Kenneth Ma’s Use of Profanity Earns Him More Likes

TVB artiste Kenneth Ma (馬國明) earlier surprised the public with his use of profanity while playing a soccer game with good friends Andrew Lam (林敏驄) and Carlo Ng (吳家樂). After the game, Andrew shared a video on his Facebook account, in which viewers could clearly hear Kenneth use foul language. But instead of having his gentleman image ruined, netizens liked him even more and praised him for being genuine.

The clip received over fifteen thousand views within only a few days. In the clip, Kenneth’s voice is heard before he appears on camera, saying, “26, 27 points are very (insert profanity) high right now!” Andrew then asks, “You’ve been with that many girls recently?”, in which Kenneth replies briefly before the clip is cut off, “Of course! I’m…”

Several netizens expressed their like for Kenneth’s genuine nature, and one commented, “Kenneth is a true man. He is real….awesome….support!” Another claimed Kenneth swore very naturally and is comfortable to listen to.

In a telephone interview with Kenneth regarding his use of profanity, he laughed and refused to comment. However, he exclaimed he is not angry with Andrew for uploading the video. Kenneth added that this is not the first time he has exposed his true self, reminding reporters of his natural stunned expression when Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) won TV King at the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards, and how he had once admitted watching pornography.

When Andrew was reached for a response, he expressed, “I’m very certain that the voice did not belong to Kenneth and must have been Carlo. The clip had a lot of background noise.” He added that Kenneth is an outgoing man and would be better off using profanity anyways. Andrew remarked, “It’s good to be more manly! He could have several images, and doesn’t always have to be a siu sang!” When asked about what Kenneth meant by the “26, 27 points” in the video, Andrew explained, “He is always selected by women, and there were about 26 or 27 of them! He has the most points among all siu sangs!”


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  1. Kenneth always admitted that he uses profanity, just that he doesnt get caught by paparazzi…However, imo use of profanity is not really nice especially when a public finger does it. As younger gerneration may learn from them(especially in Asia, where profanity is not much appreciated). It’s not that I am against profanity so much, occasional uses are okay and acceptable like around friends. However, not really nice when it is posted on social media although I understand that it’s not Kenneth himself that posted it.Just my opinion.

  2. I have nothing against the use of profanity when it’s called for. Over use of profanity is childish and annoying. Besides that, how is swearing make you manly?? O_o Does KM really have no other way to generate news therefore they use this lame ass point?

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