Kenneth Ma Enjoys Playing Antagonist Characters

The actor relished the challenge of playing the antagonist.

Winning TVB Best Actor for his role in Big White Duel <使徒行者3> in 2019, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) shared about the challenge of portraying his first-ever full-fledged baddie role in Line Walker 3: Bull Fight <使徒行者3>.

Enjoys Playing the Antagonist

Entering the industry in 2000, the actor shared his thoughts of playing Wai Chok Wing in Line Walker: Bull Fight. “It’s a little challenging! Because I’ve always played good roles, viewers have a set notion of me as righteous so it’s difficult to make them accept my baddie role, but as an actor I really enjoy playing an antagonist. It was already fun portraying a hijacker in Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, so when I heard that I’ll be playing an antagonist in Line Walker 3, I was very excited. After so many years, I finally have this long-awaited challenge.”

Excited to explore a different acting style, Kenneth confessed that there is an addictive quality to portraying baddie characters. His role was written in such a way viewers are unlikely to detest him, giving him more freedom to express himself.

Praises Raymond for Retaining his “Childlike” Personality

Asked how he felt about his Best Actor chances this year for the role, Kenneth acknowledged that it seemed harder for bad characters to win, but added that he is not too worried about the reception. “I’m not hung up about the award. I became an actor because I enjoy acting, so I’ll enjoy delivering my performance first. Like some actors enjoy filming big-budget productions as they feel it boasts their winning chances, but I don’t look forward only to big productions, as actors should try a bit of everything.”

Reuniting with Raymond Lam (林峯) onscreen after more than a decade, Kenneth praised his old friend for his unchanging child-like nature. Kenneth said, “Raymond has not changed much and has remained as child-like as before. Walking alongside him made me feel like the good old times have returned. Maybe being in this industry requires us to have a childlike outlook, and I am a very playful person as well, so getting new roles really excites me.”


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  1. Honestly, he’s way better playing antagonist roles like Tao Tin Yue in Tiger Cubs. TVB should give him more villain roles instead of typecasting him as a doctor.

  2. Too bad he’s the only one who enjoyed his portrayal. He might be a nice guy but he is as dull as they come in acting. It’s the equivalent of watching paint dry.

  3. I really like Kenneth Ma not just as an actor, but as a friend. As savvy as he is, I remember Raymond Cho tried to prank him in a show saying he owes a lot of money from gambling and if Kenneth can lend him some money. Kenneth without hesitation told him yes he can lend him the money, and even told him he shouldn’t gamble anymore. Right there you knew he was just a very good person in general. I liked him more since then!

  4. Should take more villain roles. I actually really loved him in The Life and Times of a Sentinel where he played the bad prince trying to usurp the throne. He looked really good with moustache too. Maybe he should grow beard, would make him look rather mean because he has very sharp and intense gaze.

    IMO he doesn’t look good in doctor roles like White Duel. He was fine in Hippocratic Crush but IDK why in other dramas he look sorta lame. Might be due to the hairstyle lol .He’s good in comedic drama though.

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