Lee Seung Gi Did Not Receive Music Earnings for 18 Years

Starting out as a singer, established Hallyu star Lee Seung Gi has made his mark in hosting, dramas and movies in eighteen years and is a well-loved entertainer in Korea. On the heels of recent allegations that his agency Hook Entertainment owed him music revenue, Korean media Dispatch dropped exclusive bombshell voice recording where Hook CEO Kwon Jin Young could be heard swearing throughout, and even threatening, “The rest of my life will be spent on killing Lee Seung Gi”.

Faced Exploitation  
Requesting revenue records from his agency, it is revealed that Lee Seung Gi’s royalties and profits from releasing 137 songs over 18 years should amount to around 880 million won, but the artiste has not received even a single cent from his music earnings all these years.

Apparently, HOOK entertainment had brainwashed Lee Seung Gi and referred to and called him a “minus singer”, meaning non-profit making entity, and told him to treat singing as a “fan service”.
Following the shocking news and the company being investigated and raided by local police, Hook CEO Kwon Jin Young publicly expressed “I am so ashamed” and apologized, claiming that everything was due to “her personal problem”. In the statement released, it is said that as matters have entered legal proceedings, no further details will be provided by the company.

Dispatch media also released shocking screenshots of conversations between CEO Kwon Jin Young and Lee Seung Gi’s manager, the latter reported the singer’s daily schedule and expenses to Kwon, who instructed “You have to guide him to use his own credit card to settle his meals before and after work”. Her paltriness towards Lee Seung Gi could be seen from her unwillingness to even cover his parking and meal expenses, while other screenshots showed her own generous spending habits, where she told two artiste managers to “take two cards” and pay for her clothes amounting to 3 million won (USD$2,260) at boutique stores.

Source: WorldJournal

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