Sisley Choi Denies Dating Married Businessman

Newly crowned TV Queen Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) reportedly broke up with rumored boyfriend Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) after being aggressively pursued by a 30-year-old rich businessman named Sam. Due to Sisley’s sudden wealth, the actress is facing allegations that she is involved with the married businessman.

The partner of Sun Entertainment Culture’s owner Alvin Chau (週焯華), Sam is also the owner of Sun Gold Holding Limited, a gold jewelry shop and wholesaler. Though already married with a daughter, Sam’s mistress is model Vivian Law (羅彩玲). In an interview, Vivian confirmed that she has not broken up with Sam, so it appears that Sisley may be the fourth wheel in the relationship.

Last year, Sisley met Sam after filming an advertisement for his jewelry company. With Sisley displaying luxurious handbags, moving to an independent house in Sai Kung, wearing jewelry sponsored by Sam’s company and being chauffeured with Sam’s seven-seater van on the night of the TVB Anniversary Awards, it is speculated that the actress is more than friends with Sam.

Responding to the rumors, Sisley said that she will not reply to things that are not true. “Since entering the industry, I have not made any particular effort to clarify issues that are not true. I will just work hard on improving myself, and hope over time everyone can use their clear conscience to see the truth.”

The actress also added, “I rented the seven-seater van, so you cannot say that [Sam] gave the car for me to use.” Asked if she would lessen contact with Sam and maintain her distance, she replied that normal social etiquette is fine.

Aside from her dating rumors, Sisley’s TVB Best Actress win has also been controversial due to many people feeling that it is too early for her to win the station’s top award. Sisley responded, “It’s fine if you don’t like me, but at the very least you could feel happy for me in that moment. I had worked hard, and I hope that everyone can see the effort that I put into my work.”

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Sisley Choi’s New Pursuer Loves to Flaunt His Wealth

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