve watch beauty and the boss, the two songs there by Hana and kayee are really good. I think at least.

      Someone let me know when it will come out.

  9. Why did three people get the same award lol What is this a participation award?

    I love pakho but I didn’t like that song lol. Wasn’t can you hear from 2019? Why did it win and award?

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