Lee Junho Interviews Goo Won

In South Korean romcom King the Land, Lee Junho plays Goo Won, the heir to a luxury hotel conglomerate. His character’s wealth and handsome appearance has been very well received by female viewers. Riding on the popularity of the show, Junho recently interviewed “Goo Won” on his YouTube channel.

Playing up the contrast, Junho dressed casually in denim but wore a full suit as Goo Won. During most of the video, he stayed in character but occasionally slipped as he was unable to hold back his laughter. When asked what were his strengths, Junho replied “mobility and speed” while Goo Won replied, “clear mind, natural beauty, and wealth.”

Junho also revealed that when he was at home, he would watch movies, exercise, clean the house, and play with his cats. Goo Won’s only answer was to “show off his wealth at any time.”

When asked what employees need for work life balance, Junho replied that overtime pay was a must and hoped the company would subsidize gas and meal expenses. Goo Won expressed that he would volunteer to help the employees to work overtime.

Asked how they would overcome difficulties at work, Goo Won flippantly responded that he would overcome by “quitting his job.” This was actually in reference to the first episode of the drama where he joined the hotel as an intern and quit after half a day. But as someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he was able to rejoin the hotel as a director.

Asked what would happen if they exchanged identities, Junho said if he became the third generation chaebol, he would “eat, play, sleep, and have fun.” Goo Won said it was hard to imagine himself as a celebrity, “I don’t like to show my face and be the center of attention. It’s funny because I’m good at everything!”

The interview ended with Junho and Goo Won praising each other for their handsomeness.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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