Lee Seung Gi’s Girlfriend is Revealed to Be Lee Da In

Photographed going on a date together, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In officially admitted to dating for over a year. The couple received blessings from fans, and many people were interested in finding out more about Lee Seung Gi’s girlfriend.

Born in 1992, 29-year-old Lee Da In is the daughter of Korean actress Kyeon Mi Ri and sister of actress Lee Yu Bin. Hailing from a family of actors, Lee Da In starred in numerous television shows such as Doctor Prisoner and Alice. Although Lee Da In has only taken part in shows as a supporting actress, her beauty and her status as a “second-generation star” definitely caught the public eye.

Caught sharing a car ride with Lee Seung Gi by Korea’s top celebrity paparazzi, Dispatch, Lee Da In revealed that the two developed feelings for each other due to their interest in golf. Having met Lee Seung Gi’s family already, the actress praised his family for being very hospitable and polite.

Prior to his current relationship reveal, Lee Seung Gi’s last known girlfriend was Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona. After the pair broke up in 2015, has not been linked with another female celebrity except for Lee Da In.

According to many insiders, Lee Seung Gi never purposely hid his relationship and always introduced Lee Da In as his girlfriend during family and friends’ gatherings. During the filming of The Mouse, Lee Seung Gi would meet up with Lee Da In whenever he had filming breaks.

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