Lam Lei Battles Colorectal Cancer

Although diagnosed with stage 2 colorectal cancer, Lam Lei (林利), who is known for his roles in E.U <學警狙擊> and Blood of Good and Evil <我本善良>, maintains a positive attitude while battling his illness.

Shocked to discover traces of blood in his urine, the 51-year-old actor visited a doctor recently for a thorough checkup only to find that he had a 11-centimeter tumor inside his colon. Fortunately, the tumor could be removed if he underwent surgery. After waiting for two months while continuing to fulfill his work commitments, Lam Lei underwent surgery.

Lam Lei remained positive after his diagnosis and even shared the news with fans via his Facebook account. Updating his page and starting a journal, Lam Lei documented his health conditions daily and talked about his emotional well-being throughout this ordeal.

Naming his journal, “The Uncle’s Journal” <大叔日記>, Lam Lei’s latest entry showcased his resilience and hopeful outlook. He wrote, “Cancer is not that scary – my attitude will determine everything.”

Remaining strong and upbeat, Lam Lei even agreed to be a special guest at good friend William Hu‘s (胡渭康) concert earlier this month. Happy to be a part of the experience even though his health is not optimal, Lam Lei said he temporarily forgot about the pain and sadness that cancer has brought along.


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