Is Hubert Wu the Second Raymond Lam?

Said to be the next Raymond Lam (林峯) due to his versatility, Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) is making strides in his music and acting career. Since Raymond’s departure from TVB, there are very few artistes who managed to excel in all three categories – dancing, singing, and acting. With Hubert’s popularity on the rise, TVB is taking the opportunity to propel Hubert into an all-rounded artiste, and as the new Raymond 2.0.

Hubert’s first lead role in A Love of No Words <十月初五的月光> just finished airing, and TVB is intentionally increasing Hubert’s exposure level by airing his newest fantasy romance drama, Hello Misfortune <愛上我的衰神>. Premiering on December 27, the series also stars Erica Chan (陳嘉慧), Law Lan (羅蘭), Mark Ma (馬貫東), Mayanne Mak (麥美恩), Timothy Cheng (鄭子誠), and Susan Tse (謝雪心).

Although Hello Misfortune will not qualify for this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards due to its airing date, the drama marks Hubert’s second time as a lead actor this year.

Hubert’s music career this year has been rather fruitful as well. Aside from singing three of the biggest theme songs this year, he has a total of five hit singles. His popular song Closed Today <今天不營業> managed to grab four awards across different music channels. In November, Hubert also successfully completed his solo concert, The Day After, where he showcased his toned abs and dancing skills.

Source: HK01

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    1. Agree, it’s his hair (so much nicer looking compared to his usual bowl cut look) and he’s got more defined features for sure. Also helps when he flashes those abs.

  1. Just because he managed to get some abs that any Tom, Dick and Harry can get from working out, doesn’t really elevate him to another level……….He’s till only 2nd tier material, and will likely stay there……….Not masculine enough to be a real man, and his voice is too feminine………2nd/3rd tier material only!

  2. I mean, out of the current TVB actors, he is quite talented in both singing and acting. Hubert is too much of a soft-boy and can only really sing ballads.

    However, when in come to versatility, I think Fred Cheng is a better option. Fred is a better actor that can play good and bad boy, and knows martial arts. He can sing ballads and more rock ‘n’ roll songs, and can play guitar.

  3. Objectively, he is more handsome and has a better body than Raymond did, but it would be very difficult to achieve any where near the same level of success. The quality of dramas aren’t even close these days and therefore he can’t get the exposure. If he can get some Chinese roles, perhaps he can build up from there, but there’s much stronger competition.

  4. Singing yes, definitely surpassed Raymond, but acting department, huge doubt. Raymond acted in a lot of great hit dramas, so it’s a huge mountain to overcome in that aspect, and I doubt Hubert will.

  5. I like Raymond’s voice better, hahaha. I also think Hubert acting still isnt that great.

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