“Kids’ Lives Matter” Makes Favorable Impression in Premiere

TVB medical drama Kids Lives Matter <星空下的仁醫> made its splashy premiere on October 18. Starring Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), the pediatric-centered drama opened with surprisingly detailed medical scenes.

In the intense opening scene, Kenneth begins operating on a boy who suffers severe injuries from a car accident. After successfully stabilizing the boy’s conditions, Kenneth explained the situation to the paramedics using perfect medical terminology.

Many viewers were amazed at how fluent Kenneth was on camera with his medical terminology, and many even compared this scene to the opening sequence in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, in which Kenneth also had to help save a child from a car accident.

Given that this is Kenneth’s 14th time portraying a doctor in his 22-year acting career, he seems very comfortable in yet another medical role.

Kenneth and Kevin Portray Rivals

In Kids’ Lives Matter, Kevin plays a doctor who does not see eye-to-eye with Kenneth ever since their days in medical school. Despite this, the two throw aside their differences and work together to save a young child who has been diagnosed with liver disease and a rare form of tumor. Although the surgery for this child was strongly opposed by the hospital management team due to the high risks, Kevin and Kenneth convince the hospital to green light the operation.

Unfortunately, they encounter problems with the operation and eventually have to call in a third expert, Linda, to help with the situation.

Although the medical procedure was a success in the end, Linda is seen giving herself an injection, leading viewers to think that she may be suffering from a medical condition herself.

“Kids’ Lives Matter” Episode 1

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Sushan for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Are we watching the same show? Never seen to many doctors walking around. And it follows hospital playing in some aspects except up the drama. Why they always cast actors who can’t speak English well in many English dialogue and yet those who can speak are never in such series? The story is nothing breakthrough, performances so far are ok except for the interns and patients are mostly cringeworthy. Surgical scenes are too clean. Feels not real the way they walk into the OR is just not natural. Just ep 2 and I don’t think I like it so far. Viewers must be bored. I wish they cast better young actors and different actors as doctors or do continuation or sequels.

  2. Not impress with the storyline to date. Predictable scenes. There’s no punch in Linda Chung’s acting.

  3. I wasn’t even expecting much from this but it’s literally on call x big white duel smashed into one drama. Firstly, who thought a drama about sick children would be entertaining to watch?? And Kevin’s acting is stagnant, using the same tone and style from his previous roles. Kenneth…. No comment. I’m going to skip this one. Literally so so so bored of these workplace themed dramas

  4. On the contrary from above comments, I am really liking it so far. 4 episodes in and it’s already heart wrenching, especially the flute girl. I like how Kenneth is the “bad” guy this time, and the children were really good, especially Chief Executive.

  5. Well it’s a watchable series by TVB standards. But nothing groundbreaking so far. I think all the main casts have likable personalities. The opening few episodes are better than Take Two I’d say. Not as good as the first Hippocratic Crush.

  6. Between Take 2 and Kids Lives Matter, I’ll take KLM ,

    The plot is pretty much predictable , nothing outstanding, but it’s watchable…

    Oncall 36 hours and black heart white duel is a much better series, imo
    Or watch the classic healing hearts

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