Star-studded Wedding for Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da-In

Well-loved Korean star Lee Seung Gi has tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Lee Da-In in a grand wedding on April 7! Held at InterContinental Grand Seoul Parna, Seoul, the celebrity wedding saw a gathering of heavyweight South Korean stars and was on a never-before-seen scale since the waning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The groom performed his own song “Will you marry me?” on bended knees.

Lavish Ceremony at one of Seoul’s Most Luxurious Venues

According to Korean media reports, the wedding was held in two parts, the first half hosted by “MC of the nation” Yoo Jae-suk, who passed the mic for part 2 of the ceremony to Lee Soo-geun. Performing for the guests was Lee Juck. Open only to the couple’s family members and friends, stars in attendance at the private ceremony included Kang Ho-dong, Kim Nam Gil, Cha Eun Woo, Jay Park, Joshua and Hoshi of Seventeen, Yeon Seok, Bae Suzy and others.


Lee Da In looking radiant in the bridal waiting room.

Disapproval From Fans?
The 36-year-old had announced their union in an earlier handwritten letter posted on Instagram, in which he announced a milestone decision and wrote simply, “I had proposed, and she had accepted”. However, Lee Seung Gi’s fans have reacted negatively to their idol’s choice of life partner, as Lee Da In’s stepfather had been imprisoned for stock manipulation crimes – an unwieldy association which they believe will tarnish his clean public image.

Despite the dissenting voices, what is certain is that the A-list singer and actor has spared no expenses in giving his bride memories of a lifetime. According to industry insiders, InterContinental Grand Seoul Parna is currently the most costly wedding venue in Seoul, with a capacity of 940 guests. Each menu portion is charged at 180,000 won (USD$136) excluding alcohols and corkage charges, while floral arrangements including hanging centerpieces, cost 19 to 23 million won, with expenditure for the entire wedding estimated to exceed a whopping 100 million won (USD$75,000).

The couple’s gorgeous wedding photos were revealed by Lee Seung Gi’s label, Human Made. Going public with their romance in May 2021, Lee Da-In is the daughter of veteran actress Kyun Mi Ri, and the youngest sister of actress Lee Yu Bi.

Source: WorldJournal, HK.On.CC

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  1. Their dating journey was not smooth but I am glad they have pull thru… and ready to embark on a new journey. Congratulations.

  2. The article fails to mention how the wedding grated on ppl because on one hand they are like, don’t take photos, and publish online, and then on the other hand, they invited the press and take a bunch of photos lol. IDC about him, but I find the way the wedding plays out feel like another AB and HXM lol. Time will tell I guess, for now, have fun with the angry fans lol

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