Kenneth Ma Is Not Afraid of Accidents with Real Guns

The recent case of Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin’s accidental fatal shooting of a cinematographer on the set of the movie Rust sent shock waves globally. Interviewed about their experience filming with real guns for upcoming drama Invisible Team <隱形戰隊>, lead actors Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Moon Lau (劉佩玥) had very different reactions!

Kenneth Has an Expert to Guide Him On Set

The two recalled filming gun scenes in Kowloon Bay for the Jazz Boon (文偉鴻) drama, which had applied for the use of real guns on set. Kenneth, who has experience handling firearms on set, was also accompanied by a weapons specialist throughout. Asked if he was worried about accidents, Kenneth responded, “[I’m] not afraid since there’re no bullets, my only fear is that the gunshot [will be] too loud, just firing it can be quite scary!” Despite his fears, the actor ended up hardly batting an eyelid from the gunshot, and was even teased by crew and cast members for being “blind”!

As formal applications were needed for all the weapons used on set, Kenneth felt there was “a pretty small chance” of any accidents occurring, and also rationalized that filming in Hong Kong might be safer, as “it’s too easy to [have access to] guns overseas.”

Having played doctor multiple times in his career, Kenneth has held the surgical scalpel a lot more times than he has the rifle, but relishes the chance to work with both. “The [actual] thing definitely feels different, and there’ll be real [gunshot] sparks captured onscreen,” he added. As the gun he used weighs close to twenty pounds, Kenneth could “hardly lift his arms” after hours of filming!

moon and kenneth on set
Moon and young cast actors cover their ears during firing (left); Kenneth poses with a gun (right).

Moon Thanks the Crew for Their Patience
While she teases Kenneth for his “degenerate senses” and being “blind and deaf” from his lack of reaction to the impact of the gunshot, Moon is admittedly nervous about handling real guns for the first time, and could not help blinking involuntarily!

Playing a sexy sniper, the actress said that she loves her onscreen imaging, but was also nervous on set. She recalled, “I totally couldn’t control my nerves and would blink whenever I opened fire, but everyone was especially patient with me,”

Recalling how he had been hit by the gun barrel once, and was left with bruises from filming several action scenes, Kenneth poked fun at Moon, saying the ‘pretty girl’ just has to take care of taking aim from the rooftop. Quick to rebut his ‘accusations’, Moon remarked that it was tough, especially on the waist to maintain her ‘S-shaped’ posture throughout.

Enthusiastic about her first action-packed role, Moon had even found a trainer to pick up the basics of fighting from! The 32-year-old further shared that she had been inspired by female lead Han So Hee of Korean drama My Name, who did not need a stunt double for her fighting scenes after months of diligent training. Drumming up publicity for the series, Moon revealed that she will play an undercover cop and even a prostitute as part of her crime-solving mission, calling on viewers to anticipate her imaging in the scene.

Source: Yahoo! HK

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