Lee Seung Gi Will Not Back Down from Contractual Dispute

Hitting the headlines after revealing that he had been withheld music-related revenue from his former company for 18 years, singer Lee Seung Gi’s case highlighted the abusive practices of Korean management company HOOK Entertainment and its management.

Despite having 137 titles to his name and accumulated earnings of HKD$57 million,
the star did not receive any music-related payment.

Mediation Allegedly Broke Down as “Sum Did Not Tally”
On December 16, HOOK Entertainment expressed in a new statement that due to the huge disparity between the amount demanded by the singer’s representative and the sum derived at by the company, no agreement could be reached between both parties. HOOK stated that as it was keen on closure of the saga with the singer, who had been with the company for a long time, it paid Lee Seung Gi another 4.1 billion won in missed payments (including 1.2 billion won interest), on top of the settlement amount of 1.3 billion won. The company also stated has also filed a lawsuit to examine that no debt remained, as it confirmed on its end that it owed no further debt to Lee.

Lee Seung Ki Thanks Supportive Fans
On the other end, Lee Seung Gi broke his silence with a lengthy social media post revealing that he received an extra $5 billion won in his bank account, and expressed that HOOK Entertainment wants to wrap up the matter with a sum which they owed him.

“I wanted to sue (HOOK Entertainment) not because of the money owed, these despicable people should not make use of others’ value, I feel that this is a (mission) and what I can do”. The singer added that he was unsure how the sum of 5 billion won is derived, and is prepared to seek the truth in the courtroom, adding that he will be donating the 5 billion won (est. over HKD$30 million) to the needy, after deduction of litigation costs.

In his post, the singer also confessed how he once doubted his own abilities on being called a “minus singer” by the company representative, and reiterated the feelings of anger, disappointment, helplessness and self-blame he had felt due to the betrayal. He also thanked those who have helped him during the saga, which had “made him feel loved again”.

Source: HK01 

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  1. He should continue his fight for truth and justice. He had said he will be donating those money he gets to charity. I hope he will get the justice he deserves. And those that abuse his trust will be answerable for their crimes. I feel so upset and angry for him…He must feel doubly betrayed and let down… he clearly trusted HOOK Entertainment…

  2. Wonder what’s next since the working relationship he has with the agency is obviously gone but does he still have years of contractual obligations to fulfill. We have heard how some agencies, whichever countries they operate in, would just ruin their artist by not setting up job assignments for not doing what they want. Hope it is not the case for him.

    1. I hope this is not the case for him either. They also send compromising photos and videos of the artists to news outlets and so on. These managers secretly make audio and video recordings of these artists and keep the recordings to ruin them in the future. If Lee Seung Gi still has contractual obligations to the Management company, unfortunately they will still benefit from any work he does til the day that contract expires, which means they will be collecting monetary benefits.
      I hope that silly boy from Taiwan is watching. I have come to realize that he is whipped in the head, both heads, and it will take Devine intervention to get him away from that witch.

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