Korean Sci-fi Drama “Alice” Releases New Posters

After roughly two years, South Korean actors Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun are making their return to the small screen by headlining the upcoming sci-fi drama, Alice. With viewers looking forward to witnessing Joo Won and Hee Sun’s chemistry and performances alongside costars Kwak Si Yang and Lee Da In, anticipation is inevitably fostering, especially with the latest posters unveiled. The cryptic messages and serious expressions of the four actors show that Alice is not just an older woman-younger man love story but a complex melodrama with a fantastical twist that will slowly unfold.

Alice tells the story of a 29-year-old emotionless detective Park Jin Gyeom, portrayed by Joo Won, who discovers the existence of time travelers and learns how they transcend time and space with a device called “Alice.” Believing that a time traveler is involved in the 2010 cold-blooded murder of his mother, he scours and interrogates them for information. During this time, he coincidentally crosses paths with physics genius Yoon Tae Yi who looks exactly like his mother, Park Sun Young, both of whom are played by Hee Sun.

Tae Yi, an intelligent 32-year-old physics prodigy born in 1989 who mastered calculus at the age of six and entered college at the mere age of 15, decides to work with Jin Gyeom to investigate time travelers out of curiosity. While searching for the answers to Jin Gyeom’s strange questions that he tearfully asked her, a group of time travelers is seeking to take her life, as she is unknowingly the key to unlocking the secret of time travel.

On the other hand, Sun Young is a 40-year-old scientist who created the time-traveling device, “Alice.” She is originally from the year 2050 and named Yoon Tae Yi. After discovering a prophecy letter, she time travels back to 1992 with her 30-year-old colleague and lover, Yoo Min Hyuk, played by Si Yang, in search of a professor. Just when the two plans to return to 2050, Tae Yi learns that she is pregnant. Worried that crossing the wormhole would deform her fetus, Tae Yi stays in the past alone and gives birth to Jin Gyeom under the name of Park Sun Young. Meanwhile, Min Hyuk returns to the future after breaking up with Tae Yi. He ends up becoming enemies with Jin Gyeom during the latter’s hunt for time travelers.

Another major character is Kim Do Yeon, a 29-year-old empathetic news reporter with a bright and cheerful personality, portrayed by Da In. She stays beside Jin Gyeom during his darkest time and helps him cope with his grief over his mother’s death in high school. Convinced that he is in love with her, she is happy to silently wait beside him until a love rival Tae Yi appears.

Alice will premiere on SBS on August 28. Two episodes will broadcast weekly, on Fridays and Saturdays.

“Alice” Trailer

Source: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It was all good until the part about Sun Young that started to be confusing. Yoon Tae Yi is the leading actress, right? There are 2 Yoon Tae Yi? So, Park Sun Young, the male lead’s mother whose real named was Yoon Tae Yi came from the year 2050, the future. Another Yoon Tae Yi was from the past, who was born in 1989. If there’s only 1 Yoon Tae Yi then the male lead is in love with his own mother, who is the female lead. Was the translation right because it was kind of confusing?

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