Lee Seung Gi’s Popularity Dips Due to Father-In-Law’s Controversy

Since his debut in 2004, Lee Seung Gi has consistently been one of Korea’s top celebrities, with his popularity spanning dip in popularity due to his wife’s family scandal.

Lee Da In is the daughter of Kyeong Mi Ri, who is best known for playing Lady Choi in historical drama Dae Jang Geum. In 2016, Lee Da In’s stepfather Lee Hong Heon was sentenced to four years imprisonment for manipulating stock prices, a scheme which implicated over 350,000 victims, among which several people committed suicide. However, appeal courts later overturned the ruling and acquitted Lee. One of the lawyers he hired was an old classmate of the judge, which sparked controversy over the ruling.

After Lee Seung Gi took to Instagram to defend his father-in-law, he continued to furiously scold reporters and called the criminal allegations “baseless.” Fans were disappointed by Lee Seung Gi’s reaction.

Although Lee Seung Gi is scheduled to start his solo concert tour, The Dreamer’s Dram-Chapter 2, in May with his first stop being in South Korea followed by two shows in Japan and Taipei, netizens noticed a drop in his popularity since his marriage. However, claims that his concert tickets remained unsold were later refuted, as his concerts were sold out.  Compared to his solo concert 10 years ago where he sold out a 15,000-ticket performance in Olympic Park, and subsequently sold out another 4,000-seat show in Busan, his upcoming shows this year sold less than 2,000 tickets across a two-week period.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Lee Seung Gi Speaks Up for Father-in-law

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  1. This actually is fake news you are simply copy pasting from some SK news outlets. I noticed the articles and was puzzled as I know high standing of LSG in industry. He is one of the rare everyone like, me included, a pleasure to work with. I personally checked the link and noticed that his shows were ALL fully sold like within less than a week. This negative campaign can only be contributed to the ugly legal battle he is fighting with his former agency. The CEO of Hook has extremely negative image in industry so I am not surprised at all.

    1. You make a very good and a very insightful point… I was wondering where all his negative press was coming from. There seem to be a water army at work…and likely caused by his nasty former agency…

      As for his father-in-law’s case, this is something for the courts. We will never know if there is any corruption involved.

      1. True! There is enormous pressure on LSG at the moment. He even exposed a reporter that was paid by his former agency CEO to spread ugly words about him, to make it even worse his ex-boss made him pay for it, she lied to him that he is paying for PR. LSG must be livid at this stage.

        His father in law case has been already dealt with in the courts, it is an old case. He has been acquitted from some charges and charged for some, and served his time. All this is used now only to smear LSG, no doubt. Unfortunately, as legal battle is continuing we have not heard the last of it.

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