Kim Jae Joong Confesses to Freezing His Sperm

South Korean singer Kim Jae Joong appeared on variety program Groom Class where he opened up on his relationship woes and marriage plans. Despite being a diamond bachelor, Kim Jae Joong reveals why he has trouble finding a partner and already froze his sperm for his future plans.

In the program, Kim Jae Joong visited his close friend’s restaurant where they had a heart to heart chat on why they are still single. Kim Jae Joong revealed, “Our biggest program is we don’t have time let alone falling in love. We don’t even have time to see friends.”

Kim Jae Joong’s friend added, “To be honest, if you go to a marriage agency, you will be eliminated in the first round because you have eight sisters!” Netizens are amused by the exchange and agree that they would feel intimidated by the singer’s big family.

Kim Jae Joong also revealed that although he has no idea when he will be getting married, he already made preparations and froze his sperm three years ago. When asked why he made the decision, Kim Jae Joong confessed, “Of course I would want to store my sperm when I am younger.”

Sharing more details, Kim Jae Joong recalled a funny story of the process, “I had to prepare it like a urine sample. When I was waiting outside, I suddenly heard the nurse calling ‘Mr. Jae Joong’. It was embarrassing to be called out like that.”

The singer first made his debut in South Korean boy band TVXQ in 2003 and gained widespread popularity across Asia. When Kim Jae Jong later left TVXQ to start JYJ with fellow members Yoochun and Junsu, his former entertainment management agency SM Entertainment blacklisted JYJ from appearing in South Korea’s television. Despite Kim Jae Joong’s legal struggles with SM entertainment, the singer persevered and maintained his popularity.

Source: Korea Daily Star

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  1. He was my favorite in TVXQ. Handsome and talented. After they disbanded, I think he’s still very successful because he has business investments. Don’t know how much he’s out there still since I rarely see him on screen but can’t be a celeb forever. So maybe just focus on his business and start a family?

    1. Yes he is older now so maybe wants to focus on other stuff. I wonder why he needs to freeze his sperm? Men can still have kids in their 90s naturally if they are fertile. I can understand that women need to but men don’t need to. My second brother just had his first son at 53 and his wife was 43 but only got a shot. She conceived naturally overall. It depends on your luck I guess. My uncle was married at 20 but just could not have kids naturally.

      1. Actually this is not medically correct and he is smart to do so. But I understood that freezing is best and recommended if embrio is frozen not individual egg or fluid. Quality of female fertility is measurably reduced after age of 37 and male after age of 47. Yes it is the thing for male counterparts as well. it is beyond possible for male counterparty to remain fertile at age of 90. What he did is prudent thing although freezing individually gives you less than 30% probability that they will be preserved. The male fertility deficiency is on the rise and at core of IVF treatments as fertility quality is negatively impacted with modern life style, alcohol intake, smoking, obesity, lack of movement, stress etc. In lame terms little swimmers slow down and need external help. Naturally statistics has its outliers so your brother and sister in law have been lucky to be there. I wish them all the luck in the world. I wish people talked more about this at younger age and in school. At least every university student should already know physical facts about their bodies. I read about US study showing staggering 70% of female students and 90% of male students not knowing that females are born with finite and fixed number of eggs to be deployed over life time. Schools teach so many made up concepts but don’t go into details about us, our bodies, how to preserve them, safeguard mental health or protect our own future.

      2. Sometimes it’s also your partner as well. So your other uncle might just all the bad lucks together, poor sperm quality (for whatever reasons) and/or poor egg quality from the female counterpart, will also result in harder to almost impossible to get babies :/

        In the case of KJJ, who knows what might happen lol. Like something might happen later that affect his chance of reproducing (accidents, etc), so do this now is more of a safety measure lol.

        And yes, he was my favourite back in the day too. But I think for me, it was the drawing of them on all those stationeries lol! Then when I saw the real ppl I’m like yup, that dude! The hottest dude in the drawings! Lololol, so silly my teenage years XD

      3. Studies say one thing but everyone is different. There is now a low birth rate all over the world. If he really could not have his own children, he can adopt too. He was adopted by his parents too and that loved him so much in spite of him not being their biological child. Freezing eggs and sperm is not a guarantee but it depends on your luck too. My brother and sister in law got lucky. About my uncle, it was definitely his issue as he was never able to have his own kids but adopted a child and raised his nephew. It was not my aunt’s issue as she had her own child before marrying my uncle. He was just not fertile or something. Sadly this was back then when technology was not that advanced and our family was too poor too. Luckily now that there are more options to have babies than back then, especially if you can afford it. I am glad that he has that option.

      4. @Dee oh absolutely agree! It’s only in very recent scientific history that we put any focus on male fertility and not just that, but also the health of their fertility. So much emphasis and pressure on women to be fertile and have children young, when in fact, both partners need to be at a healthy age to ensure the most optimum, healthy kids. I applaud KJJ for taking the first step and broadcasting this action to the public. But I also know Korea is known for being very pro-reproductive health (esp when there’s declining birth rate), so I’m glad they’re stepping up the game for both men and women.

      5. And just PSA for those uninformed, men who have kids at age > 50 run 2x the risk of their children getting autism than men <30.

        Surprisingly, for women, having kids young like at 35.

    2. He is also my favourite in dbsk ! He is still successful and actually one the most richest singers/celebrities. I i went to his concert in Thailand and recently taiwan. He finished filming a drama so I think that will air sometimes soon.

      1. Good for you, so lucky. When JYJ had their concert in NY, nobody wanted to go w/ me and I wasn’t ready to go alone. The silverlining is that, it ended up being free and many fans showed up and ended up turning many fans away. If I had gone, I don’t think I would have gotten a seat.

    3. He is still amazing!! I also went to their 2010 concert in Vancouver!! I went by myself but met so many fans and we became greta friends until this day.
      I would go with you if jaejoong has another concert haha.

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