Hubert Wu Wows with Perfect Abs at Concert

Holding “Hubert Wu 2021 The Day After” concert on Friday, November 26, Hubert Wu‘s (胡鴻鈞) performance was a star-studded event graced by not just celebrity friends, but also higher-ups in management including TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) and The Star Entertainment CEO Ho Lai Chuen (何麗全).

Celebrity Friends Who Came

Fans of the 31-year-old had specially curated a balloon set-up prior to the event, in order to wish their idol success.

Starting off the concert in a mystical black outfit designed by Hong Kong stylist Tomas Chan, Hubert sang “The Day After Today” (今天之後), and also delivered other catchy songs, including “I Was Here”, the theme song for popular drama The Exorcist’s Meter <降魔的>. Concert guest and winner of talent show Star Academy <聲夢傳奇>, 19-year-old Gigi Yan (炎明熹) also charmed audiences by co-singing a new single with Hubert as he played on the piano, while singer Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) worked a duet with him, and the two shared heart-warming and funny snippets of their long-time friendship.

Fans had earlier expressed they wished to see “more” of Hubert during the concert, and the singer and actor did not disappoint, rewarding fans by showing off the result of his diligent training in well-toned six-pack abs, much to the audience’s excitement! Later, he could not control his tears and was encouraged by fans to complete the concert theme song “Thank you for your support” .

Can you spot the celebrities who turned up?







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  1. Wow he looks good, what a change from when he was Exorcist’s Meter. Good for him!

    I’m watching his new show right now and I quite enjoy his performance so far. Regina is annoying as hell.

  2. You can tell he was muscular already in My Ages Apart. He probably wasn’t as toned. Like I said in a previous post, this guy has talent in both the singing and acting department, but there is something off about his persona. He is overly touchy during interviews like he’s pretending to be gay with his male co-stars and it comes off the wrong way (?) I think his BDSM character in My Ages Apart painted it somewhat accurately: somewhat not in touch with status quo/reality.

  3. As someone who watched him audition and compete on The Voice a decade ago, I cannot get over how much his face has changed. He looks more like a K-Pop artist than a HK one.

  4. Wow I’m pleasantly surprised at how good his abs look. He strikes me as a demure slender type. I do like his singing and acting, hope he gets more opportunities. I am enjoying him in A Love of No Words. Hope he has a breakthrough here.

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