Sisley Choi Breaks Up with Hubert Wu?

Did Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) and Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) break up? The actress reportedly broke off her relationship with Hubert and is dating an entertainment company executive, who can help her career.

Sisley’s rumors with Hubert started in 2019, after he was caught driving her around. Hubert even gave his sister’s car for Sisley to drive, and would invite her to family gatherings. Their relationship became an open secret, even though both did not publicly admit it.

Despite her closeness with Hubert, Sisley has been linked to almost every male actor that she has worked with. Last September, she was allegedly pursued by a married businessman after flaunting many luxury labels on her social media. At that time, Sisley’s breakup with Hubert seemed to be on the horizon, but the actress dispelled them by attending Hubert’s concert with her parents.

Sisley’s latest rumors did not bother Hubert, who turned 32 years old yesterday. Sharing a set of photos on his Instagram of him playing around like a child, he wrote, “Let’s keep our childish innocence and go on an adventure.”

Regarding the latest rumors, Hubert and Sisley presented a united front and stated they are both good friends.

Source: HK01

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