Kim Soo Hyun’s Revealing Performance in “One Ordinary Day”

Failing to rouse much fanfare with his comeback mental-illness themed drama It’s Okay Not to be Okay last year, 33-year-old Kim Soo Hyun of My Love From the Star fame recently put up revealing performances in One Ordinary Day, whose very first episode was rated 19+!

Led by Kim Soo Hyun and veteran actor Cha Seung-won, the Coupang Play-streamed drama is based on award-winning British television series Criminal Justice, and will highlight the judicial system from the perspective of the accused.

Brief Synopsis

Steamy scenes in the very first episode

Kim Soo Hyun plays a college student who meets a girl on the first episode and has a one-night stand with her, but gets embroiled into the wrong side of the law when she is later murdered. Detained by the police for criminal investigations, he is forced to take a fully nude photo.

Revealing his sexy abs and back!

While the actor is no stranger to stripping onscreen, the scene in One Ordinary Day sees his character facing the humiliation of stripping in front of investigation officers.

Besides the physical sacrifice he made for the scene, the actor went all out and delivered an unabashed performance. He was praised by viewers for succinctly capturing his character’s spectrum of emotions – from awkwardness, panic and fear to feeling wronged and utterly helpless when dealt harshly by the law enforcement officers.

Cha Seung-won, who will appear in episode two, will play a third-rate lawyer who tries to eradicate police suspicions of his client.

Source: On.CC

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